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I was birthed in a tavern down south a Kaladim. Me mum di na have a manger even, I was born in a ole wine cask. While a was a wee boy I slept in an ole wine vat and attended services daily for ole Brell. Me mum di na want her only boy to grow up to be a lush, so I had the learning of Brell mixed in with da learnin of the brew by the tavern's owner. Heck, I even got me name from da name of his ole tavern "Brewmyown" Whilst I was in da services of da Fader, I met a young squire, Skratchemhard. He had been placed under the training of ole Paladin Durham. An let me tell ya, while ole Durham wasn yer front line defender in his old age, he could still put da fear into ya. Now bein we sons a Brell and all, and about the same age of training, da Fader and Durham had me and Skratchemhard doing a lot of chores and training together. "Never do alone what can be done together" they kept sayin to us. When da time came, we both were sent out ta do Brells bidding in the world. We have traveled everywhere together, and more an once did we save each others ale from spillin. Over the years both me and Skratch became closer than brothers me thinks, just don go telling that buffoon I said dat. Hes a gruff lot and don like bein embarrassed. The years pass with time neer givin ya a break, but wit a good ale and close friends, time is a toll I pay gladly. In any event, Brell blessed this young child of light with his holyness and a special gift of makin good brew. Ifin your tankard is empty, thats grounds for a floggin, get your lazy ogres arse up and fill it!