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Special thanks to all who play eq: I truley must thank all whoplay eq for they treated someone they do no know with manners and even gave him gear they treated me a NEWB with such graciousness i cannot hold my thanks in no longer 2 years ago i was such a newb now thankd to the lvl 50-60s heck all lvls i am now very succesfull in eq i have more freind than i can count and have lvled many chars thanks to there pointer and minor gear thay gave to statt me off yes even on rallos zek i was treat so graciously i was given so much gear and treated so honestly asnd the same on solro the only way i can thank you is by this and by doing what you did to me showing minor manners whish showed me they goodness in the world... so since i can;'t give out lammys in rl why not in eq to show my thanks and show i can treat other with the same manners they welcomed me to eq with, the chars i have been helped with Chatrraiz (rallos zek char) onehundread (sol ro char) Bubblepop my rog and soon to be my main (sol ro char) so whyen i get high enough i shall take pleasure in going to newbie zone shouting first person to tap me get a lammy and centi ls... just as they gave me even they gave me my thing so once again thnks for your manners you showed and i hope to see you again in eq and possibly help you the way you did me Sincerly to all who showed me manners , Dragonbrother