December 18th Patch Notes

Loads of changes in today's patch. Kick your feet up and have a good read: December 18, 2003 ------------------------------ Headlines! Melee Enhancements Part 1 New Spell Effects Live Casino Now Open In Shadowhaven HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Check with your Town Crier for new editions of your hometown paper! *** AA REFUND *** - Extended Notes 3 and Sionachie's Cresendo have been refunded (More details below). If you had these bard AAs and were close to 30 AA points stored, make certain that you spend enough points to have 30 or less unspent AA points before you zone. All AA points over 30 are removed when you zone. - Improved Reclaim Energy has been refunded to magicians due to changes with the amount of energy received when cannibalizing their pets. If you have this Magician AA and were close to 30 AA points stored, make certain that you spend enough points to have 30 or less unspent AA points before you zone. All AA points over 30 are removed when you zone. ** Melee enhancements ** We have been building an enhancement to the melee system, and the first part of it is now Live. The yellow bar now represents endurance rather than stamina. All Disciplines now require an expenditure of endurance to use. They still have a re-use timer, and they can't be used more often than the timer allows. Disciplines have now been divided into a few different timers. We have also added a few of the new melee skills to the game. These are the skills that do not use the new "opening" system, but can be used without an opening present. The "reactionary" skills and the opening system will remain on Test for further tuning. Warriors have been given a mitigation boost. This affects all warriors at all levels. Monks have been given the ability to dodge blows from attackers behind them. This affects all monks with the Dodge ability. All existing disciplines can be purchased as tomes in either East Commons or the Plane of Knowledge. To learn a discipline, the Tome must be turned into your guildmaster. Several new disciplines have been added for warriors, monks and rogues who are above level 60. ** Play King's Court in Shadowhaven! ** Shandeling's Roost in Shadowhaven now houses a game of chance. To play you will need to buy a King's Court Token. You then take this token and turn it in to any of the dealers. Based on what your hand turns out to be, you will be awarded a prize. The highest hands will return a gold ticket as the prize. This Ticket can be turned in to win prizes such as a Guise of the Deceiver, Fungus Covered Great Staff, or Holgresh Elder Beads. Good luck to all that play! ** Items ** - Purchased augments, that have not been bound to an item yet, can be sold back to Dible Hedledrap in South Ro. - Caerlyna in the Bazaar will trade your containers for tokens and will trade tokens for containers. This will allow player characters to sell those tokens in the Bazaar. Folks that buy the tokens can then take them to the Caerlyna and trade them in for the appropriate container. You can exchange most weight reducing tradeable containers for a token. - We've changed the +12 Wis on the Copper Medal of Rapture to +12 Int. Really, we have! - We have lowered the minimum duration to 5 ticks on Affliction Efficiency I-IV and Affliction Haste I-IV foci. - Timeless Coral Greatsword will no longer claim to be out of charges when it procs. If you own one of these swords, you will need to petition a GM and ask them to replace your current Coral Greatsword with a new one. - Phylactery is no longer useable by all classes, only MAG NEC ENC WIZ CLR SHA DRU. - The Delightful Orb of Forgotten Magic now only procs for characters level 35 and above. - The following items that had the Invigor effect now have Serpent Sight or Ultravision: Orb of the Crimson Bull, Abram's Axe of the Stoic, Tolan's Darkwood Boots, Mrylokar's Greaves, Singing Steel Vambraces, Crown of Rile, 5 Dose Potion of Wolves Blood, 5 Dose Potion of Fleeting Languor, 10 Dose Potion of Wolves Blood, 10 Dose Potion of Fleeting Languor, Potion of Wolves Blood, Potion of Fleeting Languor, Spiroc Wingblade, Spirit Caller's Boots, Spirit Weaver's Boots, Frozen Efreeti Boots, Ring of the Crimson Bull, Rune Crafter's Boots, Wolf Caller's Boots and Camii's Bracer of Vigor. - The effects on Abram's Axe of the Stoic and Spiroc Wingblade are now Worn to activate, not procs. ** Spells/Songs ** - New spell effects! Just about every spell in the game has been given a new spell effect. If you have your spell effects turned off, you may want to turn them back on. - Fixed the bard AA Channeling Focus. It was allowing 100% recovery from missed notes in most instances. We have restored it to the 5%/10%/15% values as documented in the AA window. - Fixed a problem with short-duration pets (Rage of Zomm, cleric hammers, wizard flaming swords and such) so that they will no longer dissipate before engaging the target NPC. - Reclaim Energy will now return 75 percent of the mana used to summon the pet, 95 percent if the caster has Improved Reclaim Energy. - Lull spells with duration less than 5 should no longer be lasting as if they had duration 5. This will reduce the duration of some lull-type spells to their proper duration. - Fixed a problem that caused Protection of the Nine to block Blessing of the Nine. - We corrected an issue where the same druid damage over-time spell cast on an NPC by two different druids would not stack. - Bulwark of Vie was reducing spell damage as well as melee damage. It now only reduces melee damage. - Eye of Zomm will no longer cause players summoned pets to suicide if commanded to kill the eye. - Improved the melee damage on pets focused by Ritual Summoning. - The magician epic pet can now Enrage when focused by Minion of Darkness. - Increased the offensive capabilities of most pets when focused by Summoner's Boon. - We have removed the Stamina effects from many spells. - Fixed a bug that would cause issues with pet hit points, and could cause them to be unable to move if their hit points got too low. This may also address other issues with pets using hit-point boosting items. ** Alternate Advancement ** - Extended Notes 3 and Sionachie's Cresendo have been refunded. If you had these bard AAs and were close to 30 AA points stored, make certain that you spend enough points to have 30 or less unspent AA points before you zone. All AA points over 30 are removed when you zone. You may, of course, repurchase these AAs. - Extended Notes and Sionachie's Cresendo no longer affects harmful area-of-effect spells. - Jamfest has been fixed. It will now affect the bard's group, not just the bard. - The Archetype AA ability Spell Casting Deftness was not reducing the casting time for the wizard spell Harvest. It does now. ** Tradeskills ** - Merchants will not pay more for a tradeskill product than the cost of the components needed to make it. However, they will still sell those products for the same amount. ** Zones and Quests ** - Maelin will now respond as though you have the Quintessence, as long as you are flagged for time. It is also now possible to receive any of the earlier progression flags, even if you have already earned access to the Plane of Time. ** User Interface ** - Tell windows now log the name of the person sending tells in the chat log. - Tell windows now blink when a tell is received, even when the window is not minimized. - Fixed a problem that caused users some ATI cards to be unable to see the /find path or the targeting ring. - We have added a new combat ability windown which allows you to make up to eight hot keys for disciplines and other new melee abilities and displays any current melee effects. The window can be opened by pressing Alt+C. The keys are accessible using either the mouse or Ctrl+1-8. ** Miscellaneous ** - Added some explanation text to the targetindicator.ini file that help explain how to modify the targeting ring. ** UI Files ** AttackIndicator.tga EQUI.xml EQUI_CharacterCreate.xml EQUI_CombatAbilityWnd.xml EQUI_CombatSkillsSelectWnd.xml EQUI_GroupSearchWnd.xml EQUI_PlayerWindow.xml EQUI_SkillsWnd.xml


