24th Anniversary: Stones of the Unknown  

Quest Started By:Description:
This Quest is Seasonal
Maximum Level:125
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
Time Limit:24:00:00
Success Lockout Timer: 00:30:00
Quest Items:
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Night of Shadows
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Tue Mar 7 03:08:14 2023
Modified: Tue Dec 5 05:21:04 2023
This 24th anniversary shared task can be obtained from Talesiyn the Driven in The Feerrott (old zone) at /waypoint -547, 2814, -5. He is also on the find tool, CTRL F.

You say, 'Hail, Talesiyn the Driven'

Talesiyn the Driven says, 'Ah, hello! You might just be what I need. Do you see this? This could be the most important historical artifact in or on all of Norrath! Isn't it magnificent? I've been studying it and I have several theories about it. What I really need is someone that can do some field research for me, someone like you that can travel the world and test my brilliant ideas. It won't be an easy task, I'm certain, but the reward is learning something that no one else knows. I am quite certain that you can handle this task, so let me tell you [what] I need you to do.'

You say, 'what'

Talesiyn the Driven says, 'I have discovered a lot about the structure, very potent starting points for research. I don`t want to reveal the result of my efforts unless you are willing to learn more. Is this [enough] to interest you? It should be!'

You say, 'enough'

Talesiyn the Driven says, 'Good, you are much cleverer than you look. Now, I can give you more details about what I am looking for if you just let me know which theory you wish to investigate. The first interesting thing I noticed about the structure is that strange symbol. I am certain it is an ancient [giantish rune]. Also, if you look around, the stone used to build the structure can't have come from here. If we can find the [source of the stone] that might be a clue to its origin. Then there is the strange [lingering magic] embedded in the stones. Any of these factors could prove the thread that leads me to understanding these stones.'

You have received a request timer for 'Stones of the Unknown': 0d:0h:1m remaining.
You have been assigned the task 'Stones of the Unknown'.

Taelsiyn seems desperate to discover the history of the structure in the Feerrott. He has asked you to assist him by gathering information to verify or refute his various ideas about what that history might be.

  • 1. Talk to Talesiyn about the rune on the structure being giantish in nature. 0/1 The Feerrott

    You say, 'giantish rune'

    Talesiyn the Driven says, 'Yes! That symbol on the stone, you see it there? I am certain that I have seen something like it in a text referring to the Rallosian Empire. Specifically regarding giants. It was a very old fragment of a document that I have since lost possession of. If, however, you could find someone that speaks old giantish or perhaps has access to texts on such writing you could inquire about the origin of this rune and perhaps the entire structure. It would probably be best if you could locate a giant that has retained its intellect despite the curse. I have heard that such creatures might exist. Now I suspect even the smartest giant won't be all that bright, but there might be information to be found.'

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 2. Find someone that knows the language of the ancient giants. 0/1 ALL

    Quest Text: Talesiyn believes that the rune on the stones might be of giantish origin and would like you to find someone that might know if he is correct.

    You are looking for a wraithguard lorefinder in Valdeholm at /waypoint -1856, -803, 79.

    You say, 'rune'

    A wraithguard lorefinder says, 'Why are you bothering me, pest? Of course I know about the ancient languages of my people. I have no reason to discuss such things with you. Your tiny brain cannot understand our history. I doubt that you could possibly have encountered any symbol of our language. [Show] me this rune so that I can be rid of you.'

    You say, 'Show'

    A wraithguard lorefinder glares down at you, a sly glint in his eye. 'I will give you a chance. If this is indeed one of our ancient symbols, then proof of it can be found in a book that has been placed in the crypt. You will not understand the title, of course, but you will recognize it by its red leather cover. I warn you, though, that others have tried to recover this tome before. It seems to have been carried away from where its owner was entombed by others trying to find it, so I cannot tell you where it is now. Bring this tome to me and I will let you know if an explanation for your silly rune exists in its pages.'

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 3. Deliver the Ancient Red Covered Tome to the wraithguard lorekeeper 0/1 Valdeholm

    Quest Text: Find and return an ancient red-covered book from the Forstcrypt. The lorefinder said that it isn't where it should be, probably because others have attempted to retrieve it in the past and certainly moved it before being killed.

    Zone into Frostcrypt. Ancient Red Covered Tome is a ground spawn not far from the zone in, just around the corner to the right at /waypoint 80, -75, -24.

    You offered 1 Ancient Red Covered Tome to a wraithguard lorefinder.

