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Clickies are items with an effect that is triggered by right-clicking the item. All clicky items must either be clicked from an inventory slot (not inside a container, pre-VoA; with VoA expansion, such items can be clicked from inside a container) or from it's appropriate equipment slot. Clickies with the same recast type share the cool down timer, so if a clicky with a recast type 1 is clicked, then none of the clickies with a recast type 1 will be clickable until the clicked item has cooled down.

Just like spells, there is a wide variety of clickies available. Some can be used for trash buffs, some for looks (illusions) and visual effects (particles), some for buffs, some for debuffs, and some only for use in quests. The following pages are for unlimited charge clickies:

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The tables are presorted by Slot number then Attribute, if applicable. Such that, for the AC chart, you can find multiples that stick by picking the best one you can obtain and use from each slot number. This doesn't account for buffs you may get that may block them however. For example, Clr Aego line (Certitude) blocks the Slot 4 AC clickies. This why the spell links to both Lucy and Alla are given, so you can click on the Lucy link, then the Stacking link on Lucy to make sure your buffs won't interfere.


Instant Buffs
Instant Non-Buff Clickies
Buff Clickies

  1. Armor Class (AC) Buffs
  2. Attack (Atk) Buffs
  3. Aura Buffs
  4. Conversion (Lich) Buffs
  5. Damage Shield (DS) Buffs
  6. DS Mitigation Buffs
  7. Enduring Breath Buffs
  8. Faction Buffs
  9. Melee and Spell Focus Buffs
  10. Haste and Overhaste Buffs
  11. Hit Point (HP) Buffs
  12. HP Regen Buffs
  13. Invisibility Type Buffs
  14. Invulnerability Buffs
  15. Levitation Buffs
  16. Mana Buffs
  17. Mana Regen Buffs
  18. Mana and HP Regen Buffs
  19. Miscellaneous / Special Buffs
  20. Run Speed Buffs
  21. Proc and Defensive Proc Buffs
  22. Resist Buffs
  23. Rune and Spell Shield Buffs

Debuff Clickies
Teleportation Clickies
Cure Clickies
Heal/HoT Clickies
Shrink/Grow Clickies
Illusion Clickies
Summoning Clickies
Specialty Clickies
Mount Clickies
Familiar Clickies
Damaging Clickies
Miscellaneous Clickies


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