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Spell Effects
# Jan 19 2004 at 1:49 PM Rating: Default
I also am not a fan at all of the spell effects and i really hate them.
1. Pacify/calm/harmony the spell effects were obvious before. Now, its butterlys or twirleys, very hard to see unless ur looking closely.
2. There are too many elaborate spell effects at once now, i can no longer leave spell effects on high and be a main tank, bc i get overwhelmed with spell effects and cant see the mob. And its not slowing down my computer, its just that i cant see anything and have to fight zoomed all the way out.....
delightful orb not proccing till 35???!!!
# Dec 31 2003 at 11:50 AM Rating: Decent
I feel that this is a really huge and unneeded nerf...Smiley: banghead Things need to be made more uber, not less...First picking on the hybrid classes with the melee changes and now nerfing my favorite wep...Smiley: confused What next? Guess I would rather not know...Its getting to the point of not being worth paying for thats for sure!
# Dec 27 2003 at 3:49 AM Rating: Decent
not tried out the new stuff on my warrior, course he's only 34 and don't think we get anything new besides the heal or regen thing. The new system works very well for the rangers. with the diffrent timers. It's pretty nice to be able to use true shot then if things go real bad be able to click it off and use weapon sheild till either another tank can get up or I can gate depending on what I'm doing. I might even use my resist disk now. too bad the timer isn't based on how long you had it on; ie. I clicked it off at 50% so it would cut the reuse timer by half.
not sure what it did to my pally, but I never was good at tanking with the stuns anyway. I play more the off tank, emergency healer, rooter, even was in a raid where my job was to sit and be nice and rez if they wiped on an indiff mob in the hole. mainly my pally rezes my ranger when he solos or partners with my chanter in velks. solo in poi? how? even with the wide blade of abjutant saber it still seems my dsp is horrible. I could do decent argo with stuns and not take alot of healer mana as tank, but sounds like we got nerfed some how?
Letter to SOE
# Dec 22 2003 at 9:38 AM Rating: Default
Letter to SOE

Well here I sit on another interesting EQ evening.
1. It has take me 5 min to even get on
2. On less time than it took to login and I ‘m trying again
3. Now I start over
4. Wooot I’m in again no I out again tried to zone!!!!!
5. Finally in again great now I get in some game time, damn out again stupid me tried to zone again
6. Well here I am again I have logged in 4 times to cross 3 zone ( each login several min) sitting in POK
7. Now I’m out again what an exciting evening I am having could have been watching paint dry.

