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I am who I am, but I shall forever be no more to you than that which you see when we meet. Beware, lest you grow complacent and so forget that you can believe only what you see or hear for yourself, and only rarely trust that which you learn from others. Therefore, you can never truly know all that I am… or that I will become. Accept that I have been witness to wondrous events beyond your comprehension, accomplished feats beyond your boldest dreams, and suffered torments that would destroy your mortal soul. And yet, we are similar in the end, you and I, because a day shall come for each of us when we awake to find that the sum total of our experiences is all that our lives will ever be. And whatever the quantity or quality of it, nobody really cares at all, because many among them know, or have heard tell of, another who has dared more, accomplished more, or accumulated more than we. Thus, they – simply for that knowledge – account themselves superior. And yet they ignore that in the very end all our aspirations are for naught, for no ambition can overcome the fact that we are ultimately destined to become nothing better than rotting carrion. Remember well that all we may have done throughout the entirety of our lives has served only to fatten us that we may enrich the worm, and the worm the soil.