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Instead of using this spot as a bio, I think I'll post a little rant instead. People I'd like to see everyone in the game go to their little eqclient.ini file and set it so they can't see other players inspect them. I think it's pretty idiotic to get upset when people check out your gear in the first place. What? Do you have something to hide?! Who gives a rat's arse if they inspect you. Look at it as a compliment. Apparently something about you has drawn their curiosity enough so they'd take the time to look at what you have so that maybe someday they might acquire such a cool item/look. For crying out loud... there is plenty of other behavior out there to get pissed at justifiably, why waste time making an issue over this? ***END of RANT*** Looks like I have a little space left, so might as well post a little diddy about myself: Name: Aaron Age: 23 Sex: Male (all char I play are male too... not that I really care if other guys play female characters. I just can't stand the idea of some little 13yr old zit-faced kid hitting on me!) Home State: Idaho Occupation: Security Officer at a Hospital