Now ask yourself. Is this your idea of a way to spend an evening? Be real honest now. I am not you average junkie player (I don’t think). I have had to schedule my time carefully to have this bit of an evening to relax and do something I really enjoy. I go to the server status section of your web sight tells me all servers are up, I try to login and everything is locked. Can you see anything wrong here? If you were to have some indication on your web sight that there were problems than I could have spent my time with a good book or movie rather than being played like an idiot in front of computer screen, trying to get into a game that is screwed “again”.

It would be oh so nice if you would show just a smidgen of appreciation for the value of you customers times. After all not all of us are the bug-eye junkie type with no life other than EQ (maybe this is how you see your customers).

As I see it Sony has become so driven by expansions that you are failing to fix what is wrong with the old before moving on. You are now head long into new expansion, and you have 3 or 4 old ones that are not working. You have competitors out there now putting out maybe not a superior product but one that at least it work when if goes live. How long is it now since you actually had a patch that worked? You go live with problems that you know were on test yet neglecting to fix them. Than down the road when you decide to fix an on going problem you end up causing hours of play time going to waste, can you not see time is of value? It does not matter what product or service you sell in the end it is always the one that respects the customer and functions with the least trouble for the customer that will win out in the end.

Sony gets paid their monthly fee if I play 1 hour that month or 101 hours. Now I would feel much better, and less upset and stressed with Sony if I could actually play for my time. Not be dying due to lag and LDing, not spending a large portion of my scheduled game time logging in and getting booted. I guess my concern is (as I love EQ) how long do you actually expect to be able to maintain you present level of clients, when the quality of your product continues to fall. My fear is when you wake up to smell the coffee my game will be no more. When it starts to lose money someone is going to pull the plug than I will be forced to move on. My decision is now do I stick with a sinking ship investing my time, or do I abandon ship and go invest my time with something I can see that may have a longer future.

As a customer purchasing quality leisure time, I feel I should have some value to Sony Online Entertainment INC. To me my time is valuable; I could be finding a better bang for my buck.

I hope you do not take this as a threat. I and a group of other players are considering starting a movement on line among existing players to boycott the purchase of any further new expansions until the issues with the old ones are dealt with. We are talking major fixes not just a few crumbs to make look like thing are getting worked on when your major effort is really expansion oriented.

I would like as some feed back on this idea here. As consumers of a product this seems to be our only option to force Sony Online Entertainment INC. to pay attention. Our only real power is in our purchase power. Come on people if we don’t buy them they won’t make them thus will have some time to fix the old problems before they move on. Do we really have the will power to stick to our gun or are we going to continue to feed Sony Online Entertainment INC. our cash and continue to only *****?

Well I do hope I have not totally wasted my evening as I am still unable to get on EQ so must go this evening was non event as far a EQ goes.

RE: Letter to SOE
# Dec 22 2003 at 9:43 AM Rating: Default
this small section missing from above post as I made bade choice of colors sorry

I would like as some feed back on this idea here. As consumers of a product this seems to be our only option to force Sony Online Entertainment INC. to pay attention. Our only real power is in our purchase power. Come on people if we don’t buy them they won’t make them thus will have some time to fix the old problems before they move on. Do we really have the will power to stick to our gun or are we going to continue to feed Sony Online Entertainment INC. our cash and continue to only *****?
# Dec 21 2003 at 7:25 PM Rating: Default
I have a question if any can help. What happens to the Bst and sham stamina spells now. Do they become endurance or just useless.
RE: Stamina
# Dec 31 2003 at 6:50 AM Rating: Decent
The stamina regen components to Acumen et al. hv been removed. These spells are just see invis and ultra vis now. Wht a ripoff .....
Pacify effect
# Dec 21 2003 at 1:57 PM Rating: Default
I play a bard and i am puller 96% of the time in LDoN and my calm song went from a blue sphere to 2 or 3 ribnons that go all the way around a mob like 5 times and i think thats great because the blue dot was hard to see most of the time and the ribon goes from the floor to the roof however high that may be wich i think is awsome
so maybe the cleric pacify should look like that IMO
and as for all the other effects i like them
and lots of bard songs have sounds too wich is good. before music diddent have sound and now theres sound to music
# Dec 20 2003 at 1:03 PM Rating: Default
Where can the bard books that enable the disciplines be purchased??
RE: Discs
# Dec 22 2003 at 10:28 AM Rating: Decent
give books at gm bard
Bard dots in pvp
# Dec 20 2003 at 7:37 AM Rating: Default
I see that they have ruined bard dots by making them resisted 100 pct of the time. Apperantly 50 dot dps with max AAs and the best drum in the game is too powerful.
# Dec 19 2003 at 3:11 PM Rating: Decent
Well I had invigor before patch and it gives more endurance and stamena the new one gives serpent sight and ultravision

Just my 2 cents
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 19 2003 at 2:59 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I can't believe this crap, I absolutly h8te the new spell effects there laggy and they look stupid Thanks SOE once agin for creating a new way to make your Healers go LD during a big raid !!!!!!!!!!
I Miss the Old Kei Effect (
# Dec 19 2003 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
9 posts
I had been racing my enchanter to level 60 because I was so looking forward to casting KEI on people. I had always loved the sounds and look of KEI, it was magical. And now.... it is gone..... :( OMG I can't tell you how disappointed I am in the new effect. And no visuals on pacify? Geeze, how are your team mates supposed to know what mob you pacified?

