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# Oct 13 2001 at 3:41 PM Rating: Default
Was in Perma the other day, scouting a quest item, had way to much time in my hands to run from FP to Perma just to check on a Quest item, hehe....

Any~h00t... i had researched this area a bit B4 my little Journey, and as a iksar monk it was a journey, noticed that much of the area was well under my lvl, lvl 38 at the time, but i ran past one of these little MFKR's an let me tell ya, he's NUKE's will deffinatly grab ur attention. He Nuke me as i ran by for about 1/2 a bub, i was like WTF? I turned around an ran back to whack his A$$, he got off another nuke, Stupid Wu Stick's not like to Proc in the Cold i guess so i had a little bit of a fight with him, he got off 4 more nukes !!! Well, this only sent me into POSTAL KILL IT ALL MODE....

Well, after several minutes of slaughtering everything that crossed my path, including another Evoker, let me tell ya what... The light blue snow covered ground in Perma was scattered with the bodies of my dead foe's, as Blood Lust subsided, an my thoughts returned to Tranquility an Harmony.... I Shouted My Victory Battle Cry, an left the zone =)

~~ Eihwaz Nitebreed ~~

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# Mar 15 2000 at 10:12 PM Rating: Decent
If you're in your low/mid 20s and you come to perma, defenitely give these guys some attention when fighting them. They've got some DDs that are quite powerful for the time.
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