Plane of Disease  

The Plane of Disease

Fabled PoP Lore- Part 4

The Plane of Disease is ruled by Bertoxxulous, the Plaguebringer. The surface is compiled of rotting flesh. Rivers of pus flow through the lands creating a swamp of bile. Within the Plane of Disease is the Crypt of Decay where Bertoxxulous dwells. The surface of this region is made of diseased, rotten, putrid flesh. The water here is murky in color, resembling bile and other foul body fluids. A stagnant swamp exists in the south. Fleshy tunnels drip and ooze with phlegm and bile. Blisters and boils are plentiful on the surface. Thick hairs grow up in the place of trees; scars and open wounds are prevalent on the ground. When it rains, here, green bile falls from the sky.

A narrow pass grants access through a mountain ridge of bone to the high altitude area in the north. Past the bony mountain ridge lays the Temple of Bertoxxulous.

Grimror's Swamp of Bile is a large area filled with various forms of flymen and malarians. The flymen are drawn to the rancid swamp. They aren't known to be aggressive but will not hesitate to unleash deadly venom form their mouths when threatened. The venom, when released, is known to carry various diseases. The malarian, also carries of disease, hover over the swamp looking for their next mean. Swamp rats can also be found in this area, swimming through the murky water looking for sustenance. On Occasion, a larva slithers out of the ooze and onto the ground where it begins its life cycle.

Arachnids dwell in the Wanderlands of the western portion of the Plane of Disease. The arachnids originally lived within the fleshy caverns, but many have since moved out onto the surface. These creatures are known to wander alone, but will typically assist another of their kind who is under attack. Of those remaining in the caves the strongest live deeper underground, while the weaker ones are often drawn out onto the surface area to feed. The arachnids share the caves with the bubonians. These rat-like creatures carry a multitude of diseases that wreak havoc upon humanoids.

Rivers of putrid pus and bile flow through the Plane of Disease. Malarians, amid piles of goo, cluster close to the river areas. They are known for their aggressive tendencies as well as for their deadly venom that causes blindness in their prey.

The Keep is an area surrounding the Crypt of Decay. It is here where the Lepertoloth guard. These magical beings keep unwanted visitors from entering the crypt. They use their enhanced magic to ward people away from the gates of decay.

The Crypt of Decay lies within the plane of the Disease. The ancient crypt is buried under tons of dust and is filled with pestilence and the odor of death. The walls and floor are soiled, damp and foul – unsightly stains are everywhere, heaps of carrion rot in the corners, and the moist, putrid air is enough to make anyone sick.

Grimror Plaguebringer

Grimror Plaguebringer is an Ogre Shaman who has decided to remain on the Plane of Disease to search for the rare ingredients. This Ogre Shaman follows Innoruuk. He has been tasked with responsibility of creating vile new plagues and diseases to unleash upon Norrath. Being tasked with this responsibility means that he'll have to go to the farthest planes to gather all the components needed. Grimror knows that he can't find all the components himself, so he enlists the help of anyone he encounters.

Gryme the Crypt Guardian Carries the key to The Keep.


Grummus was created by Bertoxxulous to protect the entrance into his den. He carries the ward required to enter the Crypt of Decay. Adventurers encountering him will find that he has thick skin which makes him a little more immune to melee attack and that he more vulnerable to spell casters, but not to the point where they are too powerful for him to defeat them.[1]

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