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Doomfire, the Burning Lands

The Plane of Fire

The Plains of Doomfire, the Burning Lands, is within the Plane of Fire which is ruled by Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire. Everywhere, volcanic mountains spout lava flows that gather in pools and erupt in geysers. Petrified trees burn eternally, creating a magnificent forest of obsidian pillars and crimson flames.

Upon first entering the reaches of this realm, adventurers find themselves in the Burning Forest at a small camp with various headstones littering the area around the buildings. Just beyond the obsidian forest is a huge imposing stone wall that is part of large compound of Fennin's loyal soldiers. The Flametongue River flows into an exquisite magma waterfall, feeding the lake below. Rising out the magma lake is a large isle composed of obsidian and black volcanic rock. On this isle, the village of the Jopal Tribe can be found. The Jopal are intelligent elemental creatures native to the plane. A tunnel leads from the island to a dangerous zone where some of Fennin Ro's fiercest guardians are on constant watch.

The Compound of General Druav Flamesinger

The river of burning lava lies directly in front of the Compound of Druav. It begins on a hill and weaves it way across the ground before forming into a fiery waterfall that becomes a large lake of lava at the bottom. The compound blocks access to the rest of the Plains of Doomfire. This compound is run under the tight fist of General Druav. Found throughout the compound are various soldiers of Fennin Ro that Druav commands. The general can be found overlooking his men on top in the middle of an overhanging bridge.

General Druav Flamesinger

Druav is the leader of the large compound in Doomfire.

The Phoenix Bridge

Beyond the compound is entrance to an area preceding Phoenix Bridge. This bridge is aptly guarded by planar fire phoenixes and is suspended over a canyon. The guardians are perched on pedestals, their wings hovering above their bodies in readiness to pounce on any intruders. The lake of lava can incinerate anyone foolish enough to try to swim through its burning expanse. The bottom of the canyon has lava flowing through it and contains no visible route of safe passage.

Criare Sunmane

Criare is a phoenix on one of the pedestals that guards the Phoenix Bridge.

Jaxoliz Dawneyes

Jaxoliz is a phoenix on one of the pedestals that guards the Phoenix Bridge.

Blazzax the Omnifiend

Blazzax is a giant fiend within the Doomfire and can rarely be found.

The Lava Pools

Deep in the lake that is spanned by the Phoenix Bridge is a hidden tunnel filled with lava. This tunnel leads to a large cavern that is home to the great phoenix Firetail. After crossing the bridge it opens up into a rocky plain dotted with lava pools. Within the plains, a large variety of creatures and outposts can be found.

Quavonis Firetail

Firetail is an ancient phoenix of boundless power and intellect. Only Fennin Ro wields more power than he does in the plains. Babnoxis the Spider Queen

Babnoxis is a giant obsidian lava spider that roams across the lava pools.

Pyronis, the Frog King

King of the frogs within Doomfire, Pyronis is a giant obsidian lava frog that roams the across the lava pools.


Magmaton is a powerful giant magma golem within the lava pools area of the Burning Lands.

Doomfire Keep

Doomfire Keep is the last bastion of defense that guards the way to Fennin's Palace. The layout of the keep is filled with a few structures including a large tower. The keep has within it a large number of soldiers and fields that are led by the General Reparm and the Arch Mage Yozanni.

General Reparm

Reparm co-leads Doomfire Keep with Arch Mage Yozzani. Arch Mage Yozanni

Yozzani co-leads Doomfire Keep with General Reparm.

The Bridge of Flame

The Bridge of Flame is the last obstacle to be traversed along the path to Fennin Ro. It is a long twisting bridge with several platforms. Wandering the bridge and guarding the various platforms are several large fiends. Each platform has a large fiend that oversees that section of the bridge. At the end of the bridge is a giant fiend that guards the entrance to Fennin's Palace.

Rexanous the Chaoslord

Rexanous is head of the chaos fiends on the Bridge of Flames.

Azobian the Darklord

Azobian is head of the dark fiends on the Bridge of Flames.

Hebabbilys the Ragelord

Hebabbilys is head of the rage fiends on the Bridge of Flames.

Javonn the Overlord

Javonn is head of all fiends on the Bridge of Flames.

Fennin's Palace

Fennin's Palace holds his throne room which is a large single chamber room. In this room Fennin and his advisors can be found.

Chancellor Traxom

Traxom is a Phoenix Advisor to Fennin Ro.

Chancellor Kirtra

Kirtra is an Arachnid Advisor to Fennin Ro.

Warlord Prollaz

Prollaz is a Fiend Advisor to Fennin Ro. Omni Magus Crato

Crato is a Fiend Advisor to Fennin Ro.[1]


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