Tholuxe Paells  

Tholuxe Paells: God of Lust

Tholux Paells
God of Lust
Demi-God of Lust
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
BestiaryNPC (not attackable)
EverQuest II
Legends of Norrath
Except for The Tribunal, the Gods play no direct, active role within this game.

Next to nothing is known about Tholuxe Paells other than his dominion and status as a demi god of the Norrathian Pantheon. Like other lesser known gods most know the name simply via its usage as a server name for Everquest. Almost nothing about Tholuxe appears in game, though there is limited information to be had, however this information does not meet the normal standards for being canon lore as it comes from the short lived EQ pen and paper RPG. Most of the information from that source is generally correct or close as it supposedly comes from the old lore files from when Everquest was originally a DnD campaign world, but it can contradict current canon lore in some cases and therefore is generally not regarded as canon lore. However since so little about Tholuxe Paells can be found anywhere else, the RPG info is presented here as a filler.

Tholuxe Paells is a minor god who rarely appears in Norrthian religious texts. Some gypsies create and sell charms supposedly carrying Paells' blessing to make others desire the wearer. Practictioners of the oldest profession offer prayers to Tholuxe as well. Tholuxe is considered chaotic neutral.


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