The Fabled Ghoul Assassin  

Fabled Creature

Uploaded July 24th, 2007


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Level: 60
Expansion: Gates of Discord
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Known Habitats:
  Lower Guk

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mask still drops
# Oct 22 2011 at 3:23 AM Rating: Decent
Mask dropped for my bard 10-22-11.
mask still drops
# Oct 22 2011 at 3:26 AM Rating: Decent
Bah posted on wrong thing. I had the fabled dude and the mask itself in two diff windows. Anyway the mask drops off normal guy still.
# Mar 17 2011 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
Just got mauled by this guy 3/17/11. Yearly event spawns the fabled mobs
Not 60-61 Anymore?
# Mar 28 2007 at 6:26 AM Rating: Decent
37 posts
EDIT: I was told that it could be light blue to me with the new color system, so the level is probably still right.

I solo'd this on 3/27/2007 with my 67 enchanter. He is LB to me, so not level 60 or 61. It was my 4th attempt that succeeded. He did hit me in the 800s at times, still flurries and did enrage at low health, which killed my pet.

I had 6K hps with virtue and self hp buff. I melee'd with Wand of Dark Waters, which has a 750 DD proc. I chain casted my self rune for most of the fight. I also had to fire off my steadfast servant to keep me alive, since my mana was dropping faster than the assassins health. This allowed me to take a few hits before casting rune.

The pet and my proc did just about all of the damage. I did not have enough mana to nuke. The entire battle took just over 9 minutes, and since the respawns were badly staggered, I did get the two adds.

He still partially mitigates slow, but only resisted the first cast. I tashed, debuffed, and crippled at the beginning of the fight, and had to reslow twice. At the end of the fight, I was completely out of mana with the mob at about 8 percent health. I could not have done it without the servant, who kept a 600 point HoT on me.

The drops were the mask and the fabled Dirk, which was why I was there in the first place (the mask, actually). I had my 31 rogue camped in the room already.

I hope this helps others who have considered taking on the fabled Assassin. It can be done with a bit of planning and the veteran AA's.

Fallar Clearmind of Emarr - 67 Enchanter
Slimeis of Emarr - Happy 31 Rogue

Edited, Mar 28th 2007 1:06pm by Flessan
Fallar Clearmind, 83rd season Enchanter on Erollisi Marr
Still drops Mask
# Mar 26 2007 at 1:37 PM Rating: Decent
90 posts
For anyone who had heard the rumors that he doesn't drop the mask anymore ,that is not true. I was camping the Ghoul Assassin 2 days ago and Fabled happened to pop. Since i am 62 rogue , I needed help. Sent tell and 2 75ish were in zone and we made easy work of him. Dropped Fabled Dirk and Mask. If I wouldve tried him solo , I would've been "slain by a Fabled Ghoul Assassin.. no doubt.
"Let the Rogue Have it, He'll keep it safe"
85 Rogue of Fennin Ro
with 70sk
# Mar 18 2006 at 7:19 AM Rating: Decent
52 posts
Took him down yesterday with my 70sk, sk had conviction on and was at 9.6khp/2k ac max i hit that i can find in my log is 654, hit a lot for mid hundreds, my total dmg according to yalp is 62783 at roughly 119dps, he does flurry and enrage at low hp.

Did go here to get the mask for my rogue, lol had no idea there would be a fabled mob here so was not exactly set up for him, had no pet up and so on :)
fight was not easy i was down rather low in the end
new known loot
# Apr 06 2005 at 3:08 AM Rating: Decent
Can confirm fabled also drops mask of deception... I'm guessing its rarer loot.

