Shades of Black  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:90
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Faction
Factions Raised:
Factions Lowered:
    Related Creatures:
    Era:House of Thule
    Group Size:Solo
    Min. # of Players:1
    Max. # of Players:1
    Appropriate Classes:
    • All
    Appropriate Races:
    • All
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    Modified: Sat Feb 27 13:56:19 2021
    This is a solo kill task that begins with Ziedan Gazel in Miragul's Nightmare. He's located at about 200, 460, 35 (head west from the first clearing, then north to the next clearing).

    You say, 'Hail, Ziedan Gazel'

    Ziedan Gazel says 'I am lost and nearly out of hope, friend. Whoever you are, I cannot be sure you are real. So many of us have died here. Only myself and my retainer Utto have survived these inimical shadow creatures, yet I fear we may [never] see home again.'

    You say, 'Never?'

    Ziedan Gazel says 'We have slain dozens of the creatures but more always come to harass and taunt us until our minds can take no more. We are physically and spiritually exhausted, and now I can feel the tendrils of something dark and sinister plucking at our souls, testing them for ripeness as one would a fruit. Eagerly and hungrily does this [presence] watch us, even as we speak.'

    You say, 'What presence?'

    Ziedan Gazel says 'I know nothing; I can only feel it around us. The only way to drive it away is to destroy its shapes, its minions which infest this place. If you intend to wander where you will, you may find it beneficial to destroy the [golems and shadows] first, or perhaps you will concentrate on the sorrowful [shades and pools] of darkness. It doesn't matter. All of them must be destroyed.'

    You say, 'I'll get some of the golems and shadows...'

    Ziedan Gazel says 'Thank you. If you kill enough of them, we just might be able to make our escape.'

    You have been assigned the task 'Shades of Black'.

    You have agreed to help Ziedan Gazel by destroying some of the threatening shadow creatures which are likely to kill him and his friend Utto before they can make their escape from this place.

    Kill five darkshadow or darkbone golems 0/5 (Miragul's Nightmare)

    Kill five stalking shadows 0/5 (Miragul's Nightmare)

    Speak to Ziedan Gazel when you have completed this task 0/1 (Miragul's Nightmare)

    You say, 'Hail, Ziedan Gazel'

    Ziedan Gazel says 'Thank you for completing this task; I think we might be able to make good our escape. Good luck to you as you seek answers here, adventurer.'

    You have successfully driven back the shadow creatures and given your allies Ziedan and Utto a chance to survive, for at least a little while longer.

    Experience (about 1 AA worth)
    Minor faction with Dream Delvers
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    ziedan's race
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    He is an erudite. He is standing next to an ogre, but is not an ogre, himself.
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