Crescent Reach  

This Drakkin city was built within a cliff face within the mountainous Serpent's Spine, just beyond a large crescent-shaped crevice west of the Blightfire Moors -- the namesake of Crescent Reach. It is a fully functioning city with guildmasters and spell vendors for every class, tradeskill vendors and venues, quest NPCs for people of all levels, as well as bankers and merchants.

North of the city is a magical grove which plays host to the six dragons who make up the Circle of the Crystalwing. These dragons were responsible for the creation of the Drakkin, something done in an effort to protect all dragonkind from growing threats, particularly that of Venril Sathir, who was responsible for the recent curse upon the Nest.

The crevice in front of the city, known to locals as The Hollow, stretches north far beyond the city boundaries. The area is teeming with wildlife, from bears, spiders and snakes on land; to piranhas and alligators in the waters. Further north is a group of undead. They are the Nokk: The ogres who ruled the area in an era long ago, cursed by the gods into the state they are today, still minding their farm and wandering their burial grounds.

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