Player of the Week: Latan Hatesyou

(Date Posted: January 12, 2007)

Real First Name: Trevor
Character Name: Latan Hatesyou
Character Race: Half-Elf
Character Class: Paladin
Deity: Mithaniel Marr
Server: Saryrn (Born Veeshan)
Guild: The War Council
Guild Rank: Officer
Guild Website:
Length of Time in Guild: 1 year

Daybreak in the Dreadlands


Real World Location: Orange County, California
Career / Employment Industry / Current Level of School: Some College
Hobbies: Music, guitar, singing, writing, drawing, art, computers, html, photoshop, mst3k
Allakhazam Name: DukeLatan
Allakhazam Profile:
Your Website:
Besides EverQuest, what other MMORPGs have you played and how do they compare to EverQuest?
EQ is the only MMORPG I have ever played, believe it or not.

How did you find out about EverQuest, and when did you begin playing?
I began playing on June 15th, 1999. Latan was my first character and is still my main. My brother heard about EQ on a website and we bought it. It's funny because he was the one who was interested in it, but he actually played the game very little before quitting; I was instantly hooked however.

Do you know anyone in real life who plays EverQuest?

How did you come up with your main character's name?
The random name generator gave me the name "Batan". I didn't like it so I changed it to "Latan". A few people have told me about a series of books by Jeffrey Lords called "The Warriors of Latan" , I did not derive my name from that though.

What factors affected your choice of race / class for your main character?
When I created my first character, Latan, I knew I wanted a character that could take hits from monsters and heal himself. To me, the best choice for this seemed to be the Paladin. I also admired the Paladin class because they have good ethics usually, something I strive for in real life. Secondly to choose the race, I actually read the race descriptions in the game. Half-Elves were described as loners and often outcasts, something which appealed to my roleplaying desires.

About how often do you play EverQuest, and how long is a typical playing session for you?
I usually play EQ in 4 hour sessions, sometimes once or twice a day. I always try to attend my guild's raids and spend other time getting things done for my characters (I have 3 accounts).

Family Hatesyou: Lifesavor, Latan, Ziilch, and pets


Grouping with Devs in Beta

How do you spend your time in game?
I help lead raids for my guild as much as I can since I am an officer, When I am not raiding I like to spend my time alone for the most part so I close public channels and just leave tells open. I can usually be found adventuring with my cleric and wizard by my side, most likely doing some kind of chore or quest as there is always something to be done when someone has 3 characters :) Oh I also like to make maps; you may have downloaded some of my TSS maps that I made :)

What race / class combinations have you leveled past 35?
75 pal, 75 clr, 75 wiz, 71 rng, 70 enc.

Approximately how much of the EverQuest world have you experienced?
I have experienced most of it, but not all of the newer end game zones like: demi-plane, deathknell, or the TSS instanced raids. I hope to help my guild achieve access to these zones.

What is your favourite expansion?
Tough question. I think Luclin was my favorite expansion, even though I don't visit the zones much anymore. The Luclin expansion featured content and quests for all levels, LOTS of zones, and the story line behind it was very detailed.

What is your least favourite expansion?
LoY - Useless except for maps and dye for the most part.

What is your favourite zone?
I don't really have one, but I guess I would have to choose the Guild Hall because it offers some very useful tools and the Guild Hall portal is priceless.

What is your favourite NPC?
The guys who summon my corpse in the Guild Lobby because it saves me lots of time.

What is your favourite raid encounter?
One of the most interesting raids I was ever a part of was the Bristlebane raid in Plane of Mischief. My old guild on Veeshan, Fiends, was one of, if not the first to kill him. The reason I say it was a favorite is because it still stands out in my mind as one of the more unique raid scripts.

Latan & Giovanna

What are some things you would change or implement in order to improve EverQuest?
New class: Ninja. Could use any kind of weapon, a few limited spells, have some monk attacks, and some rogue skills. Besides adding ninjas I think I would try to improve zone times somehow, if not eliminate them completely. There are a lot of things, but those two are my biggest changes I'd like to see.

What types of spells, skills, disciplines, and/or alternate abilities would you like to see added to your class?
I think paladins should get a squire which could assist them some ways. A new buff of some sort is in order as well, something which stacks with raid buffs, besides just the Brell's line.

If you were responsible for organizing and running a GM event, what would it be and how would it play out?
I would like to do some kind of GM event involving Zebuxoruk. He is a very mysterious god which people know very little about. Perhaps the event could take place back when the other Gods imprisoned Zeb for trying to share their knowledge with Norrath.


Slaying the Ancient Cyclops as others look on

If you had to start over from scratch, what race/class combination would you choose?
If I had to start completely over I don't think I would play EQ anymore. (It nearly came to that but a friend sold my account back to me.)

How do you describe EverQuest to your coworkers or computer-illiterate friends?
I just tell them it's like Lord of the Rings, but that I get to play online with other people and chat with them.

What is next for you in the world of EverQuest?
Progression for my guild, max the rest my tradeskills to 300, beta test the next incoming expansion.

Pick the winner in a battle between...

Felwithe vs. Neriak: Neriak, bigger city, more guards
Solusek Ro, Lord of Flame vs. Karana, the Rainkeeper: Sol Ro would probably kick his butt
Muramites of Discord vs. the Drachnids of Darkhollow: I think the Muramites would win because Mata Muram has a gigantic army, nearly endless, spanning across many dimensions
Tradeskilling vs. Questing: Questing is more fun, but tradeskills are very rewarding because less and less players are training them
Instance Zones vs. Static Zones: Instanced zones; less likely to get my camp stolen or be trained by someone
Monster Missions vs. Project M (PvP as Monsters): Monster missions, even though I don't like them much, I dislike PvP even more

Soloing vs. Pick-Up Groups: Solo
Guild Raiding vs. Grouping With Friends: Guild Raiding
GM (real people) Events vs. Scripted (computerized) Events: Scripted events have better loot
Arena Royal Rumble vs. 1-on-1 Duel: Royal Rumble
Faydwer vs. Odus: Faydwer is bigger and has more cities
Kunark vs. Velious: Velious for sure
Planes of Power vs. Gates of Discord: Discord for sure
Depths of Darkhollow vs. Omens of War: DoD just barely
Bard vs. Enchanter: Enchanter, because I only played a bard a few times
Monk vs. Rogue: Monk because they can FD
Paladin vs. Warrior: Paladin obviously
Allakhazam vs. Illia: Illia


Latan Hatesyou Proud Officer of ..

Might Makes Right