Spell Icon Improved Damage VI  


1: Increase Spell Damage (Before DoT Crit) by 1% to 20%
2: Limit: Max Level(75) (lose 5% per level over cap)
3: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints allowed)
4: Limit: Instant spells only
5: Limit: Spell Type (Detrimental only)
6: Limit: Target (AE PC v1 excluded)
7: Limit: Target (PB AE excluded)
8: Limit: Target (Targeted AE excluded)
9: Limit: Target (Uber Giants excluded)
10: Limit: Target (Uber Dragons excluded)
11: Limit: Combat Skills Not Allowed

Details   Raw Spell Data, Lucy Spell View

Mana: 0 Casting Time: Instant
Recast Time: 0 Fizzle Time: 0
Range: 100 Location: Any
Time of Day: Any Blockable: Yes
Focusable: Yes Dispellable: Yes
Interruptable: Yes Short Buff Box: No
Target Type: Self Spell Type: Beneficial
Source: Live 12/08

Game Description

Increases the damage of spells by up to $1%. This bonus will decay on spells over level 75.

Items with this effect

Quick Facts

3.0 mins @L1 to 3 hour(s) 15.0 mins @L65
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SOO would a 75 Chanter Benefit form this ?
# Oct 30 2006 at 1:33 PM Rating: Decent
Are the Chromatic Spells an issue or would this aug help with our best nukes?
SOO would a 75 Chanter Benefit form this ?
# Nov 16 2006 at 9:44 AM Rating: Decent
4: Limit: Instant spells only
SOO would a 75 Chanter Benefit form this ?
# Nov 08 2006 at 10:25 PM Rating: Decent
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absolutely. the chromatic line is not a magic resist check, so the improved magic damage foci do not apply. this focus helps quite a bit. otherwise you're stuck with psychosis or ancient psychosis if you want the foci, and although they (psychosis line) have cheaper mana costs, the new chromatic nuke still hits harder and more often.

i still load ancient psychosis sometimes if the mobs aren't too magic resistant. i get more gift of mana hits that way, and don't have to be as careful with my mana. it just depends on the zone.
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