Spell Icon Blood of Thule  


1: Increase Poison Counter by 9
2: Decrease Hitpoints by 90 per tick. Max: 360 per tick

Details   Raw Spell Data, Lucy Spell View

Mana: 436 Skill: Conjuration
Casting Time: 3 Recast Time: 1.5
Fizzle Time: 1.5 Resist: Poison
Resist Adjust: -50 Range: 200
Location: Any Time of Day: Any
Push Back: 0.5 Deletable: No
Dot Stacking: Yes Reflectable: Yes
Focusable: Yes Dispellable: No
Interruptable: Yes Short Buff Box: No
Target Type: Single Spell Type: Detrimental
Source: Live 11/19


Cast on you: The blood of Thule pumps through your veins.
Cast on other: Soandso 's veins turn a vile shade of green.
Effect Fades: Your veins return to normal.

Game Description

Fills your target's blood with poison, causing between 90 and @2 damage every six seconds for 42 secs (7 ticks).

Items with this effect

Quick Facts

Spell: Blood of Thule


Planes of Power

7 ticks
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Ok My take
# Apr 12 2004 at 3:46 PM Rating: Decent
I think alot of ppl are talking about actually starting with this as a agro dot. If you aren't going for agro you could easily throw on FPoK then wait a bit and use BoT. Unless you want it you can easily avoid agro almost all the time. I have had a tendancy to overdot at times but not so much anymore. I just finished a short grind in Droga where I was pulling lvl 60 mobs with my shammy ( I 2 box the below chars) with slow and while they nick away at him I throw on FPoK ... by the time the mob is around 95% or so my pet takes agro and I can back the shammy off. I wait until 70% and then throw on whatever other dot I have since I don't have this yet. I noticed that even at 71% I can get agro with a low lvl dot like embracing darkness, low lvl meaning low DPS, and the mob will still turn to me ... sometimes throughout the entire fight. 70% was perfect. Then any DoT I use therefter stuck without getting agro on me. You could also use this after FPoK wears off and you wouldn't get agro.

Just a thought. It really depends on how you wish to play and wh is in your grp. Using the style I mentioned I was never LoM on the shammy due to canni and, of course, was fine on the necro too. If anyone is able to grind with a shammy I honestly reccomend just due to a shm slow that gives you more versatility so you just don't have to be with undead zones and, mostly, the heal for your pet. You will both rarely run out of mana unless you pull too many or a mob that hurts more than you can handle.

One last thing, ppl talk about BA 4 or AH 4 there is one easy alternative as well on that note: tribute points. Instead of going to the baz and trying to sell that lowbie item for a few 100pp sell it to the tribute master for a few 100 points and tack on BA 4. I always have BA 4 on and it only costs 29 tributes. I do run out but I just try to get another thing and sell it to them. ppl can say what they want but I have also have actually bought stuff in the baz that I believe or better yet know can get me alot of points for the item. You can say that is cheating but I am not selling PP online or any of that crap I am bettering my char and the person selling gets their pp too. I know I win on the grand scale most of the time.

Just some ideas if anyone wants to try.
Dot calculation error
# Dec 19 2003 at 6:25 AM Rating: Decent
Lucy has bad math, BOT = 8 ticks or 2680 total dmg w/o any focus or extension. Do not reply and tell me i'm wrong until you cast the spell with dot dmg and hand count the ticks.

?? Ticks ??
# Aug 06 2003 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
How many seconds are in a tick? anyone know a place that describes DoT spells?
RE: ?? Ticks ??
# Aug 12 2003 at 1:24 PM Rating: Default
6 real life seconds = 1 tick
6 real life seconds = 1 EQ minute
#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 09 2003 at 3:03 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Wow. No one has ever said the same answer than anyone else when I ask how long a day is in EQ. I did the math for all you who want to know too.
RE: ?? Ticks ??
# Jan 03 2004 at 2:32 AM Rating: Good
Both of the above posts are incorrect!
Why don't people CHECK these things before posting????
I rechecked before posting this and it's the same as I always thought.

