Plane of Torment  

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The Plane of Torment

The Plane of Torment floats silently in the ether that lies between the planes. Resembling a large black cube, it has been manifested to reflect the cruelty of the goddess Saryrn who embodies endless pain and suffering in mind, body, and spirit. The material in this plane is bound together by the suffering of its inhabitants; as the plane tastes more suffering, it grows in power.

Many interconnected islands are suspended above a large lake of blood. Obsidian pillars and barbed chains connect to the inner regions of the massive cube to hold many of the islands aloft and support the suspension bridges that connect island to island. The entire plane is coated in a fine mist of blood.

Saryrn's abode is hot, damp and uncomfortable. There are no flat surfaces on which to walk. Instead the ground is cluttered with small, closely placed, stalagmites of smooth obsidian. Even one dexterous enough to walk between the small dagger-like extrusions would be hard pressed not to stumble and fall on the slippery ground.

The air is filled with a sharp, acrid odor that burns and irritates the nose and throat. Often, the dreary yellow sky rains saltwater that when dried, becomes corrosive to everything it covers and causes painful ulcers to form on exposed skin. It is never day nor is it ever night. There is only a sickly twilight that makes both the normal activities of the day and the peace of the night a concept beyond reach for inhabitants of the plane.

The plane is littered with various implements of torture. Moans, screams, and the sounds of rattling chains echo off of the cold walls. The Mistress of Torment is often heard giggling or singing along to the tunes of her victims' pleas.

Muffled cries and moans of despair are carried far and wide on hot, cruel winds that blow endlessly, bearing stinging sand and grit. Nothing lives in this place of its own accord save the mistress herself. To simply exist in her domain is torment.

Saryrn busies herself by spending personal time with those cursed enough to live in her realm. She captures and torments her subjects mentally and physically and completely at random. The length of their torment before she releases them again is also completely random - based mainly upon her whims. Those who fall into her hands may suffer but a few moments or for months at a time. All live with the fear that at any time, she may choose them as a partner.

The Citadel of Pain

The Citadel of Pain looms as the largest structure in the plane, standing in the center of the network of ramps, bridges, and islands. The sound of rushing water leads the eyes to large streams of blood that pour from the sides of the citadel. Large glass windows at the top of the citadel allow Saryrn to view the entire plane from her private chambers. The cube that Saryrn inhabits is as much a place of confinement for her as it is for victims. In the perverse manner of those who savor their own pain, she enjoys it. After all, it is her anger and pain that make up her very fabric of the astral plan, and her hate-filled insanity prevents her from yearning for anything more.

The creatures one may find in the cube are manifestations of Saryrn's pain and rage. In addition, she satiates her lust for misery by acquiring new victims from outside her cubed lair. One of her most recent victims is a young bard from the Plane of Tranquility. The pain that she inflicts on others fuels her constant suffering, forcing her to lash out again in a vicious cycle. This cycle of pain is emblematic of torment itself.

Keeper of Sorrows

The Keeper of Sorrows is one of the many fiends that protects Saryrn and defends the Plane of Torment from intruders.


Source: EQ Website (New, Fabled PoP Lore Pt. 17)


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