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Leowin Whisperwood is all that he has ever dreamed of being: a druid servant of Tunare. He told everyone he met from the very moment that he learned to speak that he would be a druid one day. Once he discovered the druids' guildhall high in the limbs of a Kelethin tree, he determined that his training should begin. Heartwood Master was amused at first by this bold child's endless questions--"When are the trees going to grow back in Lavastorm, Master?"--and boundless enthusiasm--"I've a mind to go find that Emperor Crushbone and spit in 'is eye if he don't stop cutting down our trees!" But little Leowin came in the morning and stayed until dusk. Every day. So Heartwood Master began to give Leowin errands to run: gathering herbs, watching for stray orcs, and carrying messages to the rangers' guild ("For Tunare's sake, Dill, take this child for the afternoon so I can work on the new spell we discussed last moon. Heartwood") While watching for orcs one day, one actually did wander down the normally safe path that Heartwood had assigned to Leowin's care. Forgetting his instructions to call for help if he spotted one, Leowin jumped the orc from his tree. The orc concluded that if one elf fell out of the tree, there were probably more up there, and hightailed it back to Crushbone. Leowin, his ankle shattered, gritted his teeth and crawled back to Kelethin in triumph. Fortunately for Heartwood, Leowin went to him first, and not to his mother. Heartwood set Leowin's ankle and realized that he had better begin teaching the lad druid craft so that he would survive to the age at which he could officially join the Soldeirs of Tunare.