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The night was chill and gloomy, you looked into the near by meadow and saw a lone figure standing before you. "Who are you?" you asked her. "I am no one and I am someone, all at once a lone wolf to wander the plains till my time come on this realm is gone." She chimed. You considered her a moment. "What do you mean?" "I mean what I say , you am a lone wolf who is no ones and someones at once, and I am no one and someone at once do not concern yourself over me." she replied, raising her hand and mana surged around it. She released it and you belived it would strike you down at any moment. You felt it pass you and strike into something behind you. You turned to look into the creaters smoldering remains , a creature that would have had your head. You turn and look where the woman stood moments before, she was gone. her words rung in your head. A month had passed since you met the woman you had talked to many that had actuly been involved with her, yet the young wood elf man before you was as quiet as she.You asked if he had ever met her, he nodded and began to spoke. "I knew her and i loved her, yet... She disapeared and i thought she dead, you've seen her what did she say?" "She said she is no one and someone at once... and she is someones and no ones at once." you replied and he nodded. "Then i must seek her out, names Dai..." He shook his head. "I wont tell you my name... good bye and thank you." He walked from the tavren.