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Faction hits
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GBATE!! Never saw it coming
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remorajunbao wrote:
One day I'm going to fly to Canada and open the curtains in your office.

Faction hits
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Friar Bijou wrote:
King Tearis Thex +1
Ring of Scale +1
League of Antonican Bards
Agents of Mistmoore -4
Mayong Mistmoore -4

Updated, thanks.
# Jun 23 2005 at 3:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Does anyone know where these spawn nowadays after Mistmoore revamp? Have been hunting the camps at Lesser Faydark for a couple of weeks now without avail.

If anyone has a spawn loc, time or PH, would be appreciated.
# Dec 22 2001 at 6:41 PM Rating: Default
I am a 24 cleric and, earlier a grinning gargoyle was at the base of the and, I ran upto pull it. There was another one that I didn't see and, the one I couldn't see ran ALL the way aroud the lake. By then me and my group had to fight about 9 monsters.LOL!
multi questing ivy armor items
# Nov 12 2001 at 4:24 PM Rating: Default
Is it possible to get the items required for ivy armor and transfer it to alts,if so please advise.Also if said items are not transferable i am willing to help others obtain them for they're characters in return for transferable items found in mistmoore.My main the character that will be there tommorow is a level 29 cleric,loves to waste evil creatures and gather xp besides.I am on veeshan server for those interested cleics name is Mibbas Dabusba halfling cleric in the service of the good of norrath as a whole look forward to meeting any others of the same disposition.
# Aug 18 2001 at 2:00 AM Rating: Default
Ifought 3 grinning pulled from castle ent tonight got 2 eyes off every one of them, still no Granite. R the ones that drop inside?

Tugo Orderofrys
Luclin 27 Ranger
Just how rare is the Mistmoore Granite
# Jan 27 2001 at 3:17 AM Rating: Decent
I was just wondering how rare the granite actually is. I have been fighting the gargoyles near the entrance and haven't seen one yet. Is it no drop? Thanks in advance.

RE: Just how rare is the Mistmoore Granite
# Feb 05 2001 at 8:39 AM Rating: Default
granite is droped from gargoyles in castle and the 2 gargoyles with enynti
RE: Just how rare is the Mistmoore Granite
# Mar 23 2001 at 12:34 PM Rating: Default
I have slain 35 such gargoyles over the last two days, level 43 ranger. and not ONE peice of granite has dropped.

I would say the stuff is ULTRA rare on the ones at entry. planning to go deeper in.

I do though however have 29 gargoyle eyes./...
More than one Gargoyle
# Jan 05 2001 at 11:51 PM Rating: Decent
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I think some people are getting confused about gargoyles in MM. There are two different types that spawn in the same place, on the tower base just beyond the ramp at the entrance to MM, and also deeper into MM at various places.

The Grinning Gargoyles always con blue to me at 27th. They rarely have the MM granite and are the weakest of the types, although still pretty nasty. The Sneering Gargoyles (look the same only tougher) are several lvls higher than their cousins the Grinning Gargs and they hit harder as well. They also rarely carry the MM Granite. The Flouting Gargoyle (look the same) doesn't spawn near the entrance but is sometimes pulled to the entrance zone point and ramp. They are your best bet to finding MM Granite but are the toughest of the three and are red to me at 27th but manageable in a group without much trouble.

These are the 3 types of Gargs I have encountered in MM. There may be more but I'm not aware of them.

Kneesmasher Ayebulger
27th Season Dwarven Paladin
Twilight Brethren
Mistmoore Granite
# Oct 24 2000 at 11:27 AM Rating: Default
This site says they drop "Mistmoore Granite (from gargoyles in Mistmoore)". Is this true? All I have ever seen in Gargolye eyes, and they are rare. After killing about 40 or 50, I would have thought I would have seen at least one granite.

Feanorr Galadhar
Ranger of 22 seasons
Saryrn Server
The lvl of these guys and they eyes
# Jul 02 2000 at 3:21 AM Rating: Decent
Ok I am positive that these guys are lvl 22 they con yellow to my lvl 21warrior and even to my 22 warrior.
And on some very very rare occasions they drop 2 garg eyes for loot :)

They are not so tough eiter =)
Good Luck
Dasinon Demanthiel 22nd lvl warrior
loot/spawn points
# Jun 09 2000 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
Grinning gargoyles or sneering gargoyles spawn at the lake, on 2 platforms by the tower. They rarely drop gargoyle eyes, easily worth 8 pp a piece, with good charisma.
Definately lower than 26
# May 30 2000 at 6:34 PM Rating: Default
I have not encountered a Grinning Gargoyle that was even to me. So they are definately lower than 26.
# May 26 2000 at 6:34 PM Rating: Default
These are about level 20'ish,lower than level 25 I belive
RE: Level
# Sep 26 2000 at 11:24 AM Rating: Default
I fought one last night that conned even to my lvl 25 monk. So my guess is from reading the other posts the max lvl is 25.
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