1 tick is indeed 6 seconds real time, but it's 2 minutes game time, not 1.

Gametime:Realtime = 20:1.

6 real seconds = 2 game minutes = 1 tick.
3 real minutes = 1 game hour
72 real minutes = 1 game day
RE: ?? Ticks ??
# Jul 20 2008 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
who really cares just cast you spell and kite like necro do when the mobs dead its dead. Unless your a pally waiting for your lay hands to come back it dont really matter
Nice spell indeed
# Jan 30 2003 at 4:31 PM Rating: Excellent
Even if I had FP (which I don't - my guild is capable of taking down the mobs, but they're killed awfully fast on Fennin), I'd still at least consider using this as my primary DoT.

Pro: Way more DPS than FP.

Pro: My odds of getting this spell are way higher (turn in enough runes, which my guild does ocassionally get, and I will see it).

Con: Conjuration, highly unlikely that that's your main specialization.

Factor in Spell Casting Mastery 3 and Seduction of Saryrn, and I don't think it likely that I'll have problems affording the 50 mana more this spell costs.

Just my 2 coppers, being a 64 necro without either spell, you should take this for pure opinion. :)
RE: Nice spell indeed
# Nov 12 2003 at 4:36 AM Rating: Decent
Con - Resisted quite easily compared to KPoK

Con - This spell costs more than FPoK on Lanys

Con - Initial damage can break root

Con - This spell will get you agro, I gurantee it

Pro - This spell will get you agro, I gurantee it

Pro - More damage a tick.

Pro - Faster casting time (By .5 seconds)

BUT the biggest con of all (for the casual necro at least)

Con - KPoK is affected by focus item of the 3rd line. BoT requires 4th. With a Coldain Military Wristguard FPoK can sometimes tick in the 300s though 280 is average. Last time I checked ALL Affliction focus items besides a Ceramic skull of decay were no drop and were the result of a PoP raid. There might be some LDoN items I don't know about though.

Also, the effects on spell casting mastery do apply to your lesser specilizations, but your main specialisation will be greatly enhanced instead of barely.

This spell is good to solo with and with a Paladin or SK as a MT in group. I never use this spell with a warrior as MT. It's good to agro kite cause of the massive amount of agro on it.
RE: Nice spell indeed
# Jan 08 2004 at 7:40 PM Rating: Decent
"Con - KPoK is affected by focus item of the 3rd line. BoT requires 4th. With a Coldain Military Wristguard FPoK can sometimes tick in the 300s though 280 is average. Last time I checked ALL Affliction focus items besides a Ceramic skull of decay were no drop and were the result of a PoP raid. There might be some LDoN items I don't know about though."

* Ceramic Gavel of Justice, 10 STR, +10 MR, Affliction Efficiency IV, crated by GM potter, about 9k on Quellious
* Ceramic Shackels of (something), forget stats, but it has Burning Afliction IV. The drawback, lowest I've seen in Quellious is 112k (I don't own these obviously) and I think they don't actually go on your wrists (correct me if I'm wrong) but primary, secondary and range.

hehe, also you mean FPoK, not KPoK :)

Since I'm 61 I'm still either using ebolt to agro kite or FPoK (and waiting). I'll be glad to have this when I need to "grab" agro for one reason or another.
nice spell
# Jan 06 2003 at 2:17 PM Rating: Decent
this is a nice spell, situationally. id never use this as my main dot, after having Funeral Pyre for so long. good, fast damage, and doesnt have a DD on initial contact much like Dark Plague, so no root breaking or immediate summoning with it. you will have time to FD with this instead of insta-summon.

id never turn this spell down if it was for sale or given as a gift.. but i wont use it in place of Funeral Pyre. just too many things going for it against this.
RE: nice spell
# Mar 17 2003 at 5:38 AM Rating: Default
Who says you have to replace Funeral Pyre with blood of thule they stack together and that right there is very nasty. Another thing about this spell is aggro you can pull the taunt off any melee class even if they had taunt for 20% of the mobs health definitely be careful when and who your casting this on make sure they are rooted first haha.
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