Satyrical Riddles  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:90
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Faction
  • Money
Factions Raised:
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    Quest Items:
    Related Creatures:
    Era:House of Thule
    Group Size:Solo
    Min. # of Players:1
    Max. # of Players:1
    Appropriate Classes:
    • All
    Appropriate Races:
    • All
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    This is one of five tasks leading up to "The Staff Retreat" and the group progression mission for Morell's Castle, "Hippity Hoppity Kill".

    It's a solo task that begins with Griklund the Satyrist. He is found due north of the zone-in from the House of Thule's Upper Floors -- up the stairs on either side of the marionette room.

    There are no pre-requisites for requesting this task.

    You say, 'Hail, Griklund the Satyrist'

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'Hail to you, adventurer. Strange place this is, isn't it? By studying this castle, I intend to find some clues as to what forces are at work here, and what their purpose might be. To that end, my recent conversation with a satyr named Oruff has led me to a mystery. I have become so intrigued by three satyric [riddles], that I have become obsessed with learning more about them. Alas, I am not well-equipped and these creatures have frightened away my own party of adventurers.'

    You say, 'Satyric riddles?'

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'Yes, during our tense conversation Oruff told me of three riddles that might lead the way to three magic rings that he placed upon some of the creatures here. These magic rings, held together on the fingers of one's right hand, can help an intelligent dwarf such as myself think more clearly. I would find that very useful as I consider the origins and purpose of Morell's Castle. Unfortunately, I cannot seek more information from the other satyrs, nor am I strong enough to take the rings from the animals the riddles point to. If you are interested, I can tell you the [first] riddle.'

    You say, 'What is the first one?'

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'The first riddle Oruff told me goes, "I am a four-legged creature, usually gentle but can be roused to a terrible anger. I have much in common with both satyrs and horses, and I am of a very rare breed. What am I?" Obtuse and non-specific... Very little in the way of clues to narrow down the possibilities. It is said the satyrs Dugelun and Kurnax may know the answer. Let me know if you wish to hear the [second] riddle.'

    You say, 'What is the second one?'

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'The second riddle: "I guard the castle with great aplomb, keeping the denizens of water and dry land apart. I am of arcane orientation and I yearn to smite those who would violate the mystical sanctity of this place. What am I?" Even more meaningless than the first, though I was told that the satyrs Melnax and Eruk may know the answers. All that remains to hear is the [third] riddle, and of your interest in helping me with this quest.'

    You say, 'And the third one?'

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'Listen to this: "I am a figment of dreams; I have a fearsome appearance, though my size is not grand. I shall defend every stone of this castle to my last fiery breath. What am I?" This describes a number of creatures, some within this very chamber. Yet one must be certain before risking one's neck in matters of logic such as this. Perhaps the satyrs Auxenbaan and Reglek can shed some light on this particular riddle. At any rate, if you think yourself enough of a daring soul to learn the answers to these riddles and bring me back the three rings of insight, I will find you [deserving] enough of a nice reward.'

    You say, 'Of course I'm deserving'

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'All right. Go into the camp of the satyrs, if you dare, and speak with the ones who know the riddles and will answer your questions. If you still [accept] this quest, that is.'

    You say, 'I accept'

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'Good, good, a stalwart soul you truly are.'

    You have been assigned the task 'Satyrical Riddles'.

    Help Griklund the Satyrist acquire three brass rings hidden somewhere in Morell's Castle. The clues to finding these rings are put to him by Oruff the Seer, each pointing to a creature on the castle grounds which carries one of the rings.

    You'll need to gather three brass rings. They drop commonly from enchanted mares, dream drakes, and shellscale guards and occultists.

    They are pre-lootable.

    Each satyr you have to hail is found among the satyr tents in the west-northwest part of the forest (all around location 1800, 1100, 97).

    See if the satyr Dugelun knows the meaning of the first riddle 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Dugelun'

    Dugelun says 'The legendary First Riddle, you say? Well, friend, I happen to have worked that out for my friends here many times, they say it's rubbish. I say the answer is 'an enchanted mare' because of the line about the 'very rare breed'. Centaurs are thought to be rare, but the various breeds of enchanted equines and unicorns are rarer still!'

    See if the satyr Kurnax knows the meaning of the first riddle 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Kurnax'

    Kurnax says 'Of course, Dugelun is wrong. The riddle means the centaur, not the enchanted mare. Not just any centaur, mind you, but none other than Morell Thule himself!'

    Deliver the first ring to Griklund the Satyrist 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    Hand in the Ring of the Enchanted Mare.

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'You have found the first ring, the Ring of the Enchanted Mare! I shall reward you for your patient perseverance, after you find the other two well-hidden rings. Go now and ask Melnax and Eruk about the second riddle.'

    See if the satyr Melnax knows the meaning of the second riddle 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Melnax'

    Melnax says 'The answer to the second riddle is obvious as the nose on your face, friend! What can it be but an enchanted guard of some kind. The suits of armor that are animated of spirit but have no physical wearer that can be seen, for example. Smash up one of those ornate guards, and I'll bet you find what you were looking for!'

    See if the satyr Eruk knows the meaning of the second riddle 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Eruk'

    Eruk says 'The references to mysticism and arcane magic in the riddle seem to point most clearly to a shellscale occultist. Maybe if you were to hack one open you would find the ring you're looking for.'

    Deliver the second ring to Griklund the Satyrist 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'The second ring! I am in awe of your relic-finding talents! Soon the secrets of this place will yield to my perceptive powers of intellect, and finally we can all begin to make some sense of this place! Go and speak with Auxenbaan and Reglek, they are the experts on the third riddle.'

    Hand in the Ring of the Shiliskin Guard.

    See if the satyr Auxenbaan knows the meaning of the third riddle 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Auxenbaan'

    Auxenbaan says 'If you ask me, and you are, I will tell you that the third riddle is a masterpiece of transparent meaning. Of course the riddle points to a dream drake, and no other. The references to size and fiery breath could indicate a dream drake or a devourer, but the dream drake is clearly smaller than the dream devourer, thus it must be the dream drake.'

    See if the satyr Reglek knows the meaning of the third riddle 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Reglek'

    Reglek says 'The third riddle is about the dream devourer, of course. The reference to 'stone' is about as clear a clue as you'll ever need, since the devourer itself is made of stone.'

    Deliver the third ring to Griklund the Satyrist 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    Hand in the Ring of the Dream Drake.

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'The third ring! You've found them all! Yes, most unexpected that you would find all three of them for me in such a short measure of time. Let me take a look at these.'

    Ask Griklund the Satyrist for your reward now that you have done his bidding 0/1 (Morell's Castle)

    You say, 'Hail, Griklund the Satyrist'

    Griklund the Satyrist says 'Yes, they begin to hum and grow warm to the touch. I feel a kind of mental clarity like I have never known. I shall begin to set my mind to studying and understanding the strange workings of this place, and the neighboring realities. We must learn what is happening here, and any other mysteries Morell Thule is preparing to confront us with!'

    You have successfully helped Griklund unlock the mystery of the Three Rings of Oruff. He will no doubt use the power of the rings to further unravel the remaining mysteries of the castle.

    158 platinum
    Experience (about 1.5 AAs worth)
    20 Dream Motes
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    Take the whole group
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    We were running just one toon through all these and got the finale mission only to find that all participants must have done the prereqs from SS and MC. If you are after the last mission, just buckle down and make them all do it.
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