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Druzzil Ro, the goddess of magic, created Arcstone, a craggy island floating amidst the turbulent void known as the Plane of Magic. Arcstone was not the only island within the Plane of Magic, but it was the most populated, serving as a kind of nexus for magical energies. Arcstone attracted all manner of magical creatures including elementals and dervishes.[1]

The island itself functioned as a channel where wild magic accumulated and exploded outward like a geyser. For this reason, Druzzil constructed Relic, a great city that hovers above Arcstone to harness its power.

The Scrykin

While Druzzil was occupied with Relic's construction, legends tell of a rogue dragon of Veeshan's first brood known as Skylance that found its way to the Plane of Magic and Arcstone. As soon as Skylance's claws touched Arcstone, he claimed it as his territory and insisted that Druzzil Ro swear fealty to him as the new lord of the Plane of Magic. Druzzil Ro did not respond to his claims. Skylance was prideful enough to believe the goddess was gone for good and so the dragon began converting Arcstone into his lair. Little did the dragon know that Druzzil Ro, on another isle in the Plane of Magic, was already preparing to create a new race of golems. Druzzil Ro's creations would not only protect her but would also rival the dragon in raw magical ability. She became so absorbed in the creation of her golems that she eventually created a unique breed of sentient creature. It was the first time organic life had ever been created from arcane magic. Thus, the scrykin race was born.

After Druzzil Ro fashioned the first thirteen scrykin, supple golems made of living tar, she tutored her creations in the ways of magic. The scrykin were incredibly intelligent and took to the goddess' instruction with great zeal. When the thirteen scrykin were ready to fully serve their creator, they gathered on Arcstone to confront Skylance. A terrible battle ensued that shook the isle and broke off a large piece of Arcstone -- a separate rock now known as the Bluff of Stillwillow. In the end, Skylance and six of the original thirteen scrykin lay dead. Druzzil Ro took her remaining scrykin to Relic and taught them the rituals and procedures involved in creating more of their own kind which she wrote in a tome known as the Codex Artifice. Soon after penning the Codex Artifice, Druzzil Ro disappeared back into the ether of the Plane of Magic. It is rumored that she is sometimes heard through her shrine on Arcstone.

The scrykin lived and prospered on Relic for many years. They made schools dedicated to the various elements of magic and even erected a tower to join Relic and Arcstone together. They named this tower Skylance out of respect for their fallen enemy. Other dragons from the Broodlands congratulated the scrykin for defeating the rogue dragon and were invited to Relic. Several of these dragons, including Ashenback, Tsikut and Shar`Drahn, befriended the scrykin and took on positions within the hierarchy of the city. For many years, the scrykin lived peacefully and contentedly . . . until they began to change.

Somewhere around their hundredth year of life, the scrykin began to degenerate. Their mental and physical states deteriorated slowly at first. Their features, originally placid and calm, began to droop and melt and their temperaments, formerly calm and analytical, took a turn for the sinister. Despite these effects, the degenerating scrykin continued to grow in size and power as they aged. It wasn't long before the firstborn scrykin began succumbing to bouts of madness, and soon afterward the second generation of scrykin began to show the first signs of instability. Paranoid delusions and dark temperaments overtook the scrykin elders. The younger scrykin attempted to study and cure the madness that was overtaking their older brethren, but all their research was in vain. All they could deduce was that the scrykin race somehow grew more and more unstable as it aged. Even with all the uncertainty and concern over the phenomena, the scrykin tried to maintain some normalcy and they continued to learn and teach in Relic. While Relic is ruled by Daosheen, the first born of the scrykin race, he has not been seen in over a century. When the elder scrykin began their descent into madness many years ago, Daosheen sealed himself inside a magical tower and refused to be disturbed by outsiders. In Daosheen's absence, Porthio the Second Born, assumed the role as the governor of Relic. Rumors abound that Porthio has grown interested in Shadowspine, the artifact which recently surfaced in Darkhollow. Because the elder scrykin have succumbed to madness, the dragons of Relic assumed more political control over the artifact city. Petty rivalries have broken out amongst the three dragons -- Tsicut, Ashenback and Shar`Drahn -- each of which secretly wants control of the magical channeling platforms built into Relic. All the while, Porthio remains focused on his studies, leaving the dragons to bicker amongst themselves.

The melancholy fates of the remaining firstborn scrykin of Druzzil Ro are as follows:

Daosheen the First:

Daosheen has not been seen in over a century. The eldest scrykin was the first to succumb to madness and shortly thereafter became obsessed with studying power crystals mined from Arcstone. It is rumored that he has locked himself inside of Skylance tower where he studies his precious crystals to this day.

Porthio the Second:

Porthio, insane though he may be, believes that the secret to avoiding the curse of the scrykin is to become an undead lich. He has launched a fervent study of necromancy and shadow magic and has recently grown excited about the dark magic of Shadowspine, a lost artifact of necromancy rumored to have been penned by Mayong Mistmoore. In Daosheen's absence, Porthio rules over Relic with a capricious and iron-fisted sense of justice. Porthio is never far from his loyal pet and bodyguard, a spirit cat of pure shadow named Nightshade.

Ao the Fourth:

Ao is the only scrykin to have arrested the degenerative curse affecting the scrykin race. He was able to do this by abandoning his physical body and becoming a spirit of Arcstone. Although Ao no longer grows in power as he ages as the rest of the scrykin do, he is at least free from the degenerative madness afflicting his brothers.

Zomm the Seventh:

Zomm, once a great diviner of Relic, has become completely feral. He has abandoned his home and now wanders the isle of Arcstone where he conducts strange meditative experiments tailored to push his awareness beyond the known realms. No one knows what horrors Zomm has glimpsed during his year-long trances for he has not spoken in centuries.

Sharlash the Ninth:

Sharlash dwells on Relic where he builds golems and other creatures of artifice.

Thanus the Eleventh:

Thanus has dedicated himself to the study of ice magic. He works closely with the dragon Tsikut on Relic and they both conspire to overthrow the leadership so they may turn the artifact city into an elemental nexus of ice.

Maru the Twelfth:

Maru, perhaps the most schizophrenic of the original thirteen, spends most of his time learning to infiltrate the minds of others. Who knows what he is plotting within Relic's glowing walls?

The others -- Ganeer the Third, Kallendo the Fifth, Kazzanthar the Sixth, Taroknock the Eighth, Karkahn the Tenth, Morogo the Thirteenth -- were slain during the fight with the dragon Skylance.


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