EverQuest Legends

We just received notice from the Director of Web Presence, Nathan Pearce about the new EverQuest Legends. The following is what they are advertising.
Make your mark on EverQuest! Sony Online Entertainment is proud to offer a unique and rewarding opportunity for EverQuest players: the EverQuest Legends Service. Are you ready for a new, more dynamic EverQuest experience? Are you prepared to take on exciting new challenges, discover unknown treasures, become a hero of Legendary proportions? To find out more, take our guided tour of all the new features we're preparing for EverQuest Legends, then reserve your spot today!
What Everquest Legends will offer you:
  • Character Pages Part of the Legends web site, each player character will have a personal homepage featuring all the character's statistics and items, and will be updated daily.
  • Dynamic Server (Exclusive) Our dedicated team of Customer Service & Development staff will not only be providing in-game support to our Legends players, but also running new quests and adventures for players of all levels to participate in.
  • Legendary Items Some of these Legendary items will even be named after the first player who discovers them.
  • Calendar of Events This web-based calendar will be kept up to date by the Legends Team, and will let you know who, when, where, and what is going on server-wide.
  • Interactive Maps Quickly find which zone your character is bound in, and which zones you have or haven't visited.
  • Tales of Adventure The Tales of Adventure will feature the best stories submitted by Legends players, prominently displayed for the whole world to marvel in your glorious deeds!
  • Guild Halls This new service includes a guild calendar, message board, member roster, and pages to post guild news, the guild history, and more! (Including logo) This sounds like a really great idea, I can't wait to see it live. However, there are only 8000 spots available, but if you do get in, you can move 8 of your current characters on a single account with items. The monthly cost is $39.95 and will include your current subscription. Sign up is February 4, 2002. Remember ONLY 8000 lucky people will get this chance. Sign up at EverQuest Legends.com Don't forget to take the Sorta Weekly Poll on the update page.
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    How bout this concept?
    # Aug 25 2003 at 4:09 PM Rating: Default
    How bout this: Verant releases an EQ server? You can charge your own rate, make your own world, and host people on it... then perhaps it might be worthwhile.
    # Sep 19 2002 at 9:31 AM Rating: Decent
    I have just recently switched over to the Legends server. From what I have seen so far, there are smaller groups in heavily farmed zones(not like on my former server), Better loot drops and more to hunt.

    Edited, Thu Sep 19 10:17:51 2002
    Legends Prices
    # Jun 03 2002 at 10:13 AM Rating: Default
    hmmmm....interesting point arose while I was reading these posts. Guides get there accounts free. so who thinks that 90% of the population of the legends server guide on other servers?
    My 2cp (ranting and raving about the good old days)
    # Mar 05 2002 at 10:32 PM Rating: Default
    <Grobble begins to rant, his muscles flex and he smacks you in the face to get your attention>

    AHEM..... ok i shall now begin speaking my mind

    Personally ive played EQ for a very long time, since it started, originally on E'Ci and Erolissi servers before ANY of the expansions came out and most recently spending my time on Brell, and as the years have gone by ive noticed a few things.

    1) The "help" we are given from GMs and Guides has never changed. They have never been much help in anything more than replacing a banker who has happened to run off after someone who hes KOS to. (any time you need some actual help, say help with a CR in a very dangerous zone they simply say "I am sorry but i cannot help you, Good Journeys" and this bothers me seeing as they are there to be of HELP to us who pay to play)

    2) People have become more and more greedy as the expansions were added on, the new items (while being very nice) have imho destroyed most of the atmosphere that i used to enjoy in Old World EQ, a place where the roleplaying and interaction with other people mattered more than twinking a lv 1 with the most "uber" items in the game, a place where a lv 35 warrior in full bronze weilding two finesteel longswords was considered to be very well equipped. What im trying to say is that the booming EQ-economy has turned my beloved Norrath into a place where not only are people alot more defensive and untrusting of other players but also where people get cheated and ripped off for everything they own on a regular basis (this just recently happened to a good friend of mine)

    3) The quality roleplayers are mostly gone, due mostly to the reasons i listed above, and this is the greatest loss to the EQ community because its the roleplaying that makes the game worth playing.

