TDS Progression #10: Two Sides of the Shield  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:120
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Money
Time Limit:06:00:00
Success Lockout Timer: 06:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:The Darkened Sea
Group Size:Solo
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sun Oct 26 02:55:20 2014
Modified: Thu Feb 3 02:23:56 2022

The Darkened Sea Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This is a solo mission that begins with Brother Visius (click for map image) in the cave just north of the zone-in.

Pre-Requisites for Requesting:
- Completion of "A Rising Storm" (Tempest Temple)
- Completion of "Gathering Clouds" (Tempest Temple)
- Completion of "Clearer Skies" (Tempest Temple)
- Completion of "The Edge of Balance" (Katta Castrum: Deluge)
- Completion of "The Abscent Scholar" (Katta Castrum: Deluge)
- Completion of "Just Recompense" (Brother Island)
- Completion of "The Cover of Night" (Brother Island)
- Completion of "Loyal is the Heart" (Caverns of Endless Song)
- Completion of "Leave No Brother Behind" (Caverns of Endless Song)

Say "bring" to request the task.

You say, 'Hail, Brother Visius'

Brother Visius's laughter rings high and light, like chimes. 'What lies under my robes, my skin, my voice? Male or female? Does it [matter] to you?'

You say, 'It does matter...'

Brother Visius smiles. 'Oh, really? Examine me, and you'd say I was neither. But isn't it all an illusion anyway, a [game] dreamed up by Brothers and Sisters?' As you look at Visius' face, it seems to shift from feminine to masculine and back again.

You say, 'A game?'

Brother Visius says 'At which do you play? Oh, it does not matter now, does it?' Visius touches your cheek. 'Strength and vulnerability, hate and love -- I see them all in your [vessel].''

You say, 'My vessel?'

Brother Visius laughs again. 'A spirit so attached to your fleshy garment! And I suppose you think the clothes make the spirit?' Visius' visage blurs once more. 'So few of you bother to change your [clothes]. No wonder the world reeks!' Laughter flows from Visius' mouth.

You say, 'What clothes?'

Brother Visius says 'Yes, yes, appropriate dress for appropriate times. You would look lovely in [blue scales].'

You say, 'Blue scales?'

Brother Visius says 'The dress of the caverns, of course. You might call me a connoisseur of clothing. The garments I weave are worn under the [garments].' Visius laughs.'

You say, 'What garments?'

Brother Visius says 'Only the finest materials will do for you, my dear! Some possess the beauty of voice; others possess the beauty of form. But jealousy allows no other beauty. Form was exiled beneath the waters; voice remained above but grew silent. For you we must have [both].'

You say, 'Both?'

Brother Visius says 'The skin of the swimmers, the vocal chords of the singers: [Bring] them to me, and I shall confuse your dichotomy.'

You say, 'I'll bring them to you'

Brother Visius says 'You are a dear, aren't you?'

You have been assigned the task 'Two Sides of the Shield'.

Brother Visius can help you take on the aspects of the sirens. Then you might be able to get closer to rescuing Dabner.

Take the vocal cords of sirens 0/4 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Take the skin from sirens 0/4 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Head to the east cavern and kill sirens until you've looted 4x "Siren's Vocal Cords" and 4x "Siren's Skin".

Give the vocal cords to Brother Visius (Caverns of Endless Song)

Give the skins to Brother Visius (Caverns of Endless Song)

Speak with Brother Visius 0/3 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Hail him until the task updates.

Brother Visius strokes the skin and vocal chords. 'Of course, you seek an audience with the queen, wearing your new and beautiful raiment? And who is not touched by beauty? It draws or repels, and often enthralls.

Brother Visius touches the siren skin and vocal chords to your body. You feel changed.

You feel different.

Brother Visius touches your face. 'It suits you well. Go and be with the sirens. Speak of their queen and know her. When the time comes for an audience, she shall be yours.'

You've now taken the appearance of a siren, and will /con warmly to any sirens and pirates in the zone.

Speak with sirens while in disguise to find out more about Silisia 0/5 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Hail five different siren mobs.

a silenced enchantress says 'Another one! Sisters, the queen has taken another!' The siren touches your shoulder. 'Raise not your voice, my sister. Though your song has ended, let not your words anger the queen.'

a silenced witch says 'Be humble and do as the queen commands. Serve her well, and in time she may share her thralls with you.'

a silenced enchantress frowns. 'Aren't you a pretty thing? Don't show your face around me again!'

a silenced siren says 'We have all searched for Silisia's lost lover, but we have not found her. If Silisia finds any of us have hidden her... I won't even imagine.'

a silenced evoker says 'Have you presented yourself to Nilsara? All young things like you must go before Nilsara. She will judge your worth to Silisia.'