What is with random changes when thing already work just fine? Is SOE trying to drive us away?
Aggro Control
# Dec 19 2003 at 2:31 PM Rating: Decent
So I have heard from several warrs that there aggro control has increased some but not nearly wehat they would like. So it seems that the only way to "fix" the aggro control for warrs is to now strip pallys fro there stun aggro. WTF does this accomplish other than now having 2 classes that have poor aggro and getting casters killed. I have been told, well I should only use my high lvl stuns. Well many problems come with that. The pally high lvl stuns are not cheap on mana, and using them 3, 4, or 5 times a fight can add up. We also have horrible mana regen and very few FT items available to us. We have a small mana pool and since we are melee, we cannot med during a fight like casters, only between pulls if you have a slow group. Stuns have knockback, which can be very bad in certain palces like adventures or small hallways, plus it will burn root which can be bad. So, looks like pallys are now out of a job... why have a pally when a warr now has the same aggro control and wont need to med every 5 pulls for mana to stun. Spend hard work to get a pally to lvl 65 with 100AA's and now I cant keep aggro like I use to and not med for over 1 hour. I should have made a SK, they didnt get nerfed and they also got a new combat ability, explain that one to me. What the hell is the point of nerfing aggro on pally spells, it makes no sense.

They wont fix it as long as you keep buying it =)
RE: Aggro Control
# Dec 23 2003 at 6:51 AM Rating: Decent
you can solo. you can heal. you can pacify. you can buff. you can root. you can LoH. you can debuff. God I can't remember al the things that went with being a pally --never learned the --you can whine like a ***** part. But I play a warrior now and we can not do any of those things -- especially solo to get our exp back after we've died to raid after raid where we were the class there to die for the guild. STFU and give warriors their due respect - we die for your loot on raids and had no desirability in groups to get our exp back and aa's to be truly the best raiding tanks.
RE: Aggro Control
# Dec 24 2003 at 11:54 AM Rating: Decent
OMG cant you ppl read clearly, I do give warrs their due respect, I am aware that they are the ones getting beat on in raids to save me the trouble. I have stated several times that yes warr aggro should have been fixed a very long time ago. And as far as your reasonings above, wake up and welcome to PoP. Sure we can solo in poi at 65, but are you serious, who they hell would do that for exp? After one mob you are moslty out of mana so the down time is very long. Debuff? I hope you are talking about cancel magic, bc that is the only thing we can do and it can be resisted by the higher lvl mobs. And pacify, LMAO I havent used this spell since I stopped lvling in POI. You do realize that this spell caps at lvl 55 mobs right? I no longer have need of this spell in the zones I go to now. try your pally then and tell me what you think of it, if it is so great, why the heck are you a warr then? Try to lvl your pally for one wekk and tell me if it is as great as your once remembered.

Edited, Wed Dec 24 11:55:55 2003
RE: Aggro Control
# Dec 25 2003 at 3:07 AM Rating: Decent
OMG can't you people read clearly?!?! I'd kill to be able to solo aa exp in PoI! Try not only being not desirable for groups but ALSO not being able to solo for even minimal exp. Are palladins really this spoiled that they can't accept anything but the super uber zones to hunt in? As a warrior I take an exp group in ANY zone that is dark blue-- better than sitting in PoK LFG. You're 30 seconds of lfg tag has moved to 30 min of sitting waiting for a group? Try 6 hours because there's NO alternative form of gaining exp. I'll take a 6 hour exp group in an old world dungeon with mobs pacifyable by a 65 paladin over 6 hours of lfg in pok any day of the week.

You want to argue the benefits of having a paladin in your group then pick more than 2 instances mentioned. With a apladin in a group to rez when things go bad then a druid or some other alternative healer can be used for any group. LoH when things go bad is priceless. Being able to stun- root- then back up and heal any time things go bad is priceless if you're a tank. A paladin can replace a warrior/ monk in a group or a healer.

