Stone Hive

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The Serpent's Spine



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30 - 50

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In the wilderness east of Blightfire Moors is the Stone Hive, home to the bixies of Norrath as well as many living mushrooms and shrubs. Sitting in the center of a gigantic garden, the Stone Hive is one of the more impressive sights in the mountains of The Serpent's Spine.

After Innoruuk intervened in the war of Kithicor, the forest's plantlife became tainted with his magic. Among the forest's tainted plants are the jumjums, the bixies' food source. As the bixies consumed the tainted food over time, they changed (many would say improved), becoming the physical and intelligent force they are today.

There are three floors inside the Stone Hive. The main floor acts as a lobby of sorts and has a lift used to reach the second floor. On the second floor are the honey refinery and slave prison, as well as a lift to the top floor, where the royals may be found. Pelzia, the queen of the bixies, flutters alongside her adviser, Vaxa, and numerous royal bodyguards. Down the hall from Pelzia is the bixie council, led by their commander Neezzee.

Beneath the Stone Hive are a small network of darkened tunnels, inside which are skeletons, spiders, and psychotic thralls; slaves who perhaps escaped their bixie captors and lost their way in their effort to flee.
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Prettiest Zone
# Sep 15 2008 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
202 posts
This zone is the most incredibly pretty zone - it rivals the Brownie Village area in SoF zone Dragonscale Hills - and possibly the smallest in all of Norrath.
Prettiest Zone
# Aug 16 2009 at 7:20 PM Rating: Decent
I have to agree. I'm even having an in-game wedding here.
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stone hive mini-guide
# Nov 23 2007 at 8:07 PM Rating: Decent
Stone Hive(SH)
Advantages- very accessible from PoK
merchant in zone
part of quests in BF moor, most of which can be done simultaneously
raises faction with Crescent Reach

Disadvantages- loot is not that great, with no cash dropping
many mobs are druidclass who heal and DoT
very easy to get adds if you don't know what you're doing

Before going to SH, it's a good idea to run through all the bixie quests that are given in the moors so you'll be able to complete the ones in SH all at once. All the bixie quests come from the group of drakkin camped north of the PoK book in a little swamp. SH is directly east of the PoK book, just run straight up the hill to the east and you'll be in the bixie valley. From there you run along the left wall to get to Stonehive. Things that will aggro on you in the moors are: the Moorwalker, the waspherders, and any wasps. Take note- most bixies in the moors will not help out the wasps BUT THEY WILL IN STONEHIVE. There are a few other things in the bixie valley that may aggro, but you'll avoid them if you stay to the left.

once in SH, you'll be at the end of a long valley completely free of mobs. I would NOT recommend pulling to the tunnel, as all of the mobs near it will add, leaving you fighting 3 mobs at the very least. Instead go into the hedgemazes where there are several areas at dead ends where you can get a single spawn with no chance of adds, and a few where you might get one add. In the right hedgemaze is the Bixie Imposter, who sells enchanter spells and is on CR faction. Also in the right maze is the Preserved Kithicor Leaf, which can be given to the librarian in CR to improve your SS charm. In the right maze I found Fluermielle, a named horse which is the only mob in the hedgemazes who's Scowling. Because of this, I would recommend taking the right maze rather than the left.

Beyond the mazes are the yard and the hive itself. The yard is like the mazes in that most of the mobs will not attack unless you attack first, but the flower mobs will attack if you /open the "a fungus patch"s found in the yards (the reason you would bother to /open them is they sometimes have the plants for the botanist's quests- more on quests later). once they attack, any other mobs nearby will add. The yard is the home of the Enchanted Shrubbery, which is used for one of the drakkin breath quests, and can be found in a valley to the right of the hive hanging out with about 5 other walking bushes.

at the end of the yard is the hive, where all the mobs are scowling. the 1st floor is a circular hallway with a big room with stairs to the catacomb and 2nd in the middle. the mobs in the hallway consists of pairs of mobs guarding arches along the hall, and single mobs who patrol throughout. there as mini tunnels in between the hallway and the center room where nothing spawns, so you can rest there if needed.

downstairs are the catacombs, where you can find halfling slaves during the day and skeletons at night. unlike many other slaves in the game, these guys are not interested in being freed. they're aggressive and will help out their bixie masters, so watch out. also in the catacombs is a named skeleton who can NOT see through invisible, despite being undead. however, the skeletons who spawn at night CAN, so be careful after 9:30pm. also of note is the pollen. in several places in the catacombs the air will be very dusty- in these areas you move more slowly (I think. it's also possible it slows down my machine so it SEEMS like I'm slowed.)

