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Lore Item Artifact No Trade Augmentation
Augmentation type: 20
WT: 0.1 Size: TINY

Restrictions -
Weapons Only
Class: PAL
Race: ALL
Item Information:
Placing this augment into a weapon will change the look of the weapon into that of Dawn.

Item Lore:Grants your weapon the appearance of Dawn
Item Type:Augmentation
Charm Effect:Placing this augment into a weapon will change the look of the weapon into that of Dawn.
Light:Large Lantern
Lucy Entry By:SwiftyMUSE
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Page Updated:Wed Oct 14th, 2020

Expansion: Rain of Fear Rain of Fear

Rarity: Common
Level to Attain: 1

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This item is the result of a quest.
Expansion List - Premium only.
Quest Name
An Epic Retelling (Paladin)

Its plaque in Northern Felwithe bears the name of the first person who obtained it on that server.
Paladin Epic Retelling, Dawn Ornamentation.

Uploaded May 15th, 2017 by VonsneerTheScoundrel
Updated May 16th, 2017
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Obtaining Dawn
# Jul 08 2020 at 3:35 PM Rating: Excellent
9 posts
There are a few obscure places to find information to obtain Dawn, so I thought I would add a write up here for guidance for my fellow Holy Warriors.

First a few general tips:
1) Just use your 1.0 in your primary the whole time. I'm pretty sure the only time it's really necessary is the final battle, but I say use it the whole time for an additional reason. At higher levels it's harder to control DPS and many of the mobs in Mistmoore Castle need a chance to change forms and too much DPS will prevent this and prevent one from obtaining Dawn. With the Slay Undead AA, it is even harder. So having your back to the mobs and using direct damage spells as your main damage can be preferable.

2) Have the level 2 Flash of Light on your spell bar. This is key for parts of the mission. When fighting the huge horseman, he will summon ravens to attack you. Use only your Flash of Light spell on the ravens and they will instantly die.

3) Have multiple stuns on the spell bar, any level is fine from what I can tell. I used 111 Sincere Force and 115 Force of the Grotto and they worked fine. These stuns do not have a DD component and often times you can use stuns for parts of the event and it will actually damage the mob, or another mob when the event requires stuns to be used. (Such as the Graveyard's event end boss; Ballroom by alternating stuns on the Left Hand and Other Left Hand.)

4) Pay attention to the emotes. These are big clues about when to use Flash of Light or stuns. Also you will notice when forms of mobs change, you'll sometimes see them change twice. You will know when they are finished changing forms by reading an emote about their "true form"

At the start you will be attacked by vampires and werewolves. Try using stuns to see if emotes happen when hit. I can't remember if the vampires change, but the werewolves do. If nothing special happens with stuns or Flash of Light, use some DD spells. Remember attacking directly will often kill them too fast in the end, even with your 1.0 equipped when Slay Undead can proc. When you see their "true form" emote, you see them change to their form change to what they looked like in the original release of EQ. (Updated Notes: Aisek and Ydeon at some point emotes "The dark creature begins to howl, its lycanthropic form changing as its wounds become more severe." Followed later by "The wounded creature cires out furiously as its bones begin to snap and break. Its true form has been revealed!")

Next is the Necro pet looking mob, Ghastly Sentinel. Slowly dps to about 50% and it will split in two. Both will have the appearance of older models. (Updated notes: At 50% or so you see "The Shade's form spasms violently before its bones burst out from munder its dark cloak. From mthe shattered bones two new shades are born. The dark illusion that hid their true appearance has been expunged.")

Next up is the graveyard. Fight the two sisters. Try stuns and flash of light if I am forgetting details. If nothing special seems to happen, it should just be a dps fight. After they are dead you will have multiple waves of 3 zombies. Nothing special with them, but at the end you get attacked by a boss. Guard Captain Alkrik Ruklin will say something about using your precious little "stunning" tricks. Do not play nice. Use those stuns and the blindness that was cast on you goes away. (Funny observation is even if you have your back to the mob, after casting stun and having the blindness/dark screen go away, the mob will be right on front of you). Doing stuns will damage the mob if I recall. Do this until it's dead. (Update notes: The dark illusion surrounding the guard captain dissipates. With his true form revealed he attacks with renewed conviction.)

Next the Estranged Emissary of Thule will summon you to his area if you do not go directly to him in the north north-east of the map. At some point "The Dark Knight gnashes his teeth furiously before conjuring up a dark minion." It's a raven. Use flash of light to kill instantly. He'll be mad and summon some more. Use flash of light on them, too. After all this head to the ballroom.

First you'll fight some Guardian Gargoyles. Use stuns and NOT your weapons. Stuns will damage them plenty and their forms change a few times. ("The stone body of the guardian begins to chip and break apart, revealing a nightmarish form!". "The deteriorating stone body of the guardian cracks apart, revealing a crude formation of stone". "The reinforced stone body of the guardian begins to chip in reaction to your arcane abilities".)

Next in the ballroom will be Drelan V'Dal and then Debra. Do not directly attack them. Look at the piano and you'll see two hands. Alternate stunning them. The stuns to the hands will damage Drelan and Debra. Stun until their true form is revealed!

Next you'll be summoned by Xicotl. Straight fight. Stuns nor flash of light do anything here, so just kill him.

Lastly head to the crypt. You'll be stunned and that whole thing will happen until you are released and you'll have to fight The Third with Shin Bram Krito's help. EQUIPPED EPIC HERE IS KEY near the end of the fight. Easy fight. Stun The Third, change target to Shin and use a direct heal (not the new TOV heal that heals the target's target). Healing Shin will damage The Third. Target The Third again and stun, heal Shin - repeat. Near the end The Third will be naerly dead. Do not do damage yet; there are a few emotes that will happen regarding your epic.

"The Third deflects Krito's attempt to attack him! The ancient lord wrenches his remaining glass eye out in a blinding fit or rage. The fresh wound froth's forth with caustic blood which instantly disperses the Shin Knight's spirit into the void. The putrid splash catches your face causing your world to go dark."
"The indescribable warmth of your god escapes your body. The blessings of nature, valor, honor and sacrifice pour out of you. You feel a wounded shell of your former self as the ancient lord laughs at your dismay. You must [redeem yourself] or die a mere warrior, no better than D'Lere! Perhaps [the use of your Holy Weapon would help].
(This may be the clue to activate your epic 2.0)
"The dark creature's flesh begins to burn. He lets out an ear-piercing screech in reaction to your holy blade!"

Another emote and you'll see one more "Your resourcefulness in all things that make you a holy knight should make for a more interesting telling of this tale."

Congrats! Finish the rest of the task find your reward!

115 Holy Defender
Cazic Thule Server
Obtaining Dawn
# Sep 15 2020 at 7:09 AM Rating: Decent
What epic flag do you need to get this? It doesn't show up as a reward for An Epic Retelling.
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