I'll keep my warrior btw thanks, incredibly more challenging character and while not valued in the day to day routine, he is the one looked to when the guild comes together to reach it's highest goals.
RE: Aggro Control
# Dec 21 2003 at 3:52 PM Rating: Default
You know this is so sicking every time some modifcation comes people are quitting. How how the hell would you like to be a mag after last patch. Just play the game for god sakes. We all have strong and weak attributes to our characters,someone has to have agro and we all serve a purpose in each group. Find it an play it we don't all drive caddies either. As long as someone has the agro lets play.
RE: Aggro Control
# Dec 21 2003 at 10:39 PM Rating: Excellent
I agree that yes mages got screwed very bad on the last patch. But what you missed is the most important part of being a pal;adin. The only thing good attribute that we had was our ability for aggro control. Now we have lost that so why would any group need us. Instead they get a warrior since they have more hp than us. So then tell me, what in your opinion is the pally's strong attributes now to a group? And what in the hell are you talking about, driving caddies?
RE: Aggro Control
# Dec 22 2003 at 1:37 AM Rating: Good
Well if all you had to contribute to group was agro controll than you had better go and rethink you stratgey.I have done LDON's lots since patch and most of the time we had pally for pulling hard to beat.
As a chanter I certainly like a pally who is on the ball with root (if no snarer) keeps runners in place and is a great aid in growd control when you get those groups of adds (seems to work good with tash inplace). In fact I have did a couple of then when Pally we had had head you know where and we failed. Sure Warrior is good but I like a Pally who is on ball in any group along with warrior. Warrior should be doing Agro control let knights who are versatile keep eye on fight and lend a hand where needed. There are only 6 slots in a group so we can't have every class in a group but as long as every player is pulling their weight thing go good.You know it is funny Warriors were saying same thing as you before patch LOL. Hell as chanter my job is growd control, but I have seen well played Necro do great job, also seen bards much better than I at it. I was in a group with my ALT and full group in SEB when we got trained 13 mobs in room BARD handled groud control and no one died (would not have believed if wasn't there), I would not have did as well with my Chanter ;=)I am sure. As long as we know all the ablities of our character and player them to the max we can contribute to any group. As your name gets known on server as a good all around player you have less and less problems finding groups. I have player a long time and have never had any great problem getting in group with any of my characters on any server I choose to play on. My problem usually is having to turn down groups when just wanting to do trade skills etc.
Sorry for rant but Blaming SOE for not being demand ROFL you must earn this with each character.
RE: Aggro Control
# Dec 22 2003 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
Well I guess I still havent got my point accross to you so I will try again. Yes pallys can root and do crowd control while the warr is ma, but here is the point I am trying to make. Why have a pally in that group. Instead have a warr as ma and a bard, chanter for mez and most importantly a ranger, who can root, snare and has much better dps than a pally. If all you are doing is using a pally for root ( root only lasts a minute btw) now then you are doing it the hard way. Yes I agree warrs have been screwed for a long time on aggro and they finally are better at it now. The thing I do not understand is why nerf pally and sk aggro, and not to mention we now can fail at taunt. Thus pally/ sk now have worse aggro control than a good warrr did before the patch. As far as playing and ppl getting to know my char, I have never had problems getting groups before the patch. Now it is much harder to get a group. And yes I am aware that I can use my high lvl stuns to help with aggro but there is a downside to using those stuns. They have a knockback which can be very bad at times in certian palces and they also will remove root, which is the last thing you want to have happen if you have many adds and/ or some one has very high aggro that the pally cant break, plus they consume mass amounts of mana over the long run. In short, get a warr for ma, they have better aggro and higher hp now, get ranger for root/ snare, and fill in rest with dps and buffs and dots. All I am trying to understand is why take away aggro control from pally/ sk, how exactly does that help everyone overall? I am not blaming SOE, I am trying to understand why is all, the best thing that pallys could do before the patch was aggro, so what is it exaclty that we have now? And yes, even my divine stun which is mana free and works on mobs up to lvl 68 still fails to gain aggro.

