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Kongard, born in the East Commons into a tribe of warriors, lived a tragic childhood. A mob of orcs raided thier city and only he and a few other children managed to escpae through the lower passage ways under the hamlet. His parents fought valiantly, but were broght down by the superior numbers of orcs. Once free, he fled to Freeport and lived under the custody of his uncle. Kongard's Uncle was a minstrel of Marsheart's Chords and told him many tales and stories, and taught him many songs. At the age of 12, Kongard picked up his uncle's lute and began to fool around with it, trying his hand at a song his mother taught him when he was very young. His uncle instantly noticed Kongard's musical talent, and harvested it with much practice and time hanging out at Marsheart's Chords. At the age of 17 Kongard lost his uncle to a deadly disease. Marsheart offered to take him under his wing, but Kongard refused, he had to get away from all the losses he suffered here, thus he moved to Kelethin, in the trees. After a short time in Kelethin, he decided to wander around the areas, his travels brought him to Qeynos where he met a ranger nicknamed Wisperclaws because of his skill with a nekode. They quickly became friends, and soon decided journey to Freeport; Kongard wanted to take up Marsheart's offer.