    Is this new elite server supposed to improve the quality of gameplay on EQ? i dont think so, providing services that should be available on normal servers (services which SHOULD have been available on normal servers for a long time such as "guaranteed GM assisstance" and alot of nice events, new quests/zones/npcs/loot) at an extravagant price is ********* plain and simple. I read an interview awhile back with one of the EQ managers or some such where he said that to have the same services that are going to run on the Legends server they need more money than the normal 10$ a month and thats why it costs 40$ american per month to play (ps im canadian so that roughly transfers over to 65 bucks a month), i think that Verant which is backed by SONY (which, in case youve had your head buried in sand for the past 20 years, is a multi-billion dollar enterprise) could afford to provide the EQaddicts with some nice bonuses for sticking with their game and not running off to some other MMoRPG.
    Maybe im just talkin outta my ***** maybe im just sick of the lack of a real fantasy atmosphere in Norrath these days. I dunno. I dont think ill leave EQ because i have made ALOT of great friends online and i personally love the new luclin models/zones. But id appreciate it if Verant/Sony actually did something nice for us hardcore EQuesters once in awhile without it having to cost us an arm and a leg (financially speaking).

    <Grobble ends his rant, collapsing in an unconcious heap on the ground>

    Grobble Dagorkon <lv 38 trollish SK> Brell Serillis
    # Feb 26 2002 at 9:07 AM Rating: Decent
    I've played Everquest for about 3 years now and a friend showed me Ultima Online for the first time. I couldn't even tell that GM's worked in EQ; I have petitioned numerous times and reported people for non stop cussing and it seems that it's all in vain. My friend, in UO on the other hand, couldn't even leave his character circling in a boat for 10 minutes without a GM asking him if he was playing (since it is a bannable offense to macro your skills up). I have no idea what quests GM's give in UO since I didn't think to ask, but even then, most GM initiated events in EQ involved higher levels flocking to zones they haven't been to in a while and lots of newbie corpses. If you have to pay more for some extra features that's fine, because that will be your decision, but we shouldn't have to pay more for better GM support that was supposed to be included from the begining.

    55 Dr00d
    Terris Thule

    I just remembered that UO also allows the use of a third party program that gives you access to "interactive maps" and other aspects that make the game play a lot smoother; all for still only $10.

    Edited, Tue Feb 26 10:51:05 2002
    Well... Well... Well...
    # Feb 23 2002 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
    I have to say this but I agree with most of the grips I've read on these numerous posts. I think that for the money we pay already we should be getting Lengendary service rather then ledgendary servers. I think the biggest Ledgend at VI is all their promises to their current customers. They border on Myth! Maybe the next server they offer will cost $50 a month and be call the Mythical server that does not really exist but we'ed like you to pay for all the wounderful mythical services we offer. And we can pay $50 a monthe and pretend it's there. Come on vi work with what you got and then lets talk about more money and servers. We play this game in hopes that we become the ledgends. If we can't do it with what we got why pay more?
    Silly monkeys
    # Feb 14 2002 at 11:02 PM Rating: Default
    I personally think Legends will be exciting. I know my wife and I will both be going to the legends server when available to us. We make average monies, but the cost is fine with either of us. Think back to 6 or 7 years ago when there was a text based mud that folks payed 3 dollars an hour to play. People payed that and played. Think of how much you could rack up a month in bills on that. I guess its all perspective. To me, 40 bucks a month per account is fine if they deliver what they are promising. If I do not see it, I'll drop out and go back to my regular server. You folks venting about how evil and or unfair it is will not change the minds of those of us who do not mind something like this. Maybe it helps to vent, maybe most of you are envious because you deem shelling that much money is worth it. ::shrug::

    Treydal Ufkune.
    Gnecromancer of the 25th circle.
    sheesh am I getting dizzy.
    RE: Silly monkeys
    # May 24 2002 at 12:29 PM Rating: Default
    Three dollars an hour!?! Phone bills I hope, I played muds 6-7 years ago and never payed a dime except for my online service which ranged from $10-20 a month. I know pay muds existed but I thought they were like 5 dollars a month or so... I guess I could be mistaken but $3 dollars and hour I would still owe someone several thousand dollars in mud playing debts if that were true.

