Valorian Guardian Kreike  


Level: 72
Expansion: Planes of Power
NPC Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
NPC Last Updated: 2019-09-08 19:32:35

Known Habitats:
  Halls of Honor
Factions Decreased:
  Battalion of Marr

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Long fight
# Feb 20 2011 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
Bottom Left Section of a Map
Superb Silk

60/408 Monk + DPS Merc
60/490 Beastlord + Tank Merc
60/493 Shaman + Healer Merc

  • Shaman couldn't get slow to stick
  • Healer Merc never went below 90% mana
  • Tank Merc was never in any danger
  • Beastlord started to get hit towards the end of the fight (1215-1485 per hit). Probably ripostes so moved him behind
  • Fight lasted maybe 5 minutes

  • Slowable
    # Dec 29 2004 at 2:14 PM Rating: Decent
    21 posts
    Mob is slowable, me (64/12 Druid) and a friend (69/265) took it out np. I ended with 30m and she ended with 40m. Charmed up a pet, buffed it and runed it to start off with, she sent it in and I started CH'ing while she tried to slow. All in all, no need to be afraid, droped that Botton Left Section of a Map.

    Bottom Left Section of a Map
    WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL
    Class: None
    Race: None
    shamn epic? 2.0
    # Dec 29 2004 at 12:24 PM Rating: Decent
    Killed this guy recently, the cleric tried to loot the Bottom Left Section of a Map, and it wouldnt let him. I tried and it let me, Thinking it might be part of our unsolved Epic. Anyone else notice samething with only shaman's can loot this item?
    Possible drop for cleric epic
    # Dec 18 2004 at 2:28 AM Rating: Decent
    8 posts
    One grouped him on 12/17 with a 66 Warrior, 66 Enchanter with a CoD Valorian Guard, a 70 Druid, 2 clerics and a shaman. He dropped a Bottom Left Section of a Map which is magic, lore, and no drop - was told by some people on my server that it is for cleric epic
    RE: Possible drop for cleric epic
    # Dec 22 2004 at 12:20 AM Rating: Decent
    I was wondering if he is related to the PoP backflagging quests since he appeared after the 12/15 patch.
    RE: Possible drop for cleric epic
    # Dec 25 2004 at 3:34 PM Rating: Default
    It very well may be for the backflagging quests. That would be my best guess, since it seems most all 1.5 epics are solved, and he seems to be of that level of difficulty.

    Edited, Fri Dec 31 08:51:01 2004
    Met this guy
    # Dec 17 2004 at 4:43 PM Rating: Decent
    8 posts
    Just found this guy in my shrine that I used to EXP in. He spawns in what I used to consider the safe hall in this shrine (-1784.54, -1360.03, 3.75). He hits for around 1.2-1.3K, has decent MR, and summons. Definitely was not a named that I should have tried to charm solo. - LOL
    RE: Met this guy
    # Dec 17 2004 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
    8 posts
    Also - he does not see invis
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