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Hello! I am jice! I also have a ranger, jyce,(original name, huh?) i am a druid and ranger, and always a wood elf. I will always be glad to help, unless i'm doin somthin else. i might ask you for help someday, plz don't ignore me, or i will kill you later.O yeah, and to all, i WILL become a well known name on the karana server, just tell all your friends who i am. Also,jinkles is mad cool. He is by far the absolute coolest guy. There are no paladins like him, he is SUPREME. HE SHOULD BE A GOD!!! ALL HAIL JINKLES !! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Read of my travels and stories in my journal. You will not be disappointed. unless you are picky about spelling, then you will be like ever other dork who has posted besides me, and they can all die.