Edited, Mon Dec 22 17:33:46 2003
RE: Aggro Control
# Dec 23 2003 at 4:43 AM Rating: Decent
I have a 65 warrior and I have to agree on one thing: WTF is up with taunt failing so much?
RE: Aggro Control
# Dec 23 2003 at 12:42 AM Rating: Default
What is the point of having different classes if we all good at every thing. There can only be one MA per group, and they should have agro only them. Agro was a warriors nitch in the game and SOE just returned is to where it should have been all along. They cannot give it to one with out taking from somewhere. There is only so much agro to go around, we all can't be the big taunt button masher. As far as I am concerned the knight classes got away out of balance, but never heard a whimper out of them than. In fact I think there is still a big imbalance there. Knights(hybred)were never meant to be super great in anyone field but average in a number of areas.
RE: Aggro Control
# Dec 24 2003 at 12:19 PM Rating: Decent
Um let me try once again. Pallys use to have great aggro control, now that we dont it is a huge change for us. I use to get groups just bc I was a pally and my casters new that they wouldnt be getting hit. Now warr's have been given better aggro control than before, which they should have had from the very start, but why nerf the pally/ sk... it hurts all of us in the long run. Please listen to the following before flaming...Yes we still can keep aggro with our high lvl stuns, but that cost mana, and tons of it if you are stunning 4-6 times a mob. We can fail taunt now, lessens our aggro management. When we use our high lvl stuns, it has a knockback which really can make rogues mad, and the entire group when you are fighting in tight spaces suchs as a dungeon. That knockback can also burn through root, which means that if it was rooted and you stun it, the root spell will wear off. And I have talked to many warr's and they think the aggro control has not improved much, except from the long distance taunt. To answer your question about who can be the big taunt button masher... First, I never had to use my taunt button in the past, stuns held aggro for me. Now all is different, pallys and sk's need to be able to keep aggro just as much as a warr does. We are tanks also! If we cant keep aggro then we cannot get a group so what is the point of having us around then, groups will just get a warr for ma and a ranger for dps. And btw, if you dont have a warr in group, then some one needs to get the aggro so yes pally/ sk need aggro control just as much as a warr. The problem is, there are NOT enough warriors to go around, EQ needs to have more than just one tank. I know several pally's that are beginning to stop playing there char bc of this, so when every one complains that there are not enough tanks lfg.... well you take it from there.
What the F487?
# Dec 19 2003 at 12:06 PM Rating: Default

Casino = flaming in any nearby zones as people lose their cash.

New spell effects = great for those who solo or do not play PVP but screwed the rest of EQ players ( cause the lag is beyond stupidity)

Melee change = GREAT !! glad to see the pure melees getting some stuff to make them more useful then before. and the fact that hybrids dont get it is nice and i play a hybrid so yippidy doo! melees needed something hybrids were spanking the melees :)

endurance thing? = screwed alot people cause who the F!!! cares about freaking serpent sight and ultravision? light item class 15 is common now

Glad to see them try to spice it up a little but try not to do it at the expense of a great game.

been playing scince this game came out and have seen it become more and more arcadish but who am i to complain , im an addict like the rest of us

mumbles sarcastically " way to go verant u fixed the game again "
uuuugly new spell effects
# Dec 19 2003 at 11:51 AM Rating: Default
all i can say is "What were they thinking?"
correction. they obviously weren't.

the new effects are ugly. they create horrible lag. many are inappropriate. try casting "See invisible", why does it sound like you're drinking a potion? many of them get in the way of trying to see what you want to see.

first. sony immediately needs to enable a way to disable them all. i'd rather have no effect on screen (and rely purely on the text) than the crap we have now. second. sony needs to either go back to the effects we had, or start all over again. hint, KISS (keep it simple stupid), not this big glitzy flashy ugly overbearing crap you implemeneted now.

just my 2 cents
RE: uuuugly new spell effects
# Dec 19 2003 at 3:37 PM Rating: Decent
Yes you can disable them but then you canot see when a group member has mezzed or rooted or pacified a mob. This is just horrible. And have you see some of the densities of the effects, I loose total sight of my character and the close surroundings including the mobs I am fighting. Man they really messed up these new graphics, more lag and harder to play, just why would that want me to stay with this game?

They wont fix it as long as you keep buying it =)
RE: uuuugly new spell effects
# Dec 20 2003 at 7:45 AM Rating: Default
Good Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!!!! there is the door do not let it hit you in the ***.

You whining ******* just need to stfu and go somewhere else.
If you do not like them turn them off. If you are too stupid to not know how to turn them off them leave or RTFM instead of ******** and complaining.

# Dec 19 2003 at 1:47 PM Rating: Decent
umm... you can disable them

I have had mine disabled since I decided not to buy the $300 video card.

Don't ask me how I can't remember i think /spelleffects off might be one of them and opacity and other stuff
# Dec 26 2003 at 7:39 PM Rating: Decent
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If I remember correctly, the command is /showspelleffects on or off.

As other posters said, you can also adjust your spell effect display levels on your options screen.
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I did an LDoN last night after the patch, and as a cleric, I have done over 100 LDoN on the character, and have been the pac on all but 3 or 4 missions. By the time I actually started using pacify I noticed the incorrect timer and enjoyed it. You can pacify a room, tell the MA to kill %T, and he/she can pull the rest of the room and still have time left on pacify, that's how long it lasts, like 5 mobs worth of killing. The mission I did last night was much more difficult. Normally I'll get an add maybe once a mission if even that, but with this fix on pacify, I got adds multiple times. IMO, its a good thing. Pacifying was too easy to do in LDoN, and this forces you to either use it smarter, or don't use it at all. I don't want to get to 60+ cuz I enjoy pacify killing, and will probably work on AA for some time just to remain at my level 58. People always whine if thigns are made more difficult for them, but in reality, it's made so the game is better in the long run, or on a larger scheme. Too many in EQ are completely braindead people who can't adapt, and their way to express that is whining.
My Honest Opinion
# Dec 19 2003 at 10:15 AM Rating: Decent
I don't post much, because usually even if changes to the game aren't very good I don't see them as painful. There were lots of things I didn't like about this last patch, and lots of ideas I thought wern't bad. While having spells like invigor memed now doesn't mean much, most of the things were just minor, but there is something big that changed I havn't seen anyone mention yet... Pacify.