    A wraithguard lorefinder raises his eybrows in an expression of surprise. 'You return successful. That was not what I expected. Well, let me look for this rune of yours.' After several minutes of paging through the red tome, the lorekeeper turns his cold gaze back to you. 'There is a tale here that includes something that might be what you seek. The tale is of Galdrak the Massive. It says that this Krom was three times the size of even the largest of his kin. Galdrak seems to have been a hero of wars with the dragons. However, housing and arming him was challenging. So Galdrak would build his own furniture, weapons, and armor. If this rune you talk of is on a structure as you describe it, then perhaps this is a remnant of Galdrak's efforts. Some sort of chair or stool perhaps. This is all I can tell you about this. You had best move on before my kin are affronted by your presence here.

    You complete the trade with a wraithguard lorefinder.

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 4. Tell Talesiyn about the massive Krom. 0/1 The Feerrott

    You say, 'massive Krom'

    Talesiyn the Driven says, 'A very large giant? You learned this from a so-called lorekeeper? And this creature is one of their warriors defending against the incursion of their own cursed dead? I am not so sure that this is what I would consider a trusted source. Even if it claimed to have gained the knowledge from an ancient text, I still find it hard to trust it. I will have to think about it while you look into the other possibilities.'

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 5. Discuss the lingering magic on the structure with Talesiyn 0/1 The Feerrott

    You say, 'lingering magic'

    Talesiyn the Driven says, 'And what magic it is! Ancient, I am sure. Magical auras are one of my areas of expertise. But there is a gap in the knowledge base that I have been able to access. Magic users tend to be very stingy with their knowledge and I have never had the means to bribe them. Logic and need rarely sway them. But perhaps you will have better luck. It would help my research if you could find someone that recognizes this symbol and learn what sort of power this magic is meant to restrain. Oh, right, I forgot to tell you, the magic on the stone is faint, but I clearly sense that it is meant a type that was used to restrict or constrain, perhaps even bind something. So, clearly, you should go talk to master magicians and ask them if they recognize the rune.'

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 6. Speak with master magicians about the magic of the rune. 0/1 ALL

    Quest Text: Speak with powerful magicians about the rune and see if they know something about the magic lingering in the stones.

    You are looking for Vasile Jahnir in Erudin Palace at /waypoint 720, 891, 67 in the mage guild on the 2nd floor.

    You say, 'Hail, Vasile Jahnir'

    Vasile Jahnir says, 'Greetings! You seek knowledge of our ways. You shall find knowledge and you shall offer knowledge you have been taught. What is the power of the Gatecallers?'

    You say, 'lingering magic of the rune'

    Vasile Jahnir says, 'This rune? Well, it looks a bit like gibberish to me. But, well, If you forced me to guess I'd say maybe it's old Combine. Really, though, it's just some random scratching. Wait, did you mention Talesiyn? You're not tangled up with that fool are you? Look, he was once considered a genius here in the city of knowledge. But then he started doing field research. Since his specialty was ancient cultures this took him to some very odd places. One day he returned and he was different. Something snapped in his mind. At first I felt pity for him. Then I spent time with him and learned to hate him. Hate might be too strong of a word, but I just can't stand listening to his rants anymore. He doesn't return to the city often, for which I am grateful.' Vasile shakes his head. 'But that's not what you came here for. As I said, I don't think that rune means anything at all, but if you have to have an answer, try the old Combine Empire. I hear that there are some scholars under the ocean of the Buried Sea, of all places. '

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 7. Go to Katta Castrum and see what you can find out about the rune. 0/1 ALL

    You are looking for Archarcanist Pintanus in Katta Castrum on the first floor of the center pyramid /waypoint -109, 100, 8 not far from the zone in to the southwest wall

    You say, 'rune'

    Archarcanist Pintanus says, 'You found this rune of yours on a stone in the Feerrott? Interesting. I don't think I have any references here that would help you, but... well, there is a text that might have what you seek. It's a rare tome that has been lost to us. As you may have noticed the Shissar have taken over parts of the city and have cut us off from many of our books. If I remember correctly there is a piece of research that talks about how symbolism has progressed through the ages of Norrath. It's very rare and very thorough, so it might have information you can't find elsewhere. If you can recover it I would be pleased to search through it and translate anything that seems relevant. The book is called Lore, Myth, and their Symbolism and returning it to our library here would be wonderful. If I remember correctly it was in one of the sub libraries to the east, not that far from here as the crow flies. Bring the book back and I might be able to help you.'

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 8. Deliver Lore, Myth, and Their Symbolism to Archarcanist Pintanus. 0/1 Katta Castrum

    This book is in Katta Castrum on a table surrounded by shissar mobs that see invis at /waypoint 622, -1239, -104.

    You offered 1 Lore, Myth, and their Symbolism to Archarcanist Pintanus.