Speak with Nilsara while in disguise 0/10 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Nilsara is found at the southern boundary of the main siren caverns (above the crocolisk/spineback tunnels that open up into it). Hail her until the task updates.

Nilsara looks upon you warmly -- it appears to be quite formidable.

Nilsara wraps her arms around you. 'I welcome you in the embrace of Silisia, queen and mistress. I trust our sisters treated you gently and brought you here unharmed? True, your song is no longer your own, given to Silisia as are you. As are we all.

Nilsara says 'Do you know why you are here? The story changes depending on the teller, but this is how I know it:'

Nilsara says 'A young siren sang in a voice so beautiful it reached the ear of an adventurer sailing upon the sea. The adventurer abandoned her quest and swam to the arms of the siren.'

Nilsara says 'That the feminine could hear the song -- this surprised the siren. She thought it was love, not song, that bound the adventurer to her. But as you must know, love is not a gift given to sirens.'

Nilsara says 'The siren fled to this grotto, escaping the disapproval of our kind. She ceased her song, trusting in love to keep the adventurer by her side. But love failed.'

Nilsara says 'The adventurer recovered her wits and escaped, taking the siren's heart with her. And so the siren began to sing again.'

Nilsara says 'She sang for her lost love, sang that the adventurer might return. But love did not return. The siren grew jealous: Had the adventurer been ensnared by another?'

Nilsara says 'Others might be more beautiful; others might be more sonorous. The siren could not stand it. The songs had to be hers. She would sing a chorus that would not fail to win back her love. She would sing until the sea dried up and there was no one left to hear. '

Nilsara says 'And so we are here... or so I have heard. Now, you may not be able to sing anymore, but I can plainly see you still possess your beauty. Silisia will not be pleased. '

Nilsara says 'Present yourself before our queen in the throne room above, but be prepared for her displeasure.'

Speak with Brother Visius 0/1 (Caverns of Endless Song)

This will open up an instanced zone for you. Say "go" to zone in.

You say, 'Hail, Brother Visius'

Brother Visius says 'The throne above, the seat of love or pedestal of despair? Ascend, my dear one. [Go]. Find what you seek and release us from our burden.'

You say, 'Let's go...'

Brother Visius nods silently.


Follow the song to the throne room above 0/1 (Caverns of Endless Song)

This step updates upon zoning in.

Speak with Dagda 0/7 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Head up the spiral ramp in front of you at the zone-in, where you'll find Dagda Icefury along with 10 scowling thralls (not aggro yet, however).

Dagda Icefury halts her sword mid swing. She spits blood. Her wounded leg is swollen and oozing. '_____? I know the voice but not the face. So you came hidden...'

Dagda Icefury says 'I can't hide these wounds. The leg festers.' Dagda laughs and spits again. 'In Halas I prayed for battle, prayed for a true contest for my life, prayed for death on my feet, with a sword in my hand. Sometimes you must answer your own prayers.'

Dagda Icefury struggles to her feet, using the stolen sword to steady herself. She yells out, 'Siren queen, you stole my sword and shield; you stole my friend; and you try to steal my life! Cease your song and show yourself that I might steal your tongue and then your head!'

Silisia's song pulsing through the cavern coalesces into mocking laughter. 'Seeking lost love? Searching in desperation? Have I taken something that is yours? Such cries are sweet music...'

Silisia shouts, 'I too have lost love. Are you here to return it to me? No, I see the hatred in your eyes. You would take what you think is yours...'

Silisia shouts, 'But all is now mine. In each of my thralls I can see a glimmer of her face, the light of the one who will yet return...'

Silisia shouts, 'You will leave with nothing, least of all your life. My new sirens, I see you there. Aid my thralls and remove this temptress from my sight!'

Three of the thralls attack Dagda Icefury.

Silisia shouts, 'What are you doing, sirens?! You are a silent sister; obey me or die with the barbarian!'

Defend Dagda from the thralls 0/3 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Take all the thralls on at once if you want a bit of a challenge, otherwise you can stand back and Dagda Icefury will keep them tanked (locks at 10%). These mobs are mezzable and of average difficulty for the zone, albeit with a lot of hitpoints.

Defeat the next wave of thralls 0/4 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Repeat as above.

Defeat the final wave of thralls 0/3 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Repeat as above.

Dagda Icefury thrusts the rusty sword through the gut of a thrall. As she twists it, the blade snaps in half. Before she can turn, steel slashes through the frayed armor covering her back.

