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Diesonne was born and raised in the safety of Freeport. From an early age he longed to fight for the side of goodness and honesty and studied diligently for years to become the best paladin he could be. Shortly after graduating with honors from North Freeport Paladin School, Diesonne took a little bit of food, a little water, and a meager sword and adventured out the gates of West Freeport for the first time. While helping to rid the grounds of snakes and rats, an Orc Pawn jumped on him from behind! The young Diesonne did not quite make it to the safety of the guards before falling dead to the ground. After coming back to life near to where he died, Diesonne was filled with a special hatred of orcs and other evil creatures... many years later after achieving a Ghoul Bane and then Blackened Iron Bastard Sword and then nearly committing suicide at the age of 30, Diesonne perservered and with the help of friends is now fighting strong at level 38 with his mighty Argent Defender in his hands. He is a seasoned veteran of many dangerous lands and continues the righteous and good fight to this day. And Diesonne has a special gleam in his eye as he unsheathes his mighty sword whenever he comes across an Orc... May your travels be safe and profitable as you fight the good fight! April 2, 2002.