    RE: Silly monkeys
    # Sep 26 2003 at 5:19 PM Rating: Decent
    Actually it wasnt that uncommon. The Imagination Network, AOL (Neverwinter Nights) and Prodigy's Gaming services all were charged at about 3.00 bucks an hour, some of them even charged by the minute.
    Valeron Luminar
    # Feb 13 2002 at 11:05 AM Rating: Default
    All I can say is that I went out to buy luclin, and my comp was working fine -- few LDs and good flow. I even upgraded my vid card and my ISP service and extra ram. In the last few months I have LD probs all the time. I have graphics probs with cards that the site says are supported as do all my friends.
    All that having been said I do not feel that Verant has even come through on its last set of promises so why would i beleive in them now when thay ask for more $$. The last GM event was almost a joke, they came into a 20something zone, and only 50s could touch them so everyone died. If you were smart and avoided it they ambushed you from behind with a GM twice your lvl -- now that is what i call fun. So how much more fun am i gonna have for 30 extra $ a month. I don't trust the company now, so they get no more $ from me, though I love the game a great deal. AS I sit here now it is because the servers are down since last night, with only a last minute notification. Also no posting on the Sony EQ sites to tell you what is up. Oh yea and no Tech support at night for a 24 hour game -- give me a break.
    How about they get the TECH help and the login right for a good while before they try to swindle us for another premium service. I know it is not easy running a company like thay do but they need to deliver on their commitments to the account holders before they try to upgrade again or offer something new and expensive. Luclin was not even ready when it came out and the Company used their customers to troubleshoot things that should have been done a month before. And we had to go get DirectX 8.1 on the web? What is that why not on the disk for easy install, like every other software that i buy. It took me days to deal with that nonsense. The Tech pages listed many devices as supported that had no interface or adapted software to work with the game. That is an insult to a paying client to use them as testers to fix your bugs? what did i pay you all 40$ for -- that is your job.
    I can't see how something new would be good until the present stuff is fixed. Premium service is fine for those who want as long as the company delivers on all its day to day commitments to everyone else it serves. I have not seen that yet. I love the Saryn Server and my friends there. I think it is good compared to all the probs i hear from the others.
    I just hope that the company can resolve all the Probs still remaining from luclin before they go to do more.
    Oh and if it is about money, then i would gladly pay an extra 5 or 10 dollars per month if it gave them the funds needed to correct the present tech probs.
    I love EQ, have made many friends, and want to keep playing. I would really like for the company to be more receptive to its account holders so we have more fun, the company continues to prosper thus ensuring that we can keep playing with minimal problems. That way Everone wins.

    Valeron Luminar -- Cleric of the Great Mother Circle 35
    Saryn Server
    Jeez Whiners !!!!
    # Feb 12 2002 at 8:46 PM Rating: Default
    This is proberbly most off topic .. but jeez .. enough with the whining allready.. Lets see how the 8000 "lucky" players like the dang thing when it goes live, instead of instantly complain about it. NO ONE knows how it really is to play on the new legends server. If it works or not remains to be seen, by those willing to pay the 30 bucks extra, to try something new. So stop saying "SOE and Verant allready promised us dynamic content and what not" If you think your "normal" server doesn't have enough "dynamic content", then move to another server like the legends server, where you pay more $$$ to get MORE "dynamic content" and a bunch of other features, stop playing, or even better develop a better game !!!
    Personally I think the concept behind the legend server sounds cool, if it's worth the extra bucks, only time will tell.