I've never gone upstairs in SH, so don't have anything to say on it. I might add more here if I go back. On quests: the rewards are okay for the level you can get them, and since a lot of them have effects VS bixies, they're pretty worthwhile if you're going to stay in Stone Hive. parts for the cook's quests drop only in the hive, while the parts for the botanist's quests only drop outside the hive. however, I would NOT recommend the botanist's quests, which reward you with potions that aren't as good as the ones you can get from 'Hardy Seeds' and 'Blightfire Witchlamps'- So don't bother to pick up the no drop petals, sap, and seeds. items that are good to pick up as merchant fodder are bixie meat(11pp), spider mandibles(7pp), and shambling vines/vegetables(10-14pp).

and that's about all I can say on Stone Hive- wish you all happy bixie hunting
stone hive mini-guide
# Apr 08 2012 at 9:22 PM Rating: Decent
Thanks for all the info
Barb BL
# Apr 23 2007 at 1:43 PM Rating: Decent
38 posts
Most of the mobs outside the hive, bushes, bixies, skellies, etc are con Dubious. The closer you get to the Hive Building, the worse the faction.
# Oct 29 2006 at 7:19 PM Rating: Decent

When exploring this zone, invis is great!! Absolutely NOTHING, including the Queen, can see through invis spells! Make sure they later and you're in! :D
breaking in
# Oct 27 2006 at 8:13 PM Rating: Decent
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This zone seems a pain to break in. Tons of adds everywhere, at least up front. Any suggestions?
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merchant who sells enchanter spells
# Oct 11 2006 at 8:11 AM Rating: Decent
so if i can get to this bixie i can just "buy" the spells I need, or do I have to complete quests and / or earn some sort of "rune/scroll" and trade it for a random spell?
Notes taken...
# Sep 22 2006 at 5:21 AM Rating: Decent
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Mobs found in this zone.
Bixie Prankster – must be a quest npc can’t attack it
a bixie imposter – Merchant NPC who sells enchanter spells. Loc is +586. -994, 41 (in the north maze)

Queen Pelzia – does not summon, no change to run speed allowed, has about a jabillion hp, drops ring of the bixie queen. (Tethered or just a bug) On 3rd level in the bixie hive at +71, -131, +413 respawn in 1 hour. Spawns “5x a bixie swarmer” and 10x “a young grub”. a bixie swarming is teathered also and despawns at the end of the fight, a young grub does not and is not teathered.

Wing Commander Drixi – snareable, don’t summon, drops Crippling Mace of Divinity loc is -151, -1, +410, on the 3rd level of the bixie hive. (a bixie commander spawns if he is not up as his PH)

Alchemist Krizzia – loc is 148, -37. +267 on 2nd floor of bixie hive. Drops Bixie Alchemy Notes, Bixie Poison Gland, Bixie Parts, Unrefined Honycomb, Cultivated Jumjum Pollen, scrumptious Bixie Antennae. Respawns in 5 min

Neezzee – Mob for warwing wendiez quest. Respawns in 20 minutes or so. Spawns at -151, -16, 408.

Bixie War Plans – grownd Spawn at =183, -12, 409 next to neezzee.

Poisonmaker Maliza – roams around +18, +183, +286. on the 2nd floor of the stone hive. Drops Hive overseer’s Silk boots, Hive overseer’s Silk Wristguard, Poisonmaker Malaza’s Stinger, Bixie wing, bixie stinger

Arcanist Moxia – spawns on 2nd level, drops bixie wing, bixie meat, Shroud of Greater Transmutation.

Advisor Vaxa – Loc is (next to queen). Drops Bixie parts, bixie wing, Scourge of Dismemberment.

Warwing Wendiez – 3 quest, 1 right afeter another.
1st quest – “Who’s Who” (note: you can not skip any part of this series).
Find Bixie Neezzee
Kill Neezzee!
Return to Warwing Wenditz

2nd quest – Infiltrate the hive (note: you can not skip any part of this series)
Retrive the plans from the war room for Warwing Wendiez

3rd quest – called “Honey, I’m Home!” (note: you can not skip any part of this series)
Loot 2 intact Bixie Wing
Loot 2 intact Bixie Flesh
Loot 1 intact Bixie Scent Gland
Loot 2 intact Bixie Antennae
Loot 1 intact Stone Hive Insignia
Deliver 2 intact Bixie Wing to Warwing Wendiez
Deliver 2 intact Bixie Flesh to Warwing Wendiez
Deliver 1 intact Bixie Scent Gland to Warwing Wendiez
Deliver 2 intact Bixie Antennae to Warwing Wendiez
Deliver 1 intact Stone Hive Insignia to Warwing Wendiez

4th quest – The Queen Bixie” (note: you can not skip any part of this series and also note, the other bixies see through your disguise, just use invis)
Kill Queen Pelzia
Rewards are 1 of 3, your choice.
Honeystone of Buzzitude
Honeystone of Dream Delights
Honeystone of Magicjum
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Notes taken...
# Sep 30 2006 at 9:07 PM Rating: Decent
Ok am hunting the Poison Maker and not sure where the lock is on this post. On the second floor i am camped near the jails, do I go up the honye come ramp or what, I saw an elevator up there, I have gotten two lvls hunting her so I am pretty sure I am in the wrong place, please help.

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Short Visit
# Sep 20 2006 at 9:04 AM Rating: Decent
Zone In from Blightfire Hive: -465, -3405
Zone Out to Blightfire Hive: - 1613, -1289
Succor point is at -521, -1331

Just about all of the MOBS were grey on my Druid tracker (I am level 63). There is a giant "hive" building, a lake you can fish in. But the MOBS seem to be all aggressive - scowling to me, and hit pretty hard for what I am used to for former greens.

There is a Red Drakken named Warwing Wenlez at -518, -264 outside the hive and near the lake. He cons indifferent to me and would not respond to my hails.

a finiky flower drops tradeskill items and quest items (bulb lotus, sweet lotus sap, raw runic hide.

Have fun!

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