Frostfell: Case of the Misplaced Dollies  

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This Quest is Seasonal
Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
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Era:Terror of Luclin
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Sat Dec 4 03:15:12 2021
Modified: Thu Dec 7 04:57:54 2023
This is a Frostfell quest, only available during the Frostfell period.

Ginjleg Gigglegibber is a goblin located in Timorous Deep on the southeast Goira island. He's on Find.

You say, 'Hail, Ginjleg Gigglegibber'

Ginjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Bah. You found me. I'm [on vacation]. Go away.'

You say, 'You're on vacation?'

Ginjleg Gigglegibber says, 'I don't have to answer your questions. Leave me alone to [watch the boats].'

You say, 'You watch the boats?'

Ginjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Yes, I don't trust that boat. Have you [ever noticed] that no one seems to be at the helm?'

You say, 'Ever noticed? No, I have never given it much thought.'

Ginjleg Gigglegibber says, 'I have kept watch, and there's at least three of them Maiden's Voyages out [on these seas].'

You say, 'How much time have you spent on these seas?'

Ginjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Hey! No one gets [to tell] me what I do on my vacations. If I want to watch the Captain-less boat traveling around, I should be able to in peace.'

You say, 'Woah, woah, woah. I am not going to tell you what to do.'

Ginjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Hrmp. Can't you see that I am [busy here]?'

You say, 'Since you are so busy here, is there something that I could do for you?'

Ginjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Oh! I can extend my vacation. I brought my new experimental dolls with me. I was going to take them to my cousin, Ganjleg, after my trip. You [could take them] for me now.'

You say, 'Yes, I could take them for you.'

Ginjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Good enough for me. They are over there in my purse. Make sure you don't [lose them]. They are one of a kind.'

You have been assigned the task 'Case of the Misplaced Dollies'.

Task text: Ginjleg Gigglegibber is a peculiar gigglegibber goblin. He is taking his annual vacation in Timorous Deep and likes to watch the boats sail by. He has one delivery to make this holiday season but doesn't want to cut his vacation short. He has asked that you make his delivery for him, so he has more time to indulge his hobby.

1. Talk with Ginjleg Gigglegibber about his dolls 0/1 Timorous Deep

You say, 'Why would I lose them?'

Your task 'Case of the Misplaced Dollies' has been updated.

Ginjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Ha. You could say that I have a particular set of skills. Those dolls, well, they're special. I should have put a warning on them. Caution, contents may bite.'

2. Retrieve the dolls from the gigglegibber purse 0/1 Timorous Deep
Task text: Inspect the gigglegibber purse for the experimental dolls.

Move a bit around, a Yeti Fur will appear on your cursor.

You have been given: Yeti Fur

3. Talk with the yeti hovering about 0/1 Timorous Deep
Task text: You found some Yeti fur near the empty purse. Speak with the Yeti hovering nervously nearby, watching the goblin.

Hail Belumb, the Yeti, hovering just east of Ginjleg.

You say, 'Hail, Belumb, the Yeti'

Belumb, the Yeti says, 'Hello there. Nice weather we are having? I am just [visiting family].'

You say, 'You are visiting family?'

Belumb, the Yeti says, 'Yes, it's a large extended family. We've only recently [reconnected].'

You say, 'What do you mean reconnected?'

Belumb, the Yeti says, 'Well, that should be really apparent. I am from up north and have [been doing] a bit of traveling.'

You say, 'You've been doing a bit of traveling?'

Belumb, the Yeti says, 'This is the best season for it. I don't really do well in the [warmer] months.'

You say, 'Yes. I can imagine someone with your coat wouldn't do well in a warmer climate.'

Belumb, the Yeti says, 'I do try to keep my [coat nice] and healthy. Having a fresh fish diet helps.'

You say, 'I couldn't help but notice your nice coat. I found your fur down by that empty gigglegibber purse. Do you happen to have the dolls?'

Your task 'Case of the Misplaced Dollies' has been updated.
Belumb, the Yeti says, 'What? That's not possible. Why I never!'

4. Give Belumb the Yeti fur you found 0/1 Timorous Deep
Task text: Give Belumb the Yeti fur as proof of his involvement.

Belumb, the Yeti says, 'Oh, dear. Oh, I just. Well, I mean really. Fine what do you [want to know]?'

You say, 'I want to know what happened to the dolls?'

Belumb, the Yeti says, 'I was going to return them, but I wanted to [show them] off to my friends first.'

You say, 'You wanted to show them off to your friends?'

Belumb, the Yeti says, 'Yes, I took them back to my home and along the way maybe [lost one] or two. No one told me that they would bite.'

You say, 'You lost one or two of them?'

Your task 'Case of the Misplaced Dollies' has been updated.

Belumb, the Yeti says, 'Here. If you want to go find them, these are all of my stops. Just watch out for their teeth. Sharp like a kit they are.'

Task text: Retrace Belumb' steps visiting some friends in Northern Antonica. Track down and collect the misbehaving dolls. The dolls can all be found on the path going north lost near the water's edge.
Take the boat to Butcherblock nd search along the water until you find the dolls.
Take the boat to Iceclad and look on top of the glaciers while waiting for another boat.
The dolls were last seen wandering the beach when he departed the boat in the Southern Desert of Ro.
Belumb lost the dolls while travelling North in the Misty Thicket?

5. Capture the Chattering Dolly 0/1 Butcherblock Mountains

Chattering Dolly is located at -68, +2745. Kill it and loot a Chattering Dolly (collectible).