    Thaiq Scaledpaw
    level 41 monk
    Veeshan Server

    No matter where you go... There you are !!!
    # Feb 12 2002 at 7:51 PM Rating: Default
    Maybe if VI implemented these new ideas onto all the servers they wouldnt lose so many people to DAoC
    A problem I see is...
    # Feb 12 2002 at 3:38 PM Rating: Default
    One problem I see is this: Verant is devoting all their time and efforts towards their brand new poster child, the Legends server, and they're forgetting all of us that can only afford $10 a month on the old servers.

    I play on Lanys, and I have not seen our lead GM ONCE in OVER a month, neither have any of my friends. Now, this wouldn't be a problem except... we're trying to get a guild formed. We got initial approval over A MONTH AGO, but we still need final approval from the lead GM. My friend actually saw her on once, and he's constantly spamming his "/who all gm" hotkey he made... but she logged before he could hardly get a petition about it written up.

    I'm fine with Verant making a premium server that costs four times as much to play on, but don't do it at the expense of your old servers, don't break the promises that you've managed to hold until now just for 8,000 players that pay fourty bucks. Legends is going to upset a LOT of players if you start pulling this crap on other servers as well as Lanys. You'll probably have more than enough people leave your old servers that you'll lose more money from them leaving then you will from the people moving to Legends.
    RE: A problem I see is...
    # Feb 12 2002 at 5:26 PM Rating: Decent
    I have the sme problem on the Rathe server. I havent seen our lead GM since Luclin came out. Perhaps other servers had some probs that we didnt and he went to help them, but its been better than 2 months now, and I havent seen him ONCE.
    My problems with ledgends are vast, both as a customer and as a player... and I think that anyone who argues solely that Sony/Verant is a business out to make money, is overlooking what it takes to have a successful business. Its not gouging your customers for all theyre worth, but to provide quality, consistant product...Well, theyre consistant allright.
    RE: A problem I see is...
    # Feb 13 2002 at 2:52 AM Rating: Default
    Yeah, consistently the most successful MMORPG. =)
    Buying Loot
    # Feb 12 2002 at 8:11 AM Rating: Default
    I play on a pvp server. This Legends this is going to dramatically unbalance pvp on TZ, VZ, SZ, and RZ. A lot of the uber pk guild people are going to move to this new server for $40 a month, farm items with their lvl 60's. Now...these guys like to kill people, they won't stay on Legends. They'll get all kinds of phat lewtz, then move back to their original pvp server and subsequently unleash these Legends items upon the populations of their original servers. To me this is just as bad as e-baying a fungi for RL money in order to have a pvp advantage, only these people will be getting ToV+ quality items. I don't wanna be getting whacked by a weapon named after a pker on my server in a few months. Kamzan's Glaive of Decapitation, 40/30 +20 all resists procs lvl 30 HT or something. It's bad enough you can buy a lvl 60 online from a shady individual who really isn't allowed by VI to do it, but having sanctioned loot buying...might as well just stick a pricetag on NToV dragons' heads and save the expense of a new server.
    RE: Buying Loot
    # Feb 15 2002 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
    I might be wrong in this, but I don't think so. Normally, when you switch a character to a different server, they move NO COIN or LOOT. Basically, you get to keep your name and exp. that's it. So if you would move a level 60 from say, Prexus to XEV, you get a buck naked, broke level 60. They are allowing people to move their characters WITH items to a legends server to entice people to join. I firmly believe that if someone decides that they want to leave the "Legends" server and go back to their old server. They will pay the $100 or whatever it is, and show up as a naked, broke character. At least that is what I would expect to happen.

