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Many years ago there was a powerful Enchantress that had roamed the world. She had been places no Tier Dal had visited before. On one of these trips to an icy land she attracted the attention of a powerful dragon. When all of her spells and charms failed her, she stood before the dragon defiantly awaiting death, when her final charm that of being a beautiful and strong woman worked where all else had failed. The Dragon's form slowly shifted to that of a Tier Dal male and he came to her. From this union were born twin males. To all apperances they were pure blood Tier Dal. Yet some strange power sang to them from within. Their mother would never tell them who their father was and so they were taunted as bastard children with a whore for a mother. The hate grew within each of them from this. The Hate was so strong in the one she named Drakang she handed him a sword and sent him forth into the world to see if his hate and his dragon blood would sustain him. He slew everthing that stood in his way. He attracted the attention of a powerful necromancer named Moorefallen who brought him into a group known as the Tower of Hate. Upon reaching his 20th season as a Shadow knight his mother called him home and revealed his heritage to him. She told him she would not reveal his fathers name but that if he was strong enough and powerful enough his dragon blood would call to him and lead him to his fathers land. Drakang walked forth that day to be know as Drakang Vondraconis. Proclaiming to the world his heritage. All that have laughed at his claim are now dead or have begged his forgiveness. The call of his blood lead him to a new land of Ice and snow. Although, he found there true kin of Veeshan and he could feel the bond of shared blood none there proved to be his sire. So he traveled on searching. Perhaps in the new lands and among those that have once again chosen to mix the blood of dragon and mortal will he find his sire. The kindred bond with the Drakkin is strong. However, the human in then makes them so much less than he knows he will become. Somewhere he will find his sire and then he must prove his worth to him so he will admit that he is his son.