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Call of the Forsaken



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100 - 105

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Argin-Hiz is a Tier 2 zone (the final zone) in the Call of the Forsaken expansion. For details about getting to this zone and how to attune yourself to its Ethernere portal, see this quest entry.

Note: Access to the Keeper's Hall (the structure in the northwestern part of the zone) requires partial completion of the third partisan task, "The Keeper's Ring".
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100 Necromancer kiting the entry field
# Apr 03 2017 at 12:59 PM Rating: Good
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I was doing the CotF portals attunement and the field looked nice and flat so I decided to do some kiting.

Blue and white cons, I chain/overlapping pulled "a murkweb spider", "a rose viper", and "a timber wolf". Did this for about 45 minutes. Had some resists of snare, once two resists in a row - debuffing first helps. None of these three Summoned. Applied to each:

AA Encroaching Darkness (snare)
AA Scent of Terris (adds magic debuff @100)
Pernicious Wounds Rk. II
Necrotizing Wounds Rk. II
Coruscating Shadow Rk. II
Blazing Shadow Rk. II
reapply AA snare (to ensure it runs through the Wounds procs)

Send pet (and Army, etc. as available) - fire and magic focus 48-70%, 26% duration - mob dead. I could only keep the first dozen or so spawns down and stayed basically full mana - I assume if I do this more I'll start pulling more (I was kiting 1-3 at time).

Loot was fair: a couple of silks/hides, some gems, ~stack of 30p vendor trash, and some collectables. I consider this a viable, relaxing, solo spot for me at 100.

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