    Moltor Warhammar
    47 Barbarian Warrior
    Fists of Justice
    RE: Buying Loot
    # Feb 12 2002 at 1:09 PM Rating: Default
    Why not wait and see if it happens, and THEN complain about it? My experience on the racewar server didn't leave me with a very good impression of the uberguilds there I suspect they'll be second or third-tier guilds at best on Stormhammer -- especially considering that there are characters coming from some of the old blue servers who could buy or sell whole PvP-server uberguilds almost singlehandedly. :)

    Besides, PvP servers have much younger populations, so it's questionable if all that many of the players will be able to afford the move.
    The bare facts
    # Feb 11 2002 at 6:15 PM Rating: Default
    It amazes me as to how people fall for the stupidest things... "legendary items"? more like ten new pieces of crap... thats what VI is about. "character and guild websites"? umm... im about to finish HTML lessons, so if u need one done free, give me a call instead of dishing out 30$ extra. "legendary quests"? wow, a couple more not-so-worth-it quests and another GM event in the year. all it does is deny us regular gamers what they shouldve given us in the first place. to those that talk of VI losing money... VI burns money like we cook meat... its a fact of life, VI can dish out lots of money, the costs of this server wont hurt them in the least bit. and to those that think we should just butt out... thats what this board is for, opinions on the legends subject.
    Another aspect
    # Feb 11 2002 at 6:55 AM Rating: Default
    This a post to add another aspect in the problem regarding 'value for money'. Meaning 'When i pay $40/month will i get what i am paying for ?'

    so i would like you to observe the problem from another aspect.

    Here it goes:

    We just payed $40 for a new race and a new class...with the Luclin Expansion. This contained:

    1. New race
    2. New class
    3. 25 New zones.
    4. Hundreds of quests.
    5. Hundreds of items
    6. New amazing graphics at the new zones
    7. Revamped graphics in the old zones

    And this...only for $40, payable ONCE. Only once !

    Now, we are offered the following:
    1. No new race
    2. No new class
    *3. New quests
    *4. New items
    5. No new graphics (Some webpages however)
    6. No....6

    And this for $40 a month. Not once...but monthly. So we payed once, an amount of money for a very good product (albeit with a lacking promised user interface and some graphics missing) with lots of new features.

    Now we are offered to pay many times that amount (MONTHLY)...for the above mentioned options 3,4...and a little of option 5.

    I dont know...i payed and will continue to pay $40 one time for something big (Luclin)

    Now i am offered to pay $40 EVERY MONTH for something small to middle.

    I would like some comments on that.

    Thank you all for reading this far.

    Edited, Mon Feb 11 05:55:29 2002
    RE: Another aspect
    # Feb 11 2002 at 6:17 PM Rating: Default
    1. Even if there were no other flaws in your analysis (and there are plenty), it still wouldn't help anyone decide whether Legends is worth it. It would only help people decide if Legends is as good a deal as Luclin. =)

    2. You didn't pay "$40, once" to get the new features -- you have to pay $10/month to maintain them. If you feel like disputing this fact, try buying Luclin without paying $10/month for EQ... see how lucky you are accessing those new features. :)

    3. Legends players don't pay $40/month for the features you mention -- they pay $30/month. The first $10 is the standard account fee, which everyone pays. The extra $30/month pays for the extra features.

    4. Legends offers a continuing service, which mandates a continuing fee. It is glaringly obvious to anyone with even the faintest grasp of business that you can't pay a one-time fee and expect a permanent paid staff in return.

    5. One of the major attractions to the server is simply the fact that people who can't afford it won't be on it -- ie, most kids. It's worth $30 a month easily to keep most kids off the server I'm on. I'd pay more if someone would permanently take away their net access altogether, but unfortunately that technology hasn't been invented yet. =)