Don't know if its relevant, but I saw nothing but ph's for a long while then he finally popped. Was easy with me and my air pet self buffed, and when I dropped him he had both dirk and mask on him.
# Apr 02 2005 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
solo'd him today

he's a piece of cake (for a decent geared 70 necro at any rate)

1 Sic pet
2 Slow
3 let pet tank whislt you stack the dots
4 when pet enrages, step in and tank tap

yes his max hit is near 1k, but his attack is weak, he misses LOTS and average hit was nearer the 3-400 mark

my 30 rogue loves the dagger :)
The Fabled mobs are *gone*
# Aug 22 2004 at 10:45 PM Rating: Decent
The Fabled mobs were all part of Sony's 5-year anniversary event, which is long-since over. These mobs do NOT pop in the game anymore; anyone saying they do is either misinformed, or is trying to amuse themselves by having people run around trying to pop mobs that no longer exist. I'm posting this due to the number of other posts I have seen on various Fabled mob threads indicating that people are still trying to pop them.
Sees Through ITU
# Apr 16 2004 at 7:44 AM Rating: Decent
He also hangs out right at the top of the ladder to his room and even though he's undead; he can see though Invisibility To Undead. Learned that the hard way. Luckily, you can sometimes summon your corpse from the bottom of the ladder.
Pulling and killing information.
# Apr 13 2004 at 10:54 AM Rating: Excellent
12 posts
Okay, I've got some experience with this guy, so thought I'd try and share some insight;

Firstly; the max hits I saw were 990. Another person mentioned them as 980, which very well could be right, but I won't worry about the wiggle room between 10 more damage. ;)

Second point; he's quite fond of the Flurry. :( That's where it really crunches you if you try and pet tank this guy - running my 65 necro with an augmented pet, the pet simply couldn't withstand the pounding long enough for me to keep him up when the Flurry's came pouring in.

Third point; he can be slowed - again - speaking from a necromancers slow undead line of spells standpoint. It is however a mitigated/partial slow, or was in my own experience.

Fourth point; he can be single pulled by a level 65. Perhaps even lower, but as my own character I used was 65 I can only give experience from that. My experience and suggestion on the pulling;


Have a levitate of some sort on, DMF, SOE, or otherwise. Staring straight at the ladder, run towards it, which will start riding you up to the top - the very *moment* you get to the top of that ladder back up as far as possible - you'll bang up against the upper lip/wall of the room - yet still able to see the mobs and layout. At this point, you *do have time* to get a spell off to pull before any aggro occurs. My own choice was starting off with the undead slow. Going this route, he single pulled out of the room not bringing any of his buddies with him.

Fifth point; I suppose chronologically I should have mentioned this prior in this post, but as for checking to see if he's up - *if you are iffy* on going up the ladder, you can simply stand at the base of the ladder (back a ways from it) looking up into the ***/sup room. The Fabled *** roams a circuit in the room, one of which will having him crossing left to right at the lip of the ladder, giving you just enough of a glimpse to see the "Fabled etc" in his name.

I know some folks can solo him, most likely, but for myself I was unable to. That was a 65 necro wearing Virtue with around 4.7k hitpoints, an LDoN augmented Child of Bertoxxulous pet, using undead slow / Blood of Thule / Funeral Pyre of Kelador / Horror / and casting pet heals and Touch of Mujaki when I had to step in and tank when pet got too low. When my pet finally bit the dust the Fabled *** was at 55%, having to feign death the guy off I noticed that the *moment* I went down and cleared aggro he regened his life back to 100%. The regen rate is just sick.

I didn't attempt him a second time, instead I called in the forces and got a friends group to take him. For a 65 Shadow Knight, 65 Cleric, 65 Chanter and the aforementioned 65 Necro he went down in short order. I'm sure he could be done with far less.

Good luck, and hope some of this info may help any of you rogues that are interested out there. :)

Edited, Tue Apr 13 11:54:59 2004
backstabs for 3k+
# Apr 05 2004 at 1:36 PM Rating: Decent
Backstabs for 3.3k, puller got smacked for a double 6.6k backstab and barely made it out of *** room.
# Apr 03 2004 at 12:45 AM Rating: Decent
This thing just wiped out our guild in a raid hit me for 990 there was 50 bodies on the ground when I got back.
# Mar 25 2004 at 2:49 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
With the patch on 23/3, this critter is now 60 or 61. He still hits for up to 980. I found out the hard way. OUCH
# Mar 19 2004 at 5:24 PM Rating: Decent
23 posts
this dude just took out half the zone... thx train >.<

managed to get him down to 63%... LOTTA hp. hits hard. anywhere from 274 to 924... bard tanking = dead bard =) flurries, partial mitigation of slow. real bad attitude.
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