Now, besides the fact that it no longer shows a spell effect (Maybe they're still working on one), I honestly believe the change to pacify hurts game play. The spell has always said 42 seconds, but it always really lasted for longer, as it should have. I honestly have to say though that the change to 42 seconds hurts gameplay. The spell itself costs a few seconds to cast, with a bit of a delay as well, so essentially you can only pacify about 4 mobs at a time before it starts wearing off. In my opinion this change hurts gameplay in a big way. Not only is pacifying through rooms going to be impossible now, but it also makes single pulling a chore in LDoN adventures. It was already hard enough to do it in the dungeons where you can't see a mob before it agros, but now the spell starts wearing off before you've even pacified all the mobs in agro range now, it's insane.

But besides just that, while pacify isn't the most mana costing spell in the world, it's not exactly cheap either. Sure no one's really had too many mana problems pacifying in the past, but when you're going to have to re-pacify each room on every pull (which also counts as more time wasted on LDoN adventures), your mana is going to drain pretty quickly. If your a paladin and also main tanking, the pacifys and the stuns will drain your mana badly.

In short, I don't know if it's just me, or if anyone else feels the same way, but changing pacify in my opinion was a stupid thing to do. The problem with the spell wasn't that it lasted long, the problem was the text said 42 seconds. This spell should never have been 42 seconds long, and now that it really is it hurts gameplay.

Does anyone else feel the same way or am I just frusterated?

- Camadiel, 59th season Paladin, Stromm.
RE: My Honest Opinion
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My answer to that is get a better puller. All I see is more dependence on team work now. Monk target pally pacify monk pull other 2 enchanter mez one. If anything thats awesome it creats for a dependence on every player in the group to work together. Too many groups people get lazy becasue of a great puller or long pacify's they don't have a need to realy learn their toon and work together. So change your perception and it becomes an awesome change.

One problem I do have though. When I send tells they are being sent in unknown toungue...and yes I am set to common. Anyone else seeing same language problem in tells?
RE: My Honest Opinion
# Dec 19 2003 at 11:50 AM Rating: Decent
I played 2 adventures last night as a 46 Ench (my first spellcasting toon). The first was in Everfrost and we had a pally that wanted to do the pacify thing so all I got to do was crowd control and nuke. She never once complained about the short last time and we only had 2 adds of which one was a roamer and the other she couldn't see.
The second adventure was in BB and was my first experience casting pacify after the patch. The lack of spell effect on the mob is a bit strange, but I usually stay far enough ahead of the group to miss out on all the hit/damage information that scrolls the screen. So in this case, I had no problem seeing the message about the mob looking less aggressive.
As well as staying pretty far ahead of the group, I tend to only cast the pacify on the mobs that will be effected by the next pull, so I'm always casting pacify on the same one a few times. I never really looked into the spells into enough detail to even think about the spell lasting longer than the spell description stated. This probably helps me out, as my enchanter competition seems to suffer from serious add issues from what I've been told by the people I have grouped with.
I'm not sure if any of this is going to make sense .. but basically, I don't have a problem with the new patch yet... but I've had good pullers that pay attention to what mob I ask them to take next....
# Dec 19 2003 at 10:14 AM Rating: Default
Im sry i know most ppl think this is a great patch but geez.. I like the disc system and the combat abilitys.. but why only war monk and rogue? They got a bunch of cool stuff and it left other classes out in the flipin cold. Im not complaining about tht i may of fallen behind in dps but i would also like to do somthing more than attack and walk away for 5 min. I hope they get to the "'balencing" of classes sometime in the next year or 2. Im sure i will get flamed by a few wars that thing they are picked on (most of them still complain:P).
RE: ...
# Dec 19 2003 at 1:57 PM Rating: Decent
Ok I'm a monk and wasn't targetet so I will comment :)

I still think it is unballanced the hybrids still do alot more than us pure melees. I'm a 50 monk and found only 1 discipline I didn't have anyways and that is heal by will or something either way has no use doesn't work worth a damn. So anyways hybrids rest assured you still beat out us monks at least at lvl 50
yea new spells = too laggy
# Dec 19 2003 at 9:02 AM Rating: Decent
Some of the new spell effects are neat, but they are Extreamely laggy. While I don't have the most powerful system I did nto have lag problems other then in bazaar prior to new spell effects. The low level mage nuke at level 8 looks like a bunch of swords slashing the enemy. Cool as that is, it creates alot of lag.