    6. You didn't bother detailing most of what Legends offers, which sends a pretty clear message that you're only here to complain. =)
    poor us! i CANT BELIEVE its poor us!
    # Feb 10 2002 at 7:47 PM Rating: Default
    we are the people who made everquest what it is today ...we have simple computers and not alot of cash on out pockets we are role players with dreams of being somewhere other then this world then you send us Luclin and wiped out half of us and said sorry!.... sorry your not rich enough to play our game. then all i hear from people that still do play is that luclin laggs and has all kinds of problems ... Everquest has virtually no customer service and they have rules they have set up to deal with us accordingly...usually ooo i am sorry we cant help with that.Lengends is some serious BAD NEWS for the last people that are still even hooked on this game...The un-Legends servers are going to see even less attention then they are now...WE havent seen a GM event since OCTOBER thats strait up booty... so think about his great company that has us all EverCRACKED out...If anyone at that company can read this they better get busy with the servers they already have and quit messing around..you might lose a good thing!
    RE: poor us! i CANT BELIEVE its poor us!
    # Feb 10 2002 at 11:57 PM Rating: Decent

    I Agree completely. We have made EQ what it is today by buying their additions to the game not only that but alot of people are goint to the LS and there is noting you can do!!! When you whine about the new legend servers you all are only worring about the cost, what about the regular servers and the bugs and gm events? I think that the whole thing is a little f@#*ed up, but hay it could just be me.
    Are you on LEGENDS?
    # Feb 10 2002 at 3:43 AM Rating: Default
    Has anybody been accepted to the Legends server yet? Are you one of the 8000? Let the rest of us know! Are we stuck out in the cold, or is Verant pushing back the date on this one too?

    my thoughts
    # Feb 09 2002 at 11:38 PM Rating: Default
    Some of you ppl scare me :)

    K to the guy who wants to pay $40 a month to filter out all the ppl who can't afford to pay that much (he called that Capitalism). Doesn't that lead to Bill Gates sitting in a room on his own where no one is ever let in because they can't afford to pay the $100,000,000 (or whatever) it costs (hypothetically speaking).

    And I don't think the extra content is worth the asking price. You can subscribe to EQAtlas and Magelo, contribute to the cost of maintaining your guild's server etc for a handful of dollars, and these provide all the extra out of game content verant are offering. As for GM events, my guild is an RPing guild and we don't feel the need for extra GM events (we hold our own).

    What I would pay for would be something like guild hall zones.I think this would be doable. officers could port themselves, with some kind of item perhaps, or their group to an extra server with guild banking, message board, PvP area etc). I could see ppl (or through their guilds) paying for something like that. That would seem reasonable "premium conent". A guild zone server would cost extra to run, therefore you pay extra.
    Lachmoril 7th Hammer
    # Feb 09 2002 at 12:39 PM Rating: Default
    Verant has had 3 years to make EQ function reliably. When they had no competition who could do better, I gave them leeway for the magnitude of the undertaking. I will not debate game content, as that is a subjective perspective...
    BUT...since it came out, Dark Age of Camelot has functioned wonderfully, with rare disconnects if any. Until Verant can at least make EQ function as reliably, I will consider no 'Premium Service'
    based on the old patched horse. I don't mind fee raises, though I think doubling the fee would be as far as I can see as reasonable. Four times as much strikes me as <GREED>. Just this last week, since patch, my usually rare LDs have gotten to like every 10-20 minutes. This pisses me off. I believe they can improve that, but don't, preferring to blame nonspecific routers between them and us. In my view, they need to devote more work to the foundation of making the basic game work right...after 3 years!...then to adding new luxo frills. Sadly, I can only shake my head at the programmers they employ. I will NOT "pay more to get more", when what I am getting both ways is a very flawed product, in the functional sense.
    Real Events and stuff!
    # Feb 09 2002 at 2:13 AM Rating: Decent
    1,225 posts
    Damn... I'd volunteer my services to do quests and weekly player events on my server in a second. I am on the Cazic Thule server and maybe have seen one or two things to ever happen since i started playing.

    I am not a kid. I used to DM and play AD&D with my friends way back when... I even used to code and create dungeons and do weekly "avatar created events" on this MUD i used to play insanely before EQ came out.