    Archarcanist Pintanus says, 'You recovered it! Wonderful. Thank you. Now, let me see if I can find something about your rune in here.' Archarcanist Pintanus pages through the text, his finger running almost lovingly across the pages as he reads. Finally he stops and looks up from the page. 'There is a legend that may connect to your rune. The examples shown here don't match exactly, but it's close enough to think about. The story is that one of the old empire magicians created something called here... well it roughly translates to Enormous Crusher. That's a very poor translation, but the best the Common language will make of it. Enormous Crusher was said to be so large that its head was in the clouds. It was made of stone from the heart of the Plane of Earth and bound together with magic so powerful that it has been taken from the memories of those that knew it for the [safety of Norrath].'

    You complete the trade with Archarcanist Pintanus.

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 9. Tell Talesiyn the story about the enormous stone golem 0/1 The Feerrott

    You say, 'enormous stone'

    Talesiyn the Driven seems to grow more and more anxious as you relate the story. 'No, no. Something doesn't add up here. For example this is not enough stone to build such a large beast. And those people that call themselves Combine now have nothing of the intellect of those they pretend to be. I suspect that they were leading you on, telling you a lie to keep you entertained until they could get something from you. After all, how believable is this story? Where is the rest of this huge golem? No, this is all wrong.' Talesiyn turns away, but before he does you see that he is having trouble controlling his usual calm demeanor. 'Go and look into my last theory. Surely you can find some some reliable information somewhere.'

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 10. Ask Talesiyn about the source of the stone of the structure 0/1 The Feerrott

    You say, 'source of the stone'

    Talesiyn the Driven says, 'Beautiful isn't it? Black marble. And the gold color in there are inclusions of copper. I can only imagine what a structure made entirely of such stone would look like. But such stone is rare and hard to mine. Stone like that can only be found in volcanic areas, usually under ground, deep under ground. If you could find even a small sample of such stone in its natural habitat you could further my research dramatically. Bring me anything that you, with your limited understanding, think might match the stones of this magnificent structure. Make sure you find it in its natural location. Don't trust some merchant that tells you what you want to hear about their product.'

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 11. Bring marble from volcanic areas to Talesiyn 0/1 The Feerrott

    Quest Text: Talesiyn has asked you to find similiar stone to that of the structure. He suggested that you look in areas of high volcanic activity.

    The stone he is looking for is a ground spawn named Plane of Fire Marble Chunk. You can find it in the Plane of Fire (Doomfire, the Burning Lands). It is a ground spawn located at /waypoint 1489, 402, -248 in the middle of some jopal hunters.

    You offered 1 Plane of Fire Marble Chunk to Talesiyn the Driven.

    Talesiyn the Driven says, 'Interesting. This could be promising. You say this is from the Plane of Fire, the realm of Ro? You know, I do remember a story about the Rallosian Empire invading other planes. Take this stone and see if you can find someone that can give you authoritative information about this. See if you can locate someone that might have tales of those days from a source that was there. Even the ogres have storytellers that pass down such tales, if you can find any that are sentient enough to remember such things. I have heard that such creatures might exist.'

    You complete the trade with Talesiyn the Driven.

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

    You have been given: Plane of Fire Marble Chunk

  • 12. Find someone that knows old tales of the Rallosian Empire and show them the rock. 0/1 ALL

    Quest Text: Talesiyn has asked you to investigate a rumour he says he heard about a minor invasion into the Plane of Fire by the Rallosian Empire.

    The NPC you want to hand this stone to is Clodo Gomph in Dead Hills. He is in the southwest camp roaming back and forth. /waypoint -1184, -663, 6 He doesn't respond to hails. Just give him the Plane of Fire Marble Chunk, he will give it back.

    You say, 'Hail, Clodo Gomph'

    You offered 1 Plane of Fire Marble Chunk to Clodo Gomph.

    Clodo Gomph looks at the chunk of stone, rolling it around in his massive hand. 'Interesting bit of stone. You say it came from the Plane of Fire? And you wonder if it might have been used by the Empire to build some sort of standing stone structure with an indecipherable rune on it.' Clodo closes his eyes and hums a tune that you do not recognize, though that might be because he is not particularly good at humming. After several minutes of deep thought, Clodo speaks. 'I do have a tale for you. Handed down verbally for generations of my people. During the time of Empire the army, with few enemies left to conquer, grew restless. They usually soothed their urge for battle by fighting each other. Everything from singular battle to one legion against another. After this last happened the leaders stepped in and forbade such infighting. Of course they overlooked smaller battles, knowing full well that their soldiers needed to vent. But from this desire came a [dangerous trend].

