a broken gargoyle  


Minimum Level: 56
Maximum Level: 58
Expansion: Original
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No longer flagged as Summoned.
# May 15 2012 at 10:02 PM Rating: Decent
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I tried to cast the level 64 Mage spell, Destroy Summoned and I got the message, "This spell only works on summoned beings"

I dont know when this got put into effect, I went into The Hole with hopes I could use Theft of Essence AA and have a blast down there.

I guess I cant =/
Count as Summoned
# Jun 13 2008 at 12:32 PM Rating: Good
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A Broken Gargoyle and a Broken Construct are flagged as summoned. While exploring down at the bottom I tried Annihilate the Abberant on this mob and "a broken construct" and it landed.

Edit to add:
These mobs are the main ones at the bottom of the hole. If you jump in from Paineel these are around nearly every corner. All of them seem to have around 12,500-13,000 hitpoints. Some come single but a fair amount are soo close together that it's impossible to get them one at a time unless you have some way to split them (ie, FD pulling, dulcify, etc.).

Edited, Jun 13th 2008 1:46pm by tweelisT
mob stats
# Feb 23 2006 at 8:19 PM Rating: Decent
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About the same as broken construct. Resistant as other construct mobs in zone. Approx 13k hit points. Bashes, hits, kicks for max 96, 260 and 98 respectively. Straightforward melee mob.

Drops occasional gem or jewelry, pile of gravel (as noted already), words of apparition and the usual other TS junk (drop of mercury, sulfur, iron oxide), words of voiding.
See thru invis
# Jan 22 2004 at 7:21 PM Rating: Excellent
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I made me a little halfling rogue to scoute the hole. These guys don't like me and see thru invis. Just FYI.
Given Level is wrong
# Oct 09 2003 at 10:45 PM Rating: Excellent
These are lvl 57 and up.
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