    I looked into the "Guide program" but 1) I NEVER see them around anymore and 2) I don't think anyone even takes them seriously.

    If anyone at Verant reads this and wants some serious in-game events and stuff to go on - feel free to email me at any time. I'll do it for free - the pure sake of enhancing player enjoyment and their experiences in EQ!

    Rob :)
    # Feb 08 2002 at 3:33 PM Rating: Decent
    17 posts
    I think this is what the Legends server will surmount to:

    -People that can afford to pay for the extra server fee and think the content is interesting will do so. I don't care what people say, thirty extra dollars per month is a lot of money. I'm a "financially independent teenager" (which means I live at home, and therefore have no housing/utility costs, but pay my own school tuition, food, laundry, gas, have a job, etc.) and $30 extra a month is a significant enough portion of my income to make me think about playing on this server.

    -While motives for moving may vary, I suspect many people moving to this server will be more dedicated, non-power gamers. The cost is an obvious reason (because $40 a month...that's enough to buy a new game every month), and the uber-guilds probably won't move (for reasons explained in a post somewhere above). People who enjoy pen&paper style roleplaying will probably love this server (purely for the dynamic capabilities and the potential for in-depth character development).

    The issue I have with this server is the "legendary weapons" issue. As I see it, there will be several weapons waiting to be found by players, and players will get their name attatched to the weapon for discovering it first. Neat idea, except Verant is making a mistake in letting players transfer their characters from old servers. Azntrunks of Uberguildicus will have four hundred weapons named after him, and everyone else will whine. Short of implementing a Warrens-style loot code, I don't see how Verant is going to resolve this potential problem.

    Aside from that, seriously - why whine about the new server? If you don't like it, don't play on it...it's not like it's hurting the old game any.

    34 Monk, Bertoxxulus
    # Feb 07 2002 at 12:43 PM Rating: Default
    I can afford $40 for DSL and $40 a month for music CDs or whatever and I can certainly shell out $40 for EQ if I wish to. The situation is that I don't want to move from my server, I don't want to make another character, and I don't really see the value in what they are offering. It's about value, not whether I can afford it or not. In fact, it's sort of a slap in the face from Verant in a roundabout way.

    Heck...$85 for the Fan Faire was within my budget but I considered it not of that much value. They gouged the price so they can pay their employees and that's what the Legends Server is all about. People want to be paid more to do what they should already be doing. I know for a fact that the Solusek Ro server is probably the lamest when it comes to dynamic quests. I've been a member for over 2 years and have witnessed only 2 and that includes the Halloween festivities. Other servers apparrantly don't have lazy lardasses running them as they seem to get more activities and dynamic quests. That's just how I feel.
    RE: Exactly
    # Feb 07 2002 at 6:12 PM Rating: Decent
    How is it a "slap in the face" for Verant to offer an optional service you have no interest in taking advantage of? Was it a "slap in the face" when the race-war servers were released? The roleplaying server? How about Sullon Zek?

    I can see no value in Britney Spears' new album; does it represent a "slap in the face" to me, or should I simply accept that different people are interested in paying for different things?

    No matter what kind of anti-Verant spin people try to put on Legends, the simple fact of the matter is that they're just offering a new, optional service that plenty of people are interested in. The fact that you're not subscribing is of no more interest than the fact that I'm not rushing out to see "Slackers" at the local movie theatrer. :)
    RE: Exactly
    # Feb 08 2002 at 12:39 AM Rating: Default
    No, what I think he's saying is that...

    There will be a lot of rich/poor people on Legends standing around doing the same stuff they always did on the old servers. They'll just be paying $40 a month for it.

    Not only is it a slap in the face, it's a load of Doodoo.
    RE: Exactly
    # Feb 11 2002 at 5:59 PM Rating: Decent
    Except that if it's "the same" as the normal servers, the population of Legends will turn around and go back to their original servers (taking their characters with them) and Verant will be stuck with new servers and personnel they have no use for.