    You complete the trade with Clodo Gomph.
    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.
    You have been given: Plane of Fire Marble Chunk

  • 13. Ask Clodo about the Rallosian Empire's soldier trend of invading planes. 0/1 ALL

    Quest Text: Clodo might know something about Talesiyn's rumor about the Rallosian Empire soldiers stealing things from the other planes in order to prove their prowess.

    You say, 'soldier trend'

    Clodo Gomph says, 'Small groups of soldiers went looking for enemies to fight and found them on other planes. Units with wizards attached would pop into the realms of the gods and do something that would prove to others that they were there. Often that took the form of heads, prized weapons, or perhaps holy items. Many did not return. A few claimed unbelievable feats with no proof of their success. But a few brought back items that might still be found on Norrath, if someone is brave enough to look. Seeking such items was once considered a challenge to some of the eccentric adventurers of my own people. It is possible that Rallosian Empire soldiers raided the Plane of Fire and, to prove their strength, took away with them massive stones to carve into a monument to their own prowess.' Clodo smiles. 'Those are the tales my people tell. You may do with that as you will.'

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 14. Give Talesiyn the Plane of Fire Chunk and tell him about the invasion of Fire 0/1 The Feerrott

    You offered 1 Plane of Fire Marble Chunk to Talesiyn the Driven.

    Talesiyn the Driven says, 'You were told that the Rallosian Empire would invade dangerous strongholds to prove that they could even if their intent was not to destroy them? That makes some sense, I guess. But you also say that these massive stones were taken from the Plane of Fire and set up here to prove their deed and that the rune is basically an insult to the denizens of Fire? That seems like... well a lot to accept. And this ogre you spoke with claims to have these tales passed down from generation to generation. Some parts of that story might be true, but I just can't believe it as a complete tale. I'll have to think about it while you look into my other theories. Please try to get more reliable sources going forward.'

    You complete the trade with Talesiyn the Driven.
    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.

  • 15. Ask Talesiyn what he thinks the stories mean now that he has more information 0/1 The Feerrott

    You say, 'Which story is the truth?'

    Talesiyn the Driven says, 'No, no. None of that makes any sense. Your sources were wrong or lying to you. No. I've known what these stones are from the moment I saw them. Your failure proves me right. Writings from a language long forgotten. Stones from an lost location. A structure that has no meaning for us today. A powerful magical remnant. What I have discovered is the remnant of a long lost civilization of creatures so very different than ourselves. Our chairs usually have four legs, one for each appendage. These creatures probably had three limbs. And their magic was different than ours, even those great magicians did not understand it. What powerful beings they were! This is the remnant of the greatest civilization that ever existed on Norrath. Huge three limbed beings with the greatest magic our world has ever seen!' Talesiyn continues in this vein. He eventually quiets, but his ranting continues silently, his lips moving. Eventually his eyes go blank for a moment and he returns to the disheveled man you first met.'

    Your task 'Stones of the Unknown' has been updated.
    You have received a replay timer for 'Stones of the Unknown': 0d:0h:30m remaining.
    Talesiyn seems far too distracted by his own thoughts to acknowledge your efforts.
    You receive 5 gold .
    You receive 22 platinum .
    You received 10 Commemorative Coins.

    22pp 5g
    10 Commemorative Coins
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    Gomph is buggy
    # Apr 07 2023 at 1:15 PM Rating: Good
    211 posts
    Frequently Clodo Gomph fails to respond after giving him the rock. Not sure what causes it, but zoning out and back in seems to reset him and he answers correctly.

    Edited, Apr 7th 2023 2:16pm by ddraigoch
    Buanu Connoy
    Champions of Norrath
    Trouble with a wraithguard lorefinder
    # Apr 06 2023 at 5:26 PM Rating: Decent
    2 posts
    Anyone unable to get the wraithguard lorefinder step (2nd step) to progress? He wont respond to any of the keywords for me. Faction is dubious, not sure if that matters.
    # Mar 23 2023 at 8:30 PM Rating: Decent
    430 posts

    This book is in Katta Castrum on a table surrounded by shissar mobs that see invis at /waypoint 622, -1239, -104.

    Outside the center ring, just barely, on the NE corner.
    Life needs more cowbell.

    TLP players beware
    # Mar 19 2023 at 10:44 AM Rating: Decent
    29 posts
    At the time of writing this post, the Rizlona TLP server is currently on Seeds of Destruction. I was able to get this quest and do every step until the part where I had to hand the marble chunk to Clodo, since the Dead Hills are in a Call of the Forsaken zone. How very frustrating that I was running all over Valdeholm and Frostcrypt, the Plane of Fire, the Feerrott, Katta Castrum, and Erudin Palace and I can't even hold onto the rock and finish this quest next year because the task is on a 24 hour time limit.
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