The Fabled Rinturion Windblade  

Fabled Creature

Level: 85
Expansion: Secrets of Faydwer
NPC Added: 2008-03-16 19:41:06
NPC Last Updated: 2020-07-27 16:36:34

Known Habitats:
  Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind

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Killed 3-17-12
# Mar 17 2012 at 4:39 AM Rating: Decent
Just killed him with 3 characters

84 Bard (t1-2 Hot gear) with t5 Cleric
90 Shaman (t4 HoT gear) with t5 Warrior
90 Mage (t1-2 Hot gear) with t5 Cleric

I was boxing the bard and shaman

Had to spot heal on the shaman, keep health high in case you get a stun on the healer. Had to Call the Bard back twice, after the 2nd I kept him out of Ramp range and just sang his buffs.
He is partially slowable (Mending Counterbias) and his damage seems to scale up quite a bit after 25%, Got hectic a couple times but overall not hard, just looooong. Took maybe 15min to kill him.

edit: dropped 1 regular pants, and 3 fabled, and a spec parchment

Edited, Mar 17th 2012 6:42am by Hamwin
Some fight info
# Apr 04 2008 at 12:46 PM Rating: Decent
191 posts
Has mean single ramp. Chewed through a couple of people before it go locked down.

Also enrages.
# Mar 22 2008 at 12:26 AM Rating: Decent
Woot downed him on prexus today with 25. Long fight.

Dropped Fabled Sparkling Satin Pantaloons

Class: Nec Wiz Mag Enc
Race: ALL

AC: 67
HP: 465
Mana: 405
End: 405

Str: 32 Magic: 12 Hp Regen: 5
Sta: 2 Fire: 12 Mana Regen: 4
Int: 32 Cold: 45 Spell Shield: 1
Wis: 2 Disease: 12 Combat effect: 3
Agi: 26 Poison:12 Dmg Shield: 4
Dex: 32 Dmg Shield Mit: 1
Cha:2 Accuracy: 8
Stun Resist: 1
Strike Thr: 1
Spell Dmg: 5
Clair: 4
Aug Slot Type 8 and dropped x3 for us!
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