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EQ1 Ephron Valorborn WAR 65/302 Ansla Valorborn SHM 65/176 Analyia Valorborn CLR 64/21 FFXI Ephron PLD 35/WAR 17 Analyia WHM 34/SUM 17 WoW Ephron WAR 59 Banehallow Hunter 60 Since DEC 16, 2000 I have about 400 days logged into EQ split 350 on Ephron and another 50 or so amount varying alts. Analyia's and Ansla's playtime crosses over with eph's as i twoboxed them. I put about 40 days into FFXI twoboxing ephron and analyia and another 45-50 days into Wow. I am currently playing FFXI again. Setting myself up to lay it down.

Location: Oklahoma