Domina Caelestis  

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She is located right near the Lceanium zone line at -2692, -1477, -369

Domina Caelestis says 'Hail to you, Jeffro. Welcome to the forward operating post of the Combine. Our humble camp is not much to speak of yet, but we'll gain a foothold in this area soon. Just as soon as we learn more about the area's (recent history:What events in recent history are you looking to learn more about?).'

You say, 'What events in recent history are you looking to learn more about?'

Domina Caelestis says 'Well, for starters, (what in the blazes happened here:You're right. A lot has changed here in the past generation.)? Pun most definitely intended. Our history books referred to this area of Kunark as the West Wood. Locals tell us that over a thousand years ago the area was rebranded, (pun again intended:Why all the puns?), as the Burning Woods. But now? It's not burning, it's (BURNED:Maybe we should call it the Burned Woods.)!'

You say, 'You're right. A lot has changed here in the past generation.'

Domina Caelestis says 'That's the understatment of the year. Between the deforestation, the digging, and the unchecked and mostly probably unnatural wildfires, what was left of the natural beauty of the place is nearly gone. Can you imagine trying to eke out a living amongst this devastation? It's not hyperbole to claim that this place is uninhabitable. Even the air we're breathing is poison. Makes me long for the (fresh air:There's certainly plenty of fresh air in Arx Mentis.) of my home.'

You say, 'There's certainly plenty of fresh air in Arx Mentis.'

Domina Caelestis says 'And don't get me wrong, Combine civilization doesn't live in perfect harmony with nature in the same sense as a devout follower of Tunare might, but we do understand the importance of harvesting resources without (destroying the world:Destroying the world?) in the process. And we incorporate elements of nature into our architecture. Even Arx Mentis had an arboretum.'

You say, 'Destroying the world?'

Domina Caelestis says 'It is absolutely embarrassing that the pilgrims at Firiona Vie and the settlers at the Overthere outpost have watched this place spiral into ruin and done nothing. They should be ashamed. And as far as I'm concerned, their negligence is yet another reason why the world needs the (ample might and thoughtful wisdom of the Combine:How will the might and wisdom of the Combine Empire help?).'

You say, 'How will the might and wisdom of the Combine Empire help?'

Domina Caelestis says 'If the Combine Empire is to reestablish itself on Kunark, we need to get to the bottom of the devastation here and determine what's causing it, if it's going to spread, and what that would mean for the continent at large. Can you (lend us your assistance:I can lend you my assistance.)?'

You say, 'I can lend you my assistance.'

You should return to Lceanium and seek out tasks to do there before returning. Domina Caelestis says 'Great. For starters, talk to Doacaan Drakay behind me. For some odd reason, he's been here for years and has been witness to the changes to the Scorched Woods.'

You say, 'Why all the puns?'

Domina Caelestis chuckles, 'Finally someone who can see the pattern! Pardon my laughter. It's just nice to talk to someone new who has an intelligence greater than plant life.'

You say, 'Maybe we should call it the Burned Woods.'

Domina Caelestis considers that for a moment, 'Catchy, but I don't know that it completely captures the severity of the situation, plus the name Burning Woods is close enough to Burned Woods that I think it'd confuse people who were looking for the place.'

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Level: 105
Expansion: Empires of Kunark
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Known Habitats:
  Scorched Woods

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Great References
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Reading the flavor text from this NPC is great. For the unaware, here is the joke she is referencing: Burned Woods Joke
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