Our forefathers have told a story that spans the beginning of time. The story of a goddess who fell from the sky, when she gave her love to a Warrior. Their love was forbidden by her father the Sun God but Qeylaani disobeyed him and, as punishment, he cast her to the earth in the eternal form of a little wolf, an usdi-waya. The Sun God would see that the Warrior and the Wolf would never be together, but Qeylaani refused to leave the side of her beloved. Many moons did pass and the unthinkable happened. The Warrior was Called to the Heavens where she could not follow. Cursed with immortality, the Wolf knew then that she was destined to be forever alone. Yet, with her head held high she bellowed the great call of the wild and vowed to her father that she would forever protect the bloodline of her Warrior. She would be Protectress of the Cherokee, she would be Qeylaani USDIWAYA!

Location: Kentucky