While its ok while hunting solo, Id hate to be on a raid, or even in a group with more then 3 people casting. They really need a way to disable new spell effects.
RE: yea new spells = too laggy
# Jan 11 2004 at 4:57 PM Rating: Default
I have P4 2.6 ghz with 512mb Ram , invidia 64 graphics-- no noticable Lag but is fairly new Comp. I notice some Shammy ice DD's do obscure Target.
Patch = teh suck
# Dec 19 2003 at 4:11 AM Rating: Default
sorry for double post =\

Edited, Fri Dec 19 04:13:07 2003
Patch = Teh Suck
# Dec 19 2003 at 4:10 AM Rating: Default
these new effects are teh suck... i think that we should have had an Opt in our Opt out for this... like a check box or something... these so called Improvments
1. create lag
2. look like crap
3. have different sounds
ok i understand most of you play on bluebies and the different sounds / animations dont bother you as much... but if you play on a Zek knowing what spell the opponent is casting so you can cast your stun. most of the "enhancments" dont even show hand graphics (like the old green hoops flowing from your hands for speed/root/snare)

why is it you also felt that changing the sound was neccisary... hrm.. my root sounds like a debuff. my gates sound like crap.... invisibilty is now easily made into INSTA screen spam...

this morning somone AoE-ed KEI in PoK... everyone was /ooc-ing that it was horrible... these spells dont only create lag but dont even look anybetter... (for those of you who havent seen KEI yet... its a big blanket of white/blue that covers you... hense making it impossible to see (that might be due to 40+ people all in one spot but old KEI effect didnt do it))

the only reason i think that SoE is doing this is so we go buy Lords of everquest and buy eq2 because by the time eq2 is out eq1 will be nerfed and nerfed and not even be fun anymore...
RE: Patch = Teh Suck
# Dec 19 2003 at 9:40 AM Rating: Default
pvp has become horrid. not being able to tell what spell is being cast is not something someone should have to relearn after investing years (or even months) to learning
# Dec 19 2003 at 3:56 AM Rating: Default
well, 62 warrior here, after extensive fighting with normal mobs LB-DB to tuff DB i.E. planaes mobs i have come to the conclusion that i now do about 1/2 the damage i was doing befor the patch 8(... mighty strike no longer gives you that awesome string of crits, as a matter of fact i didnt see it DO anything, but i was fighting at the time....

Fellstrike worked, about the same as befor

DMG = yuk , useing 2 19/13 weapons i was hitting for 40-80s now im hitting for 20-50s though it seems i hit more often, mobs are dying slower...BOO

as far as the new taunts, my level 62 warrior couldnt taunt mobs off of the level 46 bard i was helping in veksar... so...well.... screwed again i think
RE: booo
# Dec 19 2003 at 1:38 PM Rating: Decent
i would have to agree with you. The fact that you can no longer to a string or crits is major. Warriors would use this discpline when they went berserk so that they were crippling blows and they stunned the enemy. I thought for sure they would lower the timer not take the discipline away completely.
RE: booo
# Dec 19 2003 at 1:38 PM Rating: Decent
i would have to agree with you. The fact that you can no longer to a string or crits is major. Warriors would use this discpline when they went berserk so that they were crippling blows and they stunned the enemy. I thought for sure they would lower the timer not take the discipline away completely.
Hybrid Tomes
# Dec 19 2003 at 1:33 AM Rating: Decent
I was just ******** around with my new tomes(not knowing what to do with them at the time)on my Sk and I tryed to mem them into my spell book and they went.So I put them into my spell slot and went and got them again(Tomes are No drop but not the spells)And went and handed them in to my GM and I got my disc.`s.Disc works but spell don`t but it`s a good thing to have memmed into spell book until you know what Disc does by right clicking on it and it only cost 2cp.
RE: Hybrid Tomes
# Dec 19 2003 at 1:38 AM Rating: Decent
I won`t ever have these in spell slot but I`ll keep them in book till I know them a little better-forgot to add that.
rogue skills
# Dec 19 2003 at 12:26 AM Rating: Default
What are the new rogue skills and how/where do i get them at?
targeting ring
# Dec 18 2003 at 10:00 PM Rating: Default
Anyone else not able to get their targeting ring to work and does anyone know how to fix it? hehe
I'm completly unable to get it to work!
RE: targeting ring
# Dec 18 2003 at 10:53 PM Rating: Excellent
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In options under display there is a button in the upper-right labeled "Show 3D target Ring" Make sure that's pressed. If it IS press then perhaps you have an ATI cards that the new patch was supposed to fix. If none of those happen to be the case then perhaps the new patch messed something up that it was trying to fix. :P

Guess we'll see if it's taken care of in the required "patch after the patch".

Good luck to you, hope that helped.
warrior spells??????
# Dec 18 2003 at 9:49 PM Rating: Decent
the warrior in the pok library is Heldin Swordbreaker. He is located on the mezzanine level below the second level in thw southwest corner. (Level has the vicars on it.
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