Cool and Refreshing  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:115
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Torment of Velious
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Modified: Wed Jan 22 16:35:23 2020
Torment of Velious Info & Guides: Overview | Progression & Task List | Raiding | Visible Armor

This solo task can be obtained from Brollo Aleslay at -3211, +1890, -146 in the southwestern side of the zone.

You say, 'Hail, Brollo Aleslay'

Brollo Aleslay says, 'Ye daft? Whit brings ye intae these [hills]?'

You say, 'hills'

Brollo Aleslay says, 'Aye, these hills, these huir uv a ones? Wa ur ye haur? Wa woods ye e'en come haur? Cannae ye see 'at aw forms ay [monsters] hae taken ower thes place? only a a bampot bodie woods e'en consider comin' haur. But since ye ur haur, ye micht an aw dae some guid haur.'

You say, 'monsters'

Brollo Aleslay says, 'Aye! th' monsters! Dinnae tell me ye haven't run intae thaim! They're a' ower 'n' they're grawin by th' moment! Whitevur haes bin bothering a' o' Velious didn't hain this steid, that?s fur sure! Thare mair undead ice critters 'ere than ever afore 'n' ye don't see me complaining aboot that noo dae ye? Dae ye?! Da ye don't! even whin ah hae tae rammy mah ain kin. Ah beat mah cousin th' ither day wi' a rock fur he wis bitten by yin o' they creatures 'n' he turned intae yin, then ah beat him tae death wi' a shovel, bless his soul, 'n' then he git back up a' covered wi' that ice stuff 'n' then ah picked up a rock 'n' beat him! tis whit ah hud tae dae in order tae protect his fowk, brassic guy. Noo, whit wur we [talking] aboot? och aye! th' critters that need tae be murdurred! Ah hae a slew o' thaim that need tae be...slewed.'

You say, ' We were talking about...'

Brollo Aleslay says, 'Right, aye ye blether tae muckle as it's 'n' we hae a dire situation at haun, if we don't cut doon thae critters sooner ower than efter we ur aff tae be in a heap o' trauchle come th' future. Ah hae a seicont cousin twa times lifted wha hud fought thae hings afore 'n' he said that if ye skelp thaim upside th' heid thay mak' a funny sound lik' BONK or something 'n' then thare wis a SQUISH bit that's beside th' point stoap asking aboot mah cousins! We hae bigger problems tae tak' care o'! A'm needin' ye tae focus at th' hing at haun. Sae 'ere in th' Great Divide, ye kin see that th' coldain hae bin pushed back intae th' caves, hiding fae ilka cratur that haes crawled up fae th' frost. Thay dae this in order tae survive fur if thay don't th' critters wull overwhelm thaim. Bit thay aren't tae bricht ye see, th' monsters wull juist swarm th' caves soon 'n' thay wull be deid anyways 'n' that?s nae whit a' body wants. Urr ye even [listening]?'

You say, ' Of course I'm listening, I'm just trying to understa...'

Brollo Aleslay says, 'Good! yer listening. Sae, ah hae bin oot in thae wastes fur some time noo peepin' whit's gaun oan 'n' learned that thare ur some monsters that ur mair abundant than ithers 'n' they ur th' ones we wull need tae focus. Howfur is yer hunting skills? Likelie nae nearly as guid as mah sisters. She wance hunted 'n' trapped a ran clood. Ah didn't even think sic a thing cuid be maybee aye wi'oot usin` magic. 'n' sin ye brought it up a'm waantin' ye tae ken that usin` magic tae [hunt] is cheating. Ah don't care howfur kin books yer read in yer fancy schools bit that's aye cheating. That defeats th' purpose o' th' hunt itself. Yi''ll need tae git clatty, become yin wi' nature, breath in dirt 'n' cop th' win` atween yer toes! That's howfur ye hunt! nae wi' whispering some curses or drawing fancy stick figures in a rock. Sae if ye uise magic, na offense that's braw 'n' a' bit if ye care aboot mah opinion, whilk ye shuid, ye shuid ken that yer cheating 'n' that's wrong! whin ye pockle at hunting ye pockle at '

You say, ' What hunt?'

Brollo Aleslay says, 'Aye, hunt. That's [whit] ye'r aff tae dae!'

You say, 'whit'

Brollo Aleslay says, 'Gidonoroglets out a long, drawn out sigh and says in a slow, over-annunciated tone, 'Can you hunt [dervishes], [skeletons], or [wurms]?''

You say, 'wurms'

You have been assigned the task 'Cool and Refreshing'.

The restless ice has infected the wurms here. You have been asked, you think, to reduce their numbers in order to maintain their population. Hopefully, helping Brollo with this problem will bring you one step closer to understanding what he's trying to say.

  1. Kill Restless Wurms 0/9 (The Great Divide)

    Slay wurms found in the central tunnels of the zone.

Your task 'Cool and Refreshing' has been updated.

Hopefully that will keep their population down while you try to figure out what's happening here. However, you are still not any closer to understanding Brollo.

141 platinum 6 gold 6 silver 6 copper
Submitted by: Gidono
  • 141 platinum 6 gold 6 silver 6 copper
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