Where is Burning Woods?  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Success Lockout Timer: 00:01:00
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Era:Empires of Kunark
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:1
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sat Nov 26 22:51:36 2016
Modified: Tue Dec 5 05:21:04 2023
Pre Req: This task requires you to have the following tasks done.

Concerned Citizens, Contacting the Leadership, Disappearing Dragons and Sneaky Sarnak.

Find Domina Caelestis in Scorched Woods near the Lceanium zone line.

Say lend assistance to her to get the task.

  • Talk to Doacaan Drakay 0/1 Scorched Woods

    He’s right next to her in Scorched Woods.

  • Explore the hive of Lenecia, Dauber Queen (0/1) Scorched Woods

    Updates beneath the queen, who sees invis but cons dubious.

  • Explore the hive of Kejuan, Dauber Warlord (0/1) Scorched Woods

    Updates beneath the warlord, who sees invis but cons dubious.

  • Kill Daubers (0/8) Scorched Woods

    Any non-named will do. These are in the same area in south west Scorched Woods.

  • Talk to Domina Caelestis (0/1) Scorched Woods

    Hail her.

  • Kill forest giant lookouts (0/6) Scorched Woods

    Found in the giant fort. WNW part of the zone. Thare over looking the fort up on the cat walks mainly.

  • Collect Kromdul Lookout Reports (0/3) Scorched Woods

    These drop from the giant lookouts.

  • Locate the Kromdul leadership Scorched Woods

    You seek Scholar Greagoir at -464, 2169.

    You'll have to get up on the catwalk within the giant fort and go south through the giant fort outside up on the catwalk. Scholar Greagoir should be in the big building to the south.

  • Deliver Kromdul Lookout Reports to Tactician Orlexa (0/3) Scorched Woods

    She is located at 2598, 1997, -364. If you are facing the east wall of the giant fort, she is directly north of the fort from there. Give her the Kromdul Lookout Reports.

  • Kill undead gorillas (0/8) Scorched Woods

    There are several just north of the Combine fort. There are several undead spots in the zone if there aren't any there.

  • Talk to Tactician Orlexa (0/1) Scorched Woods

    Hail her.

  • Kill constructs (0/6) Scorched Woods

    There are several constructs in the mid northern part of the zone where the ground is all burnt black.

  • Collect Smoldering Construct Hearts (0/3) Scorched Woods

    Those constructs should drop the hearts.

  • Deliver Smoldering Construct Hearts to Tactician Orlexa (0/3) Scorched Woods

    Give her the hearts.

  • Explore the entrance to Chardok (0/1) Scorched Woods

    This should update right at the first guarded gate going to Chardok.

  • Talk to Juikanazza Deepfinder (0/1) Scorched Woods

    She is found not far from the gate area to the west.

  • Kill a Sarnak courier (0/1) Scorched Woods

    It is normally found wandering from the first gate of near Chardok traveling south.

  • Kill Sarnaks (0/12) Scorched Woods

    Any Sarnak will do, including the courier.

  • Collect a Coded Missive (0/1) Scorched Woods

    This drops from the courier.

  • Deliver a Coded Missive to Domina Caelestis Scorched Woods

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    As I go along my way
    # Oct 20 2019 at 7:07 PM Rating: Good
    63 posts
    since there is no entry's to this quest in EoK progression figured I would jot down my experiences with it ..

    The Updates for the Queen Bee and King Bee - use invis (mobs con'd threatingly to me but did not attack me have to walk almost underneath them .. was worried they would attack me .. they can see thru invis but did not attack .. if you are worse faction than threatingly i would tread careful ..

    killed the 8 Dauber's no biggie ..

    headed back to Domina and updated. she gave me the Giants next ..

    Giants had a lot of hps and an AE they usually only did once brought my toons down to 75% not a big deal .. the lookouts are up top .. go inside the Giant fort up the ramp and to the left they are single pulls and if it looks like one dropped down on bottom dont worry they dont agro and they will pop back up on the cat walk .. took all 5 or 6 Giant lookouts to get the 3 drops i needed.. After that the NPC to turn in reports to is north of there . dont do what I did and think i have to go talk to Domina again .. cause you dont not till end of quest..

    Talked to Tactician and had to kill Gorillas next just north of Her are a bountiful of gorillas and constructs.. need 8 Gorillas then talk to tact again.

    Next is 6 Constructs .. pretty easy they're found around the burnt ground area near the fire elements .. Pacify worked on elements so i could single the constructs they were tough as far as hps go .. turn in construct hearts to Tactician again and next we have

    Explore Chardok and kill Courier and 12 sarnaks .. piece of cake
    i set up on east side outside in corner invised up and went thru main gate got update .. go back outside and to the west is the named NPC you have to hail then start on the 12 sarnaks the courier i saw coming out the gate going south as i was killing so just ended up pulling and killing courier also .. loot note and finished up killing sarnaks ..

    ok after that i Eva'd back to zone in area where Domina is and turned in note all done .. got 9 aa's for it

    hope this write up helps someone ..

    Edited, Oct 20th 2019 8:08pm by Sonicmurphy
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