Upon the death of the last one, an irritated Siren Queen makes herself known:

Silisia's form flickers into view atop the throne. 'Sirens, cease your combat and approach! How dare you kill my thralls?!'

Speak with Silisia 0/4 (Caverns of Endless Song)


Silisia says 'You try to outdo my beauty, you kill my thralls, and you aid this barbarian? I will show no mercy.' Silisia laughs. 'She searches for her lover? Then I will let love destroy her! Come, little one!''

The chest next to her throne breaks open...

Dabner Drednever breaks through the chest and climbs out of its remains.

Silisia says 'The little one kept asking where Dagda was. Oh, he certainly could describe her in detail! But by now he will never recognize her. Dabner, show them how much you love your mistress. Kill the barbarian!'

Silisia's laughter rings as she disappears. Dabner lunges at Dagda.

Defeat Dabner 0/1 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Dabner attacks. He is permanently rooted, hits for a max ~15,000, has a lot of hitpoints, and AEs "Burning Light" (26,000 dmg fully mitigated).

DPS him to 10% health (requires ~5.5 million damage) for the update.

See what happens between Dabner and Dagda 0/1 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Dagda Icefury's skin drips with blood and perspiration. Dabner's mouth glistens with saliva. Barely able to stand, Dagda pushes him back. 'Don't you remember... your love? If you won't stop for anything else, remember who you truly loved...'

Dagda Icefury begins to sing, 'The only scrap to float was love,'
Dagda Icefury sings, 'And this is what it read:'
Dagda Icefury sings, 'Be light, my dove, and do take heed:'
Dagda Icefury sings, 'To curse the seas there is no need.'
Dagda Icefury sings, 'From heavy armor do be freed'
Dagda Icefury sings, 'And take the cloth instead.'

Dabner Drednever's attacks slow. Confusion spreads across his face. He shakes his head. 'But Dagda... would never come...' Dabner raises his sword for another attack.

Dagda Icefury can hold out no longer. Swinging the broken sword, she cuts the strap holding the crude mail against Dabner's chest. 'I dove into the sea... for you...' Dagda plunges the blade into Dabner's shoulder.

Dabner Drednever lowers his weapon. He looks down at the sword sticking out of his shoulder and the blood trailing down his arm and chest. He sees Dagda on the ground. 'Dagda... I've been stabbed...'

Speak with Dabner 0/1 (Caverns of Endless Song)

Hail him to complete the task. Note: This mission does NOT spawn a loot chest. This task is repeatable with a 6-hour lockout timer from the time of request.

Dabner Drednever pulls out the blade, sending another gout of blood running down his chest. He ignores his pain, seeing Dagda on the ground breathing hard, wounds covering her body -- wounds he inflicted. 'Dagda... why did you come? Why didn't you just let me go? It would have been better than this...'

Dagda Icefury coughs but manages a laugh. 'What choice did I have? Who wouldn't try to save a friend, a brother? I said before it's best to die with a sword in hand, on your feet. Maybe I was wrong...'

Dabner Drednever kneels beside Dagda and touches her shoulder. He pauses a moment. 'Yes... brother... and I'll do all I can as a friend, brother, and healer. You will not be dying under my care, Dagda.' Dabner begins casting his healing spells on Dagda.

Dagda Icefury looks at you and shakes her head. 'I'm in no shape to travel with you to meet Firiona...'

Dabner Drednever says 'You say Quigley will let us sail if you saved his brothers? You must find Thubr. I must return to Brother Island and heal Dagda. He took the portal on the island -- to where, I do not know. Quigley Barnables on Brother Island will know. Perhaps by the time you have found Thubr, Dagda will be well enough to travel.'

150 platinum
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The Siren illusion does not afford immunity form wildlife; y
# Jul 01 2021 at 8:29 AM Rating: Good
48 posts
The Siren illusion does not afford immunity form wildlife; you still must invis or draw agro.
# Mar 02 2020 at 5:46 PM Rating: Excellent
235 posts
This can now be done solo, no longer group mission

110 Solo Mage. Air Pet
Chard ~ 115 Magician of Bertoxxulous
Formerly a soloer but now twin boxing another mage.
# Oct 07 2019 at 8:26 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
Was doing this mission and we couldn't get the little dude to come to Dagda to try and kill her but he didn't move any thoughts.
# Jun 04 2022 at 11:19 PM Rating: Decent
Just played this today for an alt. The chest popped, but Dabner never spawned. Will try again later.
# Feb 22 2015 at 3:45 PM Rating: Good
121 posts
I did this today 22 Feb 15.

