West of Innothule Swamp, travelers of Norrath will find the marshy area known as the Feerrott. In Feerrott, those who travel northwest can find Oggok, home of the ogres of Norrath.

Oggok, like its residents, is large and simplistic. There is little to speak of for paved roads or architecture. Those who aren't killed on sight (at the site where they're seen) will notice how oddly open the city is; buildings are surprisingly rare on most areas of the city. Most homes and shops are basic stone huts, and are sparesly situated throughout the city. More civilized visitors might mistake Oggok for a campground rather than a city.

Security is provided by the many bouncers in the employ of Clurg the Bartender, all of whom are also on the Oggok Guards faction.

New and seasoned members of the Craknek Warriors report to Guntrik for training. Soonog leads the shadow knights under the banner of the Green Blood Knights. Beastlords and shamen alike pay tribute to the Shamen of War. Oggok's berserkers have yet to form their own, independent faction at this time.

Like most cities throughout Norrath, young ogres can practice tradeskills from the convenience of home. Facilities for baking, blacksmithing, brewing, and pottery are available.


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