Eryslai the Kingdom of Wind  

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Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind- The Plane of Air

Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind floats within the Plane of Air. It sits perched atop the material and astral worlds upon clouds of vapor, a collection floating, majestic islands watched over in peace by Xegony, the Queen of Air. The isles are manifestations of Xegony's beauty, made up of idyllic clouds and wondrous places of worship kept by the peaceful guardians of the plane.

All creatures that inhabit the realm were created by Xegony to reflect a gently, eternal beauty, though they have innate ability to call upon the elements to defend themselves when necessary. Almost all of the disciples of Xegony are well-trained in the arcane arts, but they will only use their magical skills if provoked.

The plane itself is a place of wonder, mystery, and challenge. Through the wisdom unknown to anyone of the primal or lesser divine worlds, one may be able to unlock al the secrets that it holds.

Aggression is not welcome in this realm, in keeping with Xegony's desire to remove taint of the warfare and pretty strife to common in the primal and lesser divine worlds. Training does, however, take place in designated areas by those charged with preserving the eternal tranquility and harmony.

Xegony herself has summoned pure elemental beings and placed them in the training grounds due to their inability to feel and their mandate to serve exclusively only those that have called them forth. Elemental beings are viewed as acceptable opponents in combat when engaged in contests to prove one's loyalty to Xegony.

The inhabitants of the Plane of Air are recorded as being majestic, powerful creatures that live to serve their goddess in return for the privilege of being allowed passage and residence upon her plane. In addition, some of the most powerful conjurers have studied in the Plane of Air, seeking arcane knowledge of vapor and air related elementals. The four floating isles that comprise Eryslai are places of worship and study. Each island contains a main castle. The beings selected to guard and maintain the four houses are highly intelligent, battle-tested, and powerful beyond the comprehension of both mortals and lesser deities. In a mystery befitting Xegony, what lay behind the castles' walls are unknown to any mortal adventurer and even many of the lesser deities. Many believe that the wisest of Xegony's creations utilize these castles to perform their studies in peace, but, since mortals are generally not allowed entry, no reliable record can confirm such speculation.

The island containing Xegony herself reflects her fundamental beauty and mystery. Heavy fog and elementals of unimaginable power are though to defend Xegony from anyone foolish enough to take up arms against her. But even those who worship her will find Xegony inaccessible. She has never been known to allow an outsider, even those pure of purpose, to send before her and pay homage to her greatness. It is believed that even many of the great gods who the mortals pay direct allegiance to have been denied her audience. This is the way those closest to The Nameless.

Temple of Vapor

Separated from the regular population, the Temple of Vapor is home to the most skilled creatures in the way of combat. It is in this temple that all races specializing in combat can seek guidance. Air Phoenix nobles and Stormrider champions are the most popular inhabitants of these halls.

Rinturion Windblade

Rinturion is an air Efreeti and is resident champion and founder of the Temple of Vapor

Temple of Smoke

The Temple of Smoke is holds the highest-ranking priests and Queztocotal Deacons. It is in these halls that the shaman, cleric and druid are asked to gather knowledge and guidance about their profession. Filled with stacked bookcases and numerous annals it is here that one will go to learn about the ways of the Lifegiver.

Queen Silandria

Silandria is the most powerful of Queztocotal high priests in the Temple of Smoke and is very heavily by deadly elementals and air Efreeti called upon to protect her.

Temple of Wind

This temple is the most widely explored and populated area of the Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind. Here adventurers and any residents of air that are willing to learn can study the arcane arts most notably being the ways of the conjurer. All intelligence spellcasters are encouraged to study here to further their knowledge of the elements. The founder and resident Arch Mage of the Wind Temple is Gakamenial Fir`Disralsi, an Air Phoenix.

Temple of Mist

Locked behind what is though to be an impenetrable wall and guarded by the fiercest defenders of Air, the Temple of Mist stands. It is in this castle that the outcasts and prisoners of Xegony are locked for their crimes against the inhabitants of Air. Being the biggest mystery of the Plane of Air, it is thought that many adventurers are deemed to spend eternity there for attempted assaults on the residents of Air.


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