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Plane of Knowledge, New Tanaan

Located on the Plane of Knowledge, the City State of New Tanaan exists outside of all normal physical and political boundaries, a haven for knowledge and those who seek it. An elected council governs New Tanaan, though most of the Councilors are too involved in personal studies, planar expeditions, and pet projects to be bothered with civic duty. In spite of the fact that crime is almost non-existent, the citizens of New Tanaan fund a local militia that manages daily activities in the city, and enforces the law as required. Most travelers use New Tanaan as a waypoint in a longer journey – a place to gather information, rare goods, or look for employment and adventure. New Tanaan offers an incredible array of goods and services, including rare books of knowledge, instructors able to teach the proper use of class stances, numerous ingredients for planar trade skills, and access to privately owned guildhalls.

The city of Tanaan was founded hundreds of years ago by travelers to the Great Library. The origins of the Great Library itself are lost in the folds of time, but it has stood in the center of the Plane of Knowledge for as long as written histories have been kept. Many scholars and seekers made their way to the library and over time housing and conveniences were built to accommodate them. As years passed, the town outgrew its roots as purely a village of scholars and blossomed into a full-sized city. Over three hundred years ago, New Tanaan elected a council and declared itself as a neutral city state. The council took over the top chamber of the library and uses it as a council hall on occasions of state business.

New Tanaan is divided into three major city sections – Kartis, the Dark District; Tanaan, the Neutral District; and Selia, the Light District. There is a magically enforced peace throughout the city and no traveler to New Tanaan is able to wield a weapon or cast damaging magic. Visitors from many places walk the streets, debate knowledge and beliefs, explore the library, and trade goods in the marketplace. In spite of the city being divided into three districts, all races and followers of all deities are able to walk in peace anywhere in New Tanaan.

One principle feature of New Tanaan is its function as a travel hub between Norrath and the deeper planes. The recently opened gateways to all of Norrath's major cities have brought hundreds of new travelers to the city, intent on finding adventure. The portals to Norrath are scattered around New Tanaan.

Geographically, New Tanaan is centered around the Great Library, with the Dark and Light districts on opposite sides of the city. The library is a heavy and ancient structure with an elegant, yet enduring feel to it. It dominates the skyline of the city, and is a stark contrast to the shops and houses surrounding it. A vast marketplace fills the square around the library where merchants hawk their wares from tents, stalls, and wood-fronted shops. A section of the neutral district is dedicated to privately owned guildhalls, where players may hold guild meetings and deal with their guild banker.

In all three districts of New Tanaan, adventurers will find guildhalls filled with class trainers and merchants. Travelers can train in their class skills here, learn new combat stances, and shop for gear.

Many citizens of New Tanaan have quests and tasks they give out to intrepid adventurers and the rewards vary according to the task. Travelers will have the best luck asking for quests and tasks in the appropriate district, as dictated by their alignment or class.

Chamber of Council

Since crime is low and order guaranteed by the militia, the wizened sages that make up the council do not have to deal with civic matters on a daily basis. Instead they focus on matters of knowledge, meeting to discuss scholarly matters, planar expeditions, and personal projects that concern them.

The council contains one delegate from each city district as well as the keeper of the Great library who has lived in Tanaan longer than anyone. The council members are attended by aides who record their discussions and hope to one day serve on the council themselves should one of the existing members pass on.

Councilman Srethix: Srethix is an Iksar from the Kartis district. He was chosen to represent Kartis based on his cunning and ability to serve them well with his wit. He is extremely intelligent and boasts having read every book on sorcery in Myrist library. Srethix has not spent much time traveling the planes, and relies on other sources to bring back lore from these places. Srethix's appointed aide is a troll shadow knight named Garuuk. Garuuk is loyal to Kartis but has his doubts about Srethix. He does not like him because Srethix is mentally abusive towards him. Srethix knows that Garuuk lacks the intelligence that he possesses and does not have the patience to deal with him.

Councilman Taldarius: Taldarius is a Human from the Tanaan district. He is a paladin by trade and very honest and fair. He has gone on many planar explorations and brought back tomes of knowledge for the other Council members to study. He has even spent time in the presence of Marr, and had his sword blessed by his deity. Taldarius' aide is a young halfling named Fimli. Fimli has just arrived recently from Rivervale in the Plane of Knowledge but has been very dedicated to learning the ways of the town. Because of his extreme dedication and perhaps his newly implemented system of militia taxation he was elected into the aide position. To be an aide of Taldarius is a great honor, and also a great adventure.

Councilwoman Kerasha: Kerasha is a Wood Elf from the Selia district. She is a druid follower of Tunare. Her knowledge of druidic ways surpasses all others. Her ability to call on the power of nature is apparent in Selia district where the flora is very lush. Kerasha has spent her fair share of time exploring the planes as well. She has not brought back any tomes of knowledge for others to read over, she becomes attuned to her environment and learns all about it from the lands. She may not carry the intelligence of read script, but she does carry the wisdom of her nature elders. Kerasha's aide is a grandmaster monk named Eino. Eino is dedicated to the lifestyle taught by Quellious. He is a true pacifist but has the power to guard Kerasha should she need it in any of their travels. They get along quite well and speculation is that they are spending more time together then they let on.

Grand Librarian Maelin: Maelin is a very old gnome that spends all of his time with the upkeep of the library and retaining all of its information. Maelin was one of the first adventurers from Norrath to come to The Plane of Knowledge. He spends all his time going over the tattered books, reading them very carefully. It is his ambition to read all the books kept here. He is very wise and fair. His presence is calm and careful, holding the balance between the other Councilmen. His aide is a fellow gnome named Grimel. He never leaves Maelin's side and helps in all his studies. Grimel is very loyal to Maelin.[1]


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