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Shred is of common upbringing in Paineel. He was afforded the lavish life of Kerran laborers and slaves. Misbehaving Kerrans were used for the sole purpose of practicing his dark arts. As a youth, he had a propensity for the more physical activities and thus, was not interested in becoming a complete necromancer as he occupied much of his time toying with various weapons and adored fancy armor. As a common Cazic Reverant, Shred fears his diety but secretly longs for the day he takes his place. Shred pleases his diety by causing fear in others. As he is evil, he is not indecent. Shred has fine manners and will quickly befriend a foe after he causes him great suffering and gives him good reason to be frightened of Shred's temper. Shred is a generous Erudite with little tolerance for stupidity and seems to have a "thing" for pain. Bear in mind, that if you should be one of the many who recieve a seemingly random gift of Shred's immense generosity, he is a very goal-oriented individual. You may well serve Shred's greater purpose. Thus, Shred is...