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The Vah Shir are a sentient, bipedal cat race hailing from the city of Shar Vahl. Their racial name pays tribute to two kings, Vah and Shir. The Vah Shir evolved from the Kerrans who survived an accidental magical blast which sent them to Luclin from Odus during the Erudite civil war. Due to their size, they are required to wear large armor. They are the only large race that cannot slam. However, they do receive the racial ability of Safe Fall.

The Vah Shir have a strong oral tradition, and generally do not keep written records aside from dealing with outside races. An oral tradition leads many of them to take up the skills of a bard, passing their knowledge and history through music and prose.

Their oral traditions, coupled with their agnostic religious beliefs, hinder their ability to study the arcane. However, much like the Feir'Dal have a strong affinity to nature, the Vah Shir have a strong connection to the spirit world. Those wishing to study the priestly arts may opt to become shamen.

Many Vah Shir feel attuned to their animalistic instincts. While they have some ability in magic, many wish to be at the forefront of action. These fighting, magical casters later evolve into beastlords.

Their natural stealth and racially innate Safe Fall ability allow them to rank amoungst the best rogues. Their warriors seek to preserve their way of life through a level of honor equivilant to that of Barbarians and dwarves, and garnish much respect from their society.

As the Vah Shir have been separated from Norrath since before the split of the Combine Empire, they do not entertain any of the racial or religious tensions that most of Norrath's citizens harbor. While they are unable to receive training, evil races and classes may walk around without fear of an unprovoked attack. However, druids and rangers may find themselves quickly under siege should they employ the wolf form of speed-enhancing run spells.

The ancestors of the Vah Shir race arrived on Luclin some time after the Shissar race with a small working knowledge of the Erudian language. As the Combine Empire split and its factions came to reside on Luclin, they interacted and traded with the Vah Shir. This interaction helped the Vah Shir in quickly learning the Combine Tongue language. They also employ their own racial langage when dealing with each other.


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