Spell Icon Opaline Skin  


1: Increase AC by 388
2: Increase Max Hitpoints by 8928
3: Increase HP when cast by 8928
4: Increase Mana by 84 per tick
5: Stacking: Block new spell if slot 1 is effect 'AC' and < 2494
6: Stacking: Block new spell if slot 2 is effect 'Max Hitpoints' and < 18462
7: Increase Endurance by 10 per tick

Details   Raw Spell Data, Lucy Spell View

Mana: 3697 Skill: Abjuration
Casting Time: 6 Recast Time: 1.5
Fizzle Time: 1.5 Range: 100
Location: Any Time of Day: Any
Fizzle Adj: 194 Deletable: No
Blockable: Yes Focusable: Yes
Dispellable: Yes Interruptable: Yes
Short Buff Box: No Target Type: Single
Spell Type: Beneficial Source: Live 09/07


Cast on you: Your skin takes on a stony resilience.
Cast on other: Soandso 's skin takes on a stony resilience.
Effect Fades: Your skin loses its stony resilience.

Game Description

Hardens the skin of your target, increasing their hit points by 8928, mana regeneration by 84, endurance regeneration by 10, and armor class by 388 for 1 hour(s) 40.0 mins.

Items with this effect

Quick Facts

Scroll: Opaline Skin


Torment of Velious

1 hour(s) 40.0 mins
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No Rank 2?
# Mar 20 2020 at 8:50 AM Rating: Good
2,879 posts
Not available from the Engraved Velium Rune...?

Edited, May 28th 2020 11:02am by Sippin
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No Rank 2?
# May 28 2020 at 8:26 AM Rating: Decent
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Nope. I tried. DBG decided to really waste the runes, by making 4 of the 5 you need to use giving back only 1 spell. You also have to purchase the Icebriar Bulwark (I might have that name wrong), with no Rank II for that one either.
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