    So it's not very likely to be the same; it's likely to be something Verant thinks will inspire people to stick around and pay extra. =)
    Legends server
    # Feb 07 2002 at 9:09 AM Rating: Decent
    Greetings fellow EQ players.

    I know that the following is just what people in posts before me have already written but i...just want to get it out of my system...i beg of you to read my post...


    In September 1999 a friend here in Greece bought me EQ original as a present. No Kunark...no Velious, and Luclin was just a moon in the sky...and nothing more. This person told me...Dimitris (my RL name) this game is unlike everything you have ever seen. You can play with other people...real life people...not NPC 'friends'. I told him that i already do when playing multiplayer Diablo...or whatever else i was playing at the time. He said...that is different because the world is persistent (explaining to me what that was). I told him how dissapointed i was about things i was reading regarding Ultima Online...but after he installed EQ in my computer and showed to me what interaction with other people is, partying, in-game support, leveling, travelling using an immense world...i gave in. I also signed in and gladly typed the 16 numbers of my credit card...but you know what really swayed me to sign ? Something i read in the back of the EQ box...you know...the original one. I'll tell you:

    1. Persistent world
    2. Immense playing area
    3. Customise your character with an immense amount of items and weapons.

    This is what i remember...of this old box since in order to upgrade to Kunark i bought it all over again...i did not catch the only Kunark upgrade...so forgive me if i do not write the advertisement EXACTLY like it was on the back of the box.

    But here is No 4:


    Ok...'ever changing dynamic world' we got. We have 3 major expansions. No problem with that. Generated quests we havent got...we play the old ones...the preset ones...no GM generated quests...and very rare events.

    So...in order for me to get what was originally in my old and worn box...i have to pay $30 more ? I have money...and my paycheck is large...but it is a matter of principle not to pay for something i was promised almost 3 years ago.

    And remember what we were told about Luclin ? NEW USER INTERFACE... For God's sake people we dont even get what we PAY FOR NOW ! THE PROMISED INTERFACE !

    Anyway...perhaps i will give in and pay the extra 30...because i love the game...i dont devote as much time to it as i want to...but i love it. The problem is that i will do it knowing that i got...screwed into paying $30 more for something promised to me for $10.

    Anyway i dont have anything more to say !
    but i have many things to loose if i move:

    1. Guild/Guildmates
    2. Other friends i was playing with.
    3. I will play more...in order to get my $30 worth...in order to feel that i get the better end of the deal. But i cannot do that because of my social life which i value and of course because of work.

    This post is mainly directed to the people who say 'if you dont have money dont pay for it'. Well...there is ALSO the category of players who DO have the money but for the ideological reasons i expressed above dont want to pay.

    My 2cp...


    Edited, Thu Feb 7 08:25:22 2002
    # Feb 07 2002 at 4:27 AM Rating: Default
    I agree with the above statements that if Verant wants to charge a hundred dollars an hour to play on the new server FINE! They are a business and can do what they want!

    However, I will not agree that the pimply faced little teenagers will not be there. They will FLOCK to the server. They don't have a son, a car payment, mortgage, insurance, food, bills and such to pay like I do. To those of you going over..Good luck....
    RE: Agree
    # Feb 07 2002 at 6:23 PM Rating: Default

    What kind of half-assed parenting leads to the children having a computer and oodles of disposable income, while the parents can't manage to free up an extra $30 a month?

    If you're living paycheck-to-paycheck and your son has (a) a computer and (b) enough disposable income to blow $40 a month on a videogame, you need to think a little about your family's financial priorities. :)

    I mean, you DO realize how nonsensical it is to claim that parents are poor and kids are rich, right?
    RE: Agree
    # Feb 08 2002 at 12:34 AM Rating: Default
    I guess you never knew that plenty of teens have jobs that pay very well considering they live at home and their parents pay for their insurance. All their money is spent on food, fun and maybe gas.
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