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I took a frivolous journey along my journeys in norrath stumbled a few times, and well bumped my head a few times too.. Looked for work as a tank didn't like it much, and began my expertise in kiting as a druid, and O My brothers what a skilled druid I became! As nights went on I wanted to play a more forceful role once again but this time as a cleric, but not just any cleric. SO, with Norrath's atunement with the magical arts stretched on I chose to go where only O so few have traveled! Yes, My friends Evocation cleric Cenelder Everlong of the Nameless Server - Heckles when you goto your Guild Master and he says he don't know a damn word your saying to him, good things are bound to happen. So I Bashed, Thrashed my way through my trials, and was mocked on several occasions. Now battle has hardened my skin, and tears have darkened my soul, and o my brothers FIRE has BURNED in my heart, till they where dead and all was left was a pile of corpses, and a brief sigh relief and RESOLUTE POWER.