A Priest of Luclin [ Corpse Summoner ]  

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Uploaded July 24th, 2007

  • In Mines of Gloomingdeep: Corpse Summoner located near the zone-out of the Tutorial zone.

You say, 'Hail, A Priest of Luclin'

A Priest of Luclin says, 'Here, we are devoted to serving the will of the mistress of Shadow, Luclin. Luclin is the ruler of the twilight -- that which exists between light and dark, life and death. When brave adventurers fall in the realms of Norrath, their material bodies must pass through the dusk of existence. If you are in need, we may be able to [summon] back the remnants of your former life before they drift completely into darkness.'

You say, 'summon'

A Priest of Luclin breathes deeply and begins to chant. Shadows begin to drift across the floor and over the altar, swirling upward as if to reach Luclin herself. The priest's voice is soon joined with several others, blending into a fervent, esoteric chorus as the shadows slowly coalesce into a familiar wispy mass. The two candles near the altar explode with light and there, before you, appears all that remains of your former life.

As of the November 2021 patch, they don't require a Soulstone anymore to summon your corpses, and the Disciples of Luclin selling those stones were also removed.

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Level: 70
Expansion: Dragons of Norrath
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If you are playing EQ for the first in many years; you may not know about the new guild lobby system. It has been out for many years but I was last playing this game in 2002 and never knew about this system when I came back to play.

The summoner is located in a safe place where you can have your corpse rezzed to for a price. From level 1 to 20 you can get your corpse summoned here; a rez here will only cost you roughly 5 plats more if you can spare it, clerics do not work for free, but some will.

You buy the stone or amulet and give it to the Priest, then your corpse magically appears.

Then call out for someone to give you a rez.
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