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If you need to know the /alt activate ### for an activated AA, it's the number before the name. Just make sure that the particular number is for your class, as some AAs have different numbers for different classes or sets of classes.


Newest version is AA3.

There are several spreadsheets available. The original contains all the data, and no formulas. It is editable by anyone, and hopefully those who edit the AA_Costs_? wiki pages will also update this spreadsheet.

AAWikiFormulaCost2b is non-editable and shows the basic idea of the wiki conversion spreadsheet. Finally, AAWikiFormulaCosts2a lists the formulas used in Excel format. Note, that the formulas use a tilde ~ character instead of the Alt+Enter key sequence in the displayed spreadsheet to make it more visibly appealing, and clear as to where such line feeds need to be placed. Feel free to use these.

A few notes about the resulting wiki format from the use of the formulas:

    • There are several character sequences which must be replaced, as follows:
      • "" needs to be changed to "
      • "° needs to be changed to a null string
      • °" needs to be changed to a null string
      • '! needs to be changed to !
    • In plain words, a double double-quote needs to be changed to a single double-quote, an aprostrophe plus exclamation mark needs to be changed to a single exclamation mark, and a double-quote plus degrees symbol (may appear different here and in varying programs, but should be a degree symbol in Excel and EditGrid spreadsheets) and a degree symbol plus double-quote both need to be deleted.

Original Spreadsheet

If you edit the Cost Tables, you should also edit the Original Spreadsheet.

Details of the original spreadsheet colums are as follows:

    • ID
The AA ID Number, used in the /alt activate command in-game.
    • AA Name
The current Name of the AA.
    • Description
The in-game description of the AA.
    • Classes
The three character standard abbreviations for classes, seperated by a single space and ordered alphabetically.
    • Tab
The current AA tab the AA resides in, i.e. General, Archetype, Class, or Special
    • Category
The current category on the AA screen listed with the AA, which is generally an expansion, and using the standard abbreviation in this this table, rather than the name as listed on the window, or Rac for Racial Innate, Vet for Veteran reward, or Prog for Progression AAs. Actually, ignoring this column, as it is the same, other than the 3 special ones listed, as the required expansion arraw for the ranks.
    • Type
One of the following types:
      • Caps
Referring to Cap raising AAs, either stats, skills, or secondary modifiers (mod2s)
      • Defense
Referring to Defensive type AAs (Heal spells, Better Mitigation / Avoidance, Hate Reduction, etc.)
      • Emergency
Referring to AAs for emergency situations, generally activated, but can be passive that are triggered at low-health and the like.
      • Offense
Referring to Offensive type AAs (More swings, better melee / spell damage, less resists / misses, etc.)
      • Resists
Referring to Resist Stats, and mod2s related to spell damage reduction
      • Stats
Referring to any stat that is not covered by Resists, and not a cap raising AA
      • Tradeskill
Referring to any tradeskill related AA
      • Utility
Referring to any AA that doesn't fall into any of the previous categories
    • Old_Tab
The original game series tab the AA was in, or blank if it is newer than TSS expansion release.
    • SubType
One of the following:
      • Hate
Referring to primarily Hate generating or reducing AAs
      • Heal Amount
Heals, heal focus, and rune type AAs
      • Heal Duration
AAs that change the duration of duration heals
      • Melee
General Melee type AA
      • Melee Amount
AAs that change (improve / reduce) Melee damage per successful hit
      • Melee Swings
AAs that change (increase / reduce) either Successful hits, or amount of swing attempts.
      • Misc
Any not covered by others types listed here in SubTypes.
      • Movement
AAs refering to Run Speed, or other types of movements.
      • Skill
AAs referring to a skill
      • Spell
General Spell AAs.
      • Spell Amount
AAs modifying direct spell damage / heals / etc.
      • Spell DoT
AAs modifying DoT damage / HoT heals / etc.
      • Spell Duration
AAs modifying spell duration
      • Spell Resist
AAs modifying spell resist rate
      • Timer
AAs that modify refresh timers
    • Target
The target of the AA, which is one of the following
      • Enemy
Nearby Enemies, often directional.
      • Group
Your group.
      • Pet
Your pet(s).
      • Self
      • Target
Your target
    • Alt_Names
Alternate names for the AA, separated by semicolons, and optionally prefixed by old tab name and a colon.
    • Refresh
Refresh timer for Activated AAs, or blank for Passive AAs.
    • Requires
Previous AA line Required.
    • ReqRank
Previous AA line Required Rank.
    • Ranks
Number of current max Ranks of the AA line (as per Underfoot as of this writing).
    • Costs 1-36
Cost for each rank to purchase.
    • Levels 1-36
Minimum Level to purchase each rank.
    • Expansion 1-36
Expansion required to purchase each rank. See the Expansions table below.
    • Spell IDs 1-36
Lucy / Alla Spell ID numbers for activated ranks of AAs

Cost Tables

Tables needing basic editing look like this one:


AA Name

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

Tables that have the basic editing done, but in complete, look like this:


AA Name

Ranks: # :: Cls :: Passive or Active: Refresh 9:99:99
Requires: AA Name Rank 1
AA Description text.

Rank 1 2 3

Note, Ranks: # is the maximum rank as of the current expansion, namely Underfoot, as of this writing. Cls is a list of 3-letter class abbreviations that get this particular AA ID. Note that some AA Names have multiple and differing AA IDs for specific classes or sets of classes. Passive or Active is as listed in-game in the AA window with corresponding Refresh time for Active AAs. AA Description text is the in-game description text in the AA window.

Requires: AA Name links to the appropriate AA_Costs_? page and #number, if there is a previous AA purchase requirement.

Cost row describes the cost in AAs to buy that Rank. In the above example, it takes 4 AAs to purchase the first rank of AA ID 8888, and 8 more AAs to purchase the second rank, and 12 more for the third. Lvls row describes the minimum level required to purchase the particular AA Rank. Exp. row describes the Expansion required to purchase the particular AA Rank. Refer to Expansions table below to see the list of numbers, expansion names, and links used in the tables.

If there have been extensions to an AA in the past few expansions, you may want to leave and appropriate number of blank cells for the next few expansions. However, there should be no need to extra blank columns for an AA line that has not been extended since The Serpent's Spine expansion or previously, as it is unlikely any new extensions to that line will be made.


## Expansion Link surround in
left and right brackets
0 Original Game No need for link
3 Shadows of Luclin /db/zone.html?zcont=Luclin 3
4 Planes of Power /db/zone.html?zcont=Power 4
5 Legacy of Ykesha /db/zone.html?zcont=Ykesha 5
6 Lost Dungeons of Norrath /db/zone.html?zcont=LDoN 6
7 Gates of Discord /db/zone.html?zcont=Gates 7
8 Omens of War /db/zone.html?zcont=Omens 8
9 Dragons of Norrath /db/zone.html?zcont=Dragons+of+Norrath 9
10 Depths of Darkhollow /db/zone.html?zcont=Depths+of+Darkhollow 10
11 Prophecy of Ro /db/zone.html?zcont=Prophecy+of+Ro 11
12 The Serpent's Spine /db/zone.html?zcont=The+Serpent's+Spine 12
13 The Buried Sea /db/zone.html?zcont=The+Buried+Sea 13
14 Secrets of Faydwer /db/zone.html?zcont=Secrets+of+Faydwer 14
15 Seeds of Destruction /db/zone.html?zcont=Seeds+of+Destruction 15
16 Underfoot /db/zone.html?zcont=Underfoot

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