NOTE : all Dollies may also drop a Frostfell Doll Stuffing, it's used in the task An Adorable Yeti Doll to get the final collectible for the Collection achievement Frostfell Misplaced Dollies.

6. Subdue the Sliding Dolly 0/1 Butcherblock Mountains

Sliding Dolly is located at +406, +2832. Kill it and loot a Sliding Dolly (collectible).

7. Finish the Fluttering Dolly 0/1 The Iceclad Ocean

Fluttering Dolly is located at +4067, +520 on top of a glacier. Kill it and loot a Fluttering Dolly (collectible).

8. Restrain the Romping Dolly 0/1 The Iceclad Ocean

Romping Dolly is located at +4260, +2330 on top of a glacier. Kill it and loot a Romping Dolly (collectible).

9. Discipline the Dancing Dolly 0/1 South Desert of Ro

Dancing Dolly is located at +3705, -2236. Kill it and loot a Dancing Dolly (collectible).

10. Catch the Clicking Dolly 0/1 South Desert of Ro

Clicking Dolly is located at +3908, -2129. Kill it and loot a Clicking Dolly (collectible).

11. Grab the Guarding Dolly 0/1 Misty Thicket

Guarding Dolly is located at +413, +1521. Kill it and loot a Guarding Dolly (collectible).

12. Worst the Whirling Dolly 0/1 Misty Thicket

Whirling Dolly is located at +606, +1271. Kill it and loot a Whirling Dolly (collectible).

13. Talk with Ganjleg Gigglegibber about the presents 0/1 The Plane of Knowledge
Task text: Find a working gigglegibber goblin in the Plane of Knowledge to give the dolls to. Talk with Ganjleg Gigglegibber about the dolls.

Ganjleg Gigglegibber is located in the Plane of Knowledge, just north of the Plane of Tranquility stone. He's on Find.

You say, 'Hail, Ganjleg Gigglegibber'

Ganjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Hello and [Happy Frostfell]!'

You say, 'Happy Frostfell. At least one gigglegibber is happy about the season.'

Ganjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Happy, happy, happy. It's my favorite time of the year. Others can worry about all the troubles. I am here [to work].'

You say, 'You like to work?'

Ganjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Of course. Who wouldn't like [to make presents] to give out to friends and family.'

You say, 'I know of another gigglegibber that liked to make his own presents.'

Ganjleg Gigglegibber says, 'You've met my cousin Ginjleg? He is currently on vacation watching his boats. What gigglegibber takes a vacation during the middle of our busy season? He is such an odd fellow. Can you believe he was making [dolls that bite]?'

You say, 'He told me about them and I got talked into delivering them for him. Who can I give the dolls that bite?'

14. Deliver the experimental dolls to Ganjleg Gigglegibber 0/1 The Plane of Knowledge
Task text: Deliver the boxes of experimental dolls to Ganjleg Gigglegibber.

Ganjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Oh, um. I could take them from you. Are they in [their boxes]?'

You say, 'No they are currently not in their boxes.'

You have been assigned the task 'Saga of the Empty Purse'.

Ganjleg Gigglegibber says, 'Well, you need to put them back into their boxes before I can take them from you. Get them boxed up and I can take them from you.'

Give the Boxes of Experimental Dolls to Ganjleg.

From level 91 (?): 5 Frosty Fig Pudding and 5 Holiday Hot Chocolate
Below level 91 (?) : 5 Icy Shortbread Cookies and 5 Cheerful Apple Cider
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Case of the Misplaced Dollies
# Dec 16 2021 at 6:43 PM Rating: Good
40 posts
The dolls do show up on track and spawn quickly. Plan on doing the quest twice if you want the collectibles and the Yeti familiar. because you have to make the doll to either give to the Yeti or click.

The stuffing isn't pre-lootable, you have to actually loot it off a doll that is killed at that combination point of the quest. The pet trick is great, works very well, and the running around is greatly facilitated with a druid that binds in Timorous Deep and ports to the various zones.
# Dec 07 2021 at 5:07 PM Rating: Excellent
1,312 posts
Remember, loot two of everything because the same items are needed for the collection Achievement: Frostfell Misplaced Dollies.

To get to Timorous Deep, use the translocator from Firiona Vie. Then head south to Golra Island to [find] the quest NPCs.

The dollies are level 5. They have a few different spawn locations within a short distance of each other. Respawn time is only a few seconds. I found it easiest to tell my pet to go find them:

/pet attack Chattering
/pet attack Sliding

Butcherblock dollies are just south of the dock area near an aquagoblin camp.

Iceclad dollies are on the first large iceberg east of the gnome pirate camp. Zone in from North Ro. Do you have a Zueria Slide: North Ro to get to North Ro?

South Ro dollies are near the huts by the docks.

Misty Thicket dollies are past the wall in a valley toward the northwest orc camps.

Use [find] to locate NPCs for delivering their presents in Plane of Knowledge.
# Dec 24 2021 at 10:50 PM Rating: Good
How do you get the Frostfell Biting Doll Kit ?
# Dec 25 2021 at 7:51 AM Rating: Good
370 posts
I found this walk thru easier to understand and it helps you not to have to redo stuff - it kinda goes in order. You might need to scroll up on the page to see the first one you should start with - Saga of the Empty Purse
locs change
# Dec 06 2021 at 12:20 PM Rating: Decent
340 posts
better bring a tracker because some locs wherent quite as listed
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