Siren illusion only lasts 10 minutes; that is for regular zone and in the instance. Fortunately, being an enchanter, it lasts 16 hours on me, albeit sirens conned amiably, not warmly in the main zone. Hope it wasn't because I killed sirens in the Brother Island mission I farm.

All wildlife are STILL KOS in regular zone, and if the illusion drops off during the instance, then Silisia cons KOS. Not sure if she would agro though since I didn't get close enough to test that on a character that lost the illusion. Brother Visius at the bottom of the ramp in the instance would NOT recast the siren illusion for me. Had a bug I think on one character, the illusion buff icon (in song window fyi, looks like L icon) would count down from 5 seconds to 0 and count down again and again. Illusion remained in tact.

Final hail sequence requires 5 hails to Dabner, after the first hail you receive the Challenge of Toughness achievement.

105 gnome enchanter
Freedom Guard

# Feb 22 2015 at 4:04 PM Rating: Good
121 posts
icon for illusion looks like lesson of devotion or any PoA buff icon.

# Feb 17 2015 at 1:36 PM Rating: Good
2,952 posts
Pretty easy but not sure why the previous comment stated "kinda sucked." As missions go, not bad at all.

We pulled the first 3 siren spawns at the entrance to the siren caves. Druid level 101 calm spell enabled us to split them. First mob dropped SIX vocal cords, next one dropped just a diamond, third dropped SIX skins. I emphasize six since you only need 4 for the whole group so no idea why they'd drop extras.

The instance is the entire zone missing all spawns except for the mission-related ones. Could use this to explore the zone safely if you have a mind to. The thralls were all mezzable using a 101 enchanter's level 99 aoe mez, Slackening Wave. This surprised me since we've had trash mobs in TDS zones who couldn't be mezzed with this. Dagda takes damage during the fight. Not sure what happens if she dies, but probably not anything good. The 10 mobs come promptly in waves of 3-4-3 so be prepared for a long sequence of fights. Fortunately, mez can be used to provide a rest/regen period.

The final fight... well, yes, not hard at all. I didn't even notice the 26k ae dd spell he's supposed to cast. Dabner comes OUT of a chest but no loot chest spawns at the end. Which is fine. Seeing the end of this particular zone for progression purposes is reward enough! Smiley: lol

Postscript 5/17/2020

Did this again with a friend needing progression. Dagda takes damage and cannot be healed but she doesn't drop below 10%. So there is no danger of blowing the mission by having her die.

Edited, May 17th 2020 3:26pm by Sippin
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# Aug 27 2016 at 7:39 PM Rating: Default
I hear you. This zone is horrible. the pathing is terrible, the zone itself is selfhiding and sucks big time. This is the kind of thing I used to hand back to dungeonmaster and tell 'em to fix or we'd have business with each other.
12/31 and no chest still
# Dec 31 2014 at 4:15 PM Rating: Decent
140 posts
Kinda sucks but it was pretty easy
No chest
# Dec 12 2014 at 6:23 AM Rating: Decent
No chest from this mission.
No chest
# Jun 27 2019 at 1:21 AM Rating: Good
3 posts
There was a chest! I saw it in the background behind and to the right side of the gazebo thingy that Silisia was standing on. I should've opened it before Speaking with Silisia though. Because after I spoke with her, Dabner spawned and the chest despawned.
No chest
# Jun 28 2019 at 2:24 AM Rating: Good
3 posts
There is a chest. Confirmed! But, the chest doesn't open. Dabner spawns out of the chest. So no chest loot. Confirmed! =(
No chest
# Dec 12 2014 at 4:43 PM Rating: Good
75 posts
Finished on 12/12 and no chest today either. So confirm above.
No Chest as of this morning
# Dec 11 2014 at 12:14 PM Rating: Good
210 posts
I looked throughout the top area where Dabner is, at Silisia's spawn point, Visius' spawn point in the instance, the point at which Visius would be in the static zone, and in the area where other quest giver's are found in the static zone. No chest in any of them.
# Dec 09 2014 at 6:28 AM Rating: Good
133 posts
Dabner seem to be permarooted and dosent summon.
# Nov 28 2014 at 12:40 PM Rating: Good
770 posts
Task locks between these two steps:

Speak with Silisia 0/4 (Caverns of Endless Song)
Defeat Dabner 0/1 (Caverns of Endless Song)
# Oct 30 2014 at 4:00 PM Rating: Decent
50 posts
Did little over 5.5 million damage to Dabner and he locked at 10% so not